Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being Fox Mulder

i've distilled your responses into a fine brew and i'll try to address the most prominent questions. seems you all want to know if it was hard playing mulder gain after 6+ years off from him. yes and no. there was a time in my life when i could fall out of bed and be mulder and i think i assumed that he would always be around like an old pair of boots (government issue). not so, i found. since i have gotten older, it made sense that mulder had to feel older too---otherwise i'd just be trying to squeeze him into this cartoony frozen in time, box. so it was really a process of feeling it out---the essential character of the man doesn't change, just as all our essential characters don't change, but different things come to light in a face over time, different emphases. if i sound a little mystical here, that's because it is. i think everything kicked into gear when i worked for the first time with gillian again, as mulder and scully. i think we acted kind of like pitch pipes for one another. i'm a little tone deaf so i don't really know what i'm talking about, but i think we were the keys for each other to slip back into those skins.

i don't think gillian will be on californication. i think we as a screen couple bring way too much history into a scene and would take any viewer out of the reality of what we were trying to do. alas, i think mulder and scully is probably the only acting that she and i will do together in this lifetime. i think if you think about it, you'll understand.

and as for the movie itself---there is no way we can satisfy all the people all the time. there are just too many fans with too many secret wishes, too many wanting too many things---and that's the good news. without all of you wanting this or that from the show, we wouldn't still have the pleasure of making it for you. but i can say this---i am pleased by the movie as is chris, frank, gillian and everybody who has seen it. it's smart, scary, has a lot of the old mulder scully thing and takes us back into a world that we missed. there won't be some of this and there won't be some of that---but there will be a lot of satisfaction. i really feel that in pleasing ourselves, we will have pleased you.

keep writing, i will keep evading and answering.


Sophie said...

hi david!

thanks again for blogging! that really means a lot to all of us - and makes the big mystery "showbusiness" a little more comfy... ;)

though it might not have been easy to get back into mulder's skin, i am sure you did it the right way!

beinga fan for a lot of years now, and knowing of a lot, lot, lot of other fans here in mainland of europe - the question again: will there be a premiere in berlin or paris somewhere?

take care!

best wishes,

elessar said...

A great big thank you for this post, and the things you wrote. We have a saying in Greece, (I'll try to roughly translate it)"oh how I wish the knowledge I've gained to have it with me in my early years". I think it speaks exactly for what you put down in words perfectly about such an amazing character that we all once in our youth related to and felt close to. We grew up with Mulder, at least I did, and it is incredible to be given the chance to revisit him, like seeing an old friend again after all these years. Thank you for breathing so much life in the character and for returning to Mulder. It is really amazing what art and acting can do and how it can shift people. You have accomplished that, thank you, just a big thank you, and for this blog. Good luck with Cali, and I am sure we will get everything we want in the movie, after all, all we want is you two guys doing what you do best. Thanks

Anonymous said...

That was amazing, thanks for answering what you could and evading what you couldn't. :)

I can't wait to see the movie!! It sounds perfect in every way imaginable. I think it's going to be huge...the fandom is reemerging at an unbelievable rate online.

Adrienne in Iowa

holiday_golightly said...

Thanks, David.
Can't wait to see this movie and season two of Californication! Here's a question, what is your promo schedule like for I Want To Believe?
Thanks Again!

Java said...

To be blunt, I think the writing was only 20% of what made The X-Files great. The rest was yourself, Ms. Anderson, the other actors, and Vancouver. Even if the script is bad, I know I'll find something to enjoy.

If the movie really is smart and scary, I'll be in heaven.

phunatik said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the tell you honestly, i've been watching the series for eons of times now..trying to figure out "THE SCIENCE" behind all the "SHIPPY" stuff =). But I still refuse to believe that being mulder and scully would be the only tandem you and gillian would do. Admit it. Both of you are such good actors and you can definitely carry another role without having yourselves identified as M&S.

Im still crossing my fingers (and toes too) that there will be a good script (probably something that you'd write in the future *wink*) that'll come across and finally bring you and gillian together - sans the XFILES theme.

Question: Do you ever wish that you could still finish your dissertation? just curious. =)

All the best!

Sherilene Soroño
Manila, Philippines

Emily said...
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Rachel said...


I can't tell you how thrilling it has been to watch the movie progress and to have the X-Phile community be in full swing again. Thank you for returning to play Mulder and for being as excited as we all are.

Arguably, the X-Files was really the first show to gain an internet based cult following. I really don't think you could find another fan base that is so emotionally invested in the characters that you and Gillian brought to life.

My question for you is, when you reflect back on the show how do you remember the fans? I know we can be quite a *ahem* passionate bunch. Did you ever feel like the fan expectations of the show were too much? What goes through your mind when thinking about the tens of thousands of people who were online together analyzing, discussing, obsessing, and writing about The X-Files?

Thank you!,
p.s. I clearly remember you being into poetry and I was very impressed with a poem of yours that was published in some magazine. Do you still write? Also, I highly recommend you check out the works of Tony Hoagland as I think you would like him. Quality stuff.

Thanks again!

Gabriela said...


Is nice to know that you will really answer our questions, always you can of course! It mean so much...thanks

What I would like to know is Which is the most impressive thing you live through this movie process? Something that makes you say Oh my god I can’t believe this!! Or are you kidding me?



Sorina Andra said...

Thank you so much David for the response.
And did you yourself sift through all the posts? Wow, sorry for that, but you asked. :-)
Can you tell us a bit about the behind-the-scene moments? Funny stories and not only from the set? Thank you once again for doing this!

toriaweber said...

Morning David--

If the X-Files movies become a franchise, would you be interested in writing or co-writing one of the films?

Also, did the final product of this film change a lot from the original script?

Take care,

thenebean9 said...

Even after all these years, with many television shows coming and going, the X-Files has been my all time favorite, if for nothing else other than the fact that it was a SMART show. Of course, it has more than that going for it, however! Over the years, I've seen many other shows try to copy the successful formula from the X-Files - the chemistry between the characters especially, but none have been so successful, in my opinion anyways!

Anyways, thanks for breaking all that down for us. I'm sure it was quite a challenge at first to be Mulder again, after all these years. I am sure that whatever is on that screen come (hopefully midnight) July 25th, I will absolutely love it!

Thanks for all you do!

Newington, CT

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.
The title of your post sounds like some kind of existential term paper... ;0)

I remember George Lucas talking about the Indy4 movie and saying that so many of the fans had already written the story they want in their own heads so that nothing else would really satisfy.

I think you're right in that IWTB won't please everyone in every way, BUT it's sooooo cool that it's happening!!

I just hope I'm more pleased than not!

I know that you've got some physical stuff in the movie, in the snow, no less! Did you do a lot of your own stunt work?

And one thing that some fans are a little nostalgic about--we're missing seeing you and GA in your lovely FBI suits and badges!

Waiting to see what else you have to share,

xloverin said...

Hi David!

I knew I would love your blog, just because it's funny and intelligent (like you ;-) ) We all have big expectations for this movie and reading your lines just increases them. I understand that with so many comments you can read/answer just a few of them, so I repeat the question that appeared many times before :-D : have you got some funny experience from shooting? Like a blooper?

All the best,

Dana, Slovakia

Rana A. said...

Hi David,

Thanks for evading and answering with your post today. :) The amount of posts is massive, so I hope you have some assistants to help you wade through it all.

Anyway, the question is or more like a request, would you, Gillian, Chris, and Frank please do a video or audio commentary for the DVD release of the movie? I know it's a bit crazy to ask before the movie is released, but I know many of the fans, including myself would love to see all four of you interact again like at WonderCon through a commentary. Or if you can't get everyone, it would be cool if at least you and Gillian would do a commentary together.

I know the fans want this movie to do well to reward and affirm the hard work all of you did on the movie (plus have at least one more movie to complete a trilogy), but if this is the last hurrah (I have more faith in you guys than the general movie-going public), then the commentary would be the best way for the fans to have closure.

Thanks again for taking time out of shooting Cali and your family time to blog with the fans!

Rana A.
Las Vegas

spookydogstar said...

Hey David,

thanX for answering some questions. Are you aware how crazy everyone is because of the new movie?

In the past you have said that you will not go to some conventions. But now you were at WonderCon and the LA FilmFest.

What have you feeled after you have seen how popular the X-Files still are? Had you imagined that there will be such a big hype?

Bye and have a great time.

greetings from Berlin, Germany

Cari Turley said...

Man, I'm so stoked for this movie. All this evasiveness is so classically X-Files...and it just makes me want to see it more! :)

Off-topic, but I finally watched Californication on DVD last week (I don't have Showtime) and it's awesome! I can definitely see how playing Hank Moody would make it harder to slip back into Mulder right away. I'm just glad you're able to do both, because they're both such awesome characters.

GracieH said...
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Charlotte said...

So that's a no thanks in relation to the offer of polo mints and questionable curry for plot spoilers then? Your loss Duchovny!! They were not just regular polo mints either. Spearmint. Ya that's right. SPEARmint.

Cheers for the update- personally I think the idea of Gillian being on Californication is a bit daft. As you said- too much history as a particular screen couple.

*thinks of insightful and ground breaking question* How do you feel the movie will compare in relation the likes of The Dark Knight etc? In other words- would you have preferred it to be released at a later date or do you genuinely feel it will be able to pull the same audiences as this new Batman film?

GracieH said...

Hi David,

My comment is not x-files related, although I am a big fan of the show and highly anticipate the film

Anyway, onward...did you keep up watching the Knicks last season? I couldn't bring myself to watch after maybe the 20th game or so, and I avoided the draft altogether. Is there hope for this post-Isiah club? Or are we in for another train wreck of a season?

And real quick, a few years ago you and your wife came to the resturant I work at...Frank Pepe's in New Haven, CT. However the wait was too long and you guys couldn't stick around. My apologies, and if you are ever in the area, please don't hesitate to come on down. I'm sure we can find a place for ya. Take it easy!

New Haven, CT

Songbird said...

Hey David,

I understand about your essential character remaining unchanged as you grow in life but then 'things come to light'. You mean influences outside of our persona alter our perception on things and we are seen differently in many aspects to how we were perceived in the past? That about clarifies it...I think? LOL!

I did like the description of you and Gillian as a set of pitch pipes and how you are tone deaf! ;-) Does that mean you need her acurate ear to balance you out? :-) Come on dear! You BOTH put great input into X Files and acting in general! LOL! And when do we ever know what we are talking about? Sometimes it's best not to know. :-)

I'm happy you mentioned how you don't think Gillian will be doing a 'Cali' episode. I think that most fans wouldn't see beyond the Mulder & Scully dynamic and so it would take the attention away from this wonderfuly bawdy and emotional series, sadly.

I'm personally not looking for anything in 'I Want To Believe' other than a really good scary and intelligent thriller with M&S's wonderful banter and spiritual connection. - Yes, pleasure is important! :-)

Last of all, my husband (Moose) says are you looking forward to Friday?

Take Care!

Penny xx

Carrie said...

You rock.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I'm glad that you like the movie, I'm sure us fans will too but my question is: what about the critics?

Are you concerned with what they might say? I've already heard some critics question why we need another x-files movie and if this one will be any good considering the (what they consider) inauspicious ending to the series. What do you think the critics will say?

thanks for having a blog!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us fans.

As for the movie I am trying not to have too many wishes because I know wanting certain things to happen can lead to disappointment. I am just really excited to see Mulder and Scully together again doing the X-Files thing (which in my opinion we have not had since the 7th season of the series).

And I am also looking forward to seeing an older Mulder & Scully. I am glad the movie is going to show that while they are the same characters they were not stuck in a bubble all this time and they did live their lives these past few years even though the audience did not live it with them.

Tara said...

Hi David thanks for your new post and taking time out of everything else in your life to come chat to us. Its very exciting to think the new movie will soon be here, this time I can be part of the general excitement and buildup. I ahve adored the show from the start but only found online fandom about 6 years ago while season 8 was on TV here (UK) Now i see the fanning of the flames for this new movie and its just great.

I just think most people will recognizes the M&S we love. I hated the 9th season without you in it as many did and I only really watched the TRUTH. I couldn't get into the next generation characaters.

I am so happy to see M&S back on screen abeight a different setting than we are used to but i think that will add nuances to who they are. It must have felt quite weird getting back into after a gap. One of the things i loved about the show was the way you and Gillian breathed life into Mulder and Scully and were so believable.

You both have an amazing gift. You way you act and your mannerism's and the way everything in your face adds emotion (and humor) to Mulder is incredible to watch. We all appreciate what you do. Not just in X files but in everything else.

I think you could be right about Gillian and not including any involvement in Cali. Not sure it would work or *feel* right. But never say never , one day a script for Tv or movie may come along that could be fun for you both.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you at premiers and talk show circuits...and of course all your new projects.

I understand you are still filming Cali but was wondering if there are any new scripts/writing/other stuff coming up for you next?

My best regards to you and your family and all involved to bring us this wonderful opportunity of another movie. Its just great But you know I always had faith there would be another one. Lots of us didn't but I just had that feeling that all would be resolved.


Anonymous said...


It's so refreshing to read this kind of insight from you about the character of Fox Mulder and the thought process that went behind getting back into his shoes. I'm sure we'll look back years from now at what you guys created -- both the story itself and the vibrant and enduring personalities you brought to life -- and remember this as being one of the most influential and powerful works of fiction of our time, proving that television can be just as powerful (and possibly moreso) than the written word. I think a lot of that has to do with what you (and Gillian and everyone else) as an actor bring to the table-- that's what sets this medium apart, and that's why there's no doubt in my mind that we as fans will be more than satisfied with the film come July 25, especially considering it got everyone's seal of approval.

Thanks for all you do, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts behind making this film, being this character, or just even reflections on the series as a whole.


Tara said...

... Just wanted to add that I think without you or Gillian and what you both brought to Mulder and Scully we would not be doing this now. No other two actors I think would have galvanised us as fans like you two have. The stories and the scientfic/fortean content fo the show was great but I think over time Mulder and Scully became the best loved on screen couple- the best smart/sexy love story cc never imagined at the start. Love does make the world go round.

Are you nervous about the premier David, in respect of how it will be received.


nslove said...

Hi David!I want to thank you for blogging too and for doing the X-files again!!I first saw the series in Greece when i was 8 years old in 1997 and until now i am a big fun of you and Gillian!I like u cause i believe that you are a low profile,serious, humorous and above all things a guy who loves his family!Please David keep on this way,you are the best!!!!!

My question is:Is it true that in the new movie there was a bed scene between u and Gillian that axed,and if yes,why the scene axed?

Hope the movie will not brake my...shipper hart:-)
Thank u again!!!!!!!

Toomsie said...


The french translation is online !

take care

Ultra_Hottie said...

Tell me what your thoughs are on your co-star Callum Kieth Regime and how it came to be that he got involved in the new X Files movie and also how he got a guest starring role on the new season of Californication as a music mogal who Hank meets while in Jail? What does he bring to the new movie that other actors don't?

JCLICK02 said...

Hi David,

I wanted to let you know that The X-Files is my favorite series of all time. I've been longing for the excitement in another show that The X-Files brought and not one has succeeded. I'm looking forwarded and counting down the days to the premier. Thanks so much for the blog!

Anonymous said...

hi DD thanks for answer the main quiestions that we have and i want you to know that i cannot wait to see the movie i think that you two do the best work after 6 years without work together.

i can´t express all the gratefulness that i have to all of you for do another movie because you do my dream come true: see another x files movie

it is a lot of expetaction arround the movie and i love it because this is envolving me in a big intrigue and makes me feel crazy i only want to run to see the move and discover the true about all the spoilers that i read


Pd. I love you

Zaira Jeraldin
cd. juarez, Mexico

karen29 said...

Thanks David.

I totally get it and understand what you mean in regards to you and Gillian together on Californication...or other projects. The magic between the both of you is very deep yet intertwined within Mulder and Scully.
Here's a thought though, how about Gillian making a guest appearance on Californication in a dream sequence? I think it would fullfill not only our dreams as fans, but can also break the expectations of having to detach from seeing you two as the couple we all love, Mulder and Scully.



Antonella said...

Thanks David,
that was awesome.

i have missed Mulder and i am really looking forward to seeing him again. as well as seeing the M and S dynamic after 6 yrs and what sort of trouble Mulder can get himself into this time around. :)

counting down the days till XF2,


DutchDD said...

Hi David,

Thanks for answering our questions. It's fantastic that you do this for us!! Thanks again.

You still "have" to answer my London question though...will you be at the premiere? Would be totally cool.

Good luck men, you rock!!
Lots of love from Holland,

Chris H. said...


Thanks for the insight ...

Here's a fun question for you ... which part of the whole movie-making machine do you like the least? The promotion? The "answering the same questions over and over?"

Also, I always wanted to thank you personally for the "Unnatural" episode of the X-Files.

As a huge fan of both baseball and the X-Files ... that episode is still one that brings a huge smile to my face to this day.


Jacqueline said...

Hey David,

Thanks for such a thorough post. Here's a question for you.

We fans are quite familiar with Gillian's casting on the show (Chris versus the Man, blonde bombshell with legs out the there versus redhead sass with legs up to... here?).

How was the process of you getting cast on the show? Just as harrowing or, you know, whatevs?


Thanks again for doing this blog. I look forward to reading your entires in the future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rapid response, David! Good to know that the fans have a voice.

I'm quite pleased at hearing that Gillian and yourself will keep Mulder and Scully sacrosanct, and will not play into a sub-reality where you as actors are together as other characters. If that makes any sense.

Again, albeit in fear of repeating myself, thank you for taking the time to interact with the fans. It's good to know there's someone on the inside!


PS. Love the punny title - good film, good film.

jdducker said...

Hi David
Thanks for the update. I don't have a list of demands for this movie. All I want is when the lights go down is Mulder and Scully and a good story. I am so glad that the movie got made finally that I want to enjoy every moment of it. I can't wait for the 25th to get here. It seems like when we were kids and December was the slowest month.

I loved your description of what you and Gillian provide to each other in the roles. You both compliment each other so well. I agree about her appearing on Californication. I do look forward to the return in September of Californication. It is on show tht both my husband and I enjoy watching together. It is a funny adult comedy with a few cringe moments thrown in there.

Thanks again for doing the blog. Glad to see that you are back to your old style of writing. It feels just like the House of D blog, no caps anywhere in sight.

A.J. Smith said...

The fans that want you and Gillian to work together or want a love-scene in the movie are what i call fantasy-fans. They are just wishing for the things that would ruin the aspect of everything you and her have worked so hard and so long to create. I wish they could think in more realistic terms when it comes to both of you as actors, (even the show itself). you have more patients with those bafoons then I could ever have. :)
If this movie is going to be everything you say it will, then that's all I need to believe.

P.S. I'm dying to know if you have any writing projects in the works. what, when, etc. and if not, why??

Sherry said...

Hi, David.

So glad to see you blogging again. I know it must be a chore sometimes, but it's fun for us. ;)

Actually, it's fun to hear and understand your perspective, especially your latest take on Fox Mulder. I appreciate and enjoy what you had to say about the essential evolution and aging of the character, keeping him from getting stuck in that 'frozen in time' dimension. Sounds like a smart approach to me!

Do you want 'X-Files only' questions, or other stuff too? I ask because there's something you discussed during your Inside the Actors Studio interview that really intrigued me, and I was wondering if anything more has come from it.

Near the end of the interview you mentioned a psychotherapist named James Hillman, who talks about 'seizing control of the narrative of your life.' You said:

" have the power to tell your story the way you wanna tell it, in a way -- you can tell your story as if you're the victim or you can tell your story as if you're something else..."

That thought has stuck with me ever since I first heard you say it, and I haven't been able to let it go. I found it fascinating and scary and curious.

You mentioned you'd written a script 'kind of about that,' so I wondered if you are still working on that and if anything is stirring up to the surface towards completion.

As someone who realizes she's been telling her story in a crappy way lately, as someone who is still struggling to find and speak her true voice, I feel I can relate to what you said and I would really love to know more about this.

Can you shed any new light?

(Or will this be one of the questions you 'evade'? *GRIN*)

Thanks very much!

Looking forward to seeing the new film. :)

~ Sherry
aka Sinkwriter72

A.J. Smith said...

Oh yeah...and I said it in your last post, but thank you so much for blogging with us!

Tiffany Chantel said...

Hi David,
Thank you so much for writing to us. It's so exciting and great to know that you are all happy with the movie. A lot of fans online have been worried about how the movie is going to turn out, and what is going to happen in it, but I trust your and Gillian's judgment, and didn't think you would make anything that was less than awesome. ;o)

It's great to hear from you, thank you for taking the time for us, and I absolutely can't wait to see this movie. SO excited! :)

With love and admiration,
San Francisco, CA

Songbird said...

I've noticed some folk are mentioning possible writing projects in the future? I agree, we want more of that! You are an extremely gifted writer that touches the inner-most self! So if you ever get 'too old' for the screen (your words I believe back on the HOD Blog) then pursue writing with a vengence. I'd certainly read one of your novels.

Penny xx

Anonymous said...

Morning! Just reading this gets me pumped for the movie all over again.

Something I was wondering - you mentioned how impossible it would be to meet the wishes of all the fans (not to mention half the time we don't know what we want, to be honest). Is there anything that, going into the new movie, you (or Gillian) really wanted to see? Was there anything that a new movie just had to include in your eyes?


Antonella said...

i have a question that i have wondered about Mulder for a loooong time. but it may be a bit of a touchy subject. so feel free to evade.

i've always wondered what Mulder's religious beliefs were? if he had any at all.

there was an interesting thread about this on the MSG board. and i tend to agree with the general belief that Mulder probably had more of a religious upbringing and belief system in God but due to what happened to his sister, he lost a lot of of his faith. however a lot of people speculate that he remains agnostic.

OH! another question that i have always wondered and you may be the ONLY one to answer is:

why does Mulder hate being called Fox?

okay, hope you give some feedback on this (pick me! pick me!) otherwise, well i still love yah.


Jase said...
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Jase said...

I just discovered your blog and I must say that it is refreshing for someone so well-known as you to make yourself so accessible to the public, for however long it lasts. I thought you explained your thinking well on the issues of reapproaching Mulder as well as that of David and Gillian appearing as any other to-be-taken-seriously screen couple than Mulder and Scully. It does make sense (but who's to say you couldn't participate in some spoof or comedy at some point in the future!)
I'm one of those second generation fans that discovered X-Files in reruns. I just finished a BA in film and I must say that I learned equally as much about cinematography, scripts, character, directing and more from X-Files and related commentaries as I did in college. So thanks for your huge role in all of it and good luck with all future projects.

Aretha said...

Hi David, my name is Aretha and i live in BRASIL - Manaus/Amazon.

when i first saw the announcement of the movie, as a fan, i immediately though it would be great, and i still do.
I am counting the days until july 25th.
i'd realy like to thank to you, Gillian, Chris and everyone else who was part of this project.

It's the firs time i write here for you and i agree that the movie has it time, as well as the caracters and the actors...
After averything that heapened in the x-files, all those years and adventures, they(Mulder and Scully) had to grow to something, and don't mean like a love relatinoship. more like individuals.

I can't wait to see what you've been hiding from us.
I saw two scenes (hold the line and through a dirty glass), i don't know if those are realy in the movie (After all those years we can expect anything! i already learn that!) :p

Well, thanks again and take care,
it's a pleasure to write to ya!

PS: Sorry about my lausy english!
that's what heapens when you quit your english course!

hatterphile said...

thank you, david

now that i see a post with all lower caps, i know it really IS you. :)

most actors never give their fans a second look, yet alone blog with them. we really appreciate the time you have taken with us. i know back then you were trying to stay sane with the brutal demand that kind of schedule put on you, so i understand why you didn't reach out to us as much as you now have more recently, (with the h.o.d. blog and now this one).
plus i think you have better computer skills now. :) thanks again and i can't wait for the movie and cali's season 2 (i starting to love moody as much as mulder). oh, and i really hope to see more of your writing as well.

amy said...


Great blog! You even managed to answer both of my questions. So, I randomly spent the evening watching Californication in one big chunk. I'd seen it while it was airing last summer too, but WOW i loved it 10 times more the second time around.

Back to X files: Mulder vs Moody, both i've noted are deeply flawed and messed up when it comes to relationships. Both shows are pretty angsty. There comes a time when a person just wants some resolution. Can we expect some resolution in this movie?!

much love...again...
amy, indiana

Laura said...

Thanks for writing back David. I totally understand what you said about you and Gillian acting different characters together. It is not like actors who have done a variety of movies together. In this case, you both spent years developing these characters and their interactions. It would be very difficult to separate those characters from anything else you two would try to do, both for the two of you and for all of those of us who spent so much time with them


Anonymous said...

It's so great you're doing this. I've been a fan of "The X Files" since I was twelve and I'm really looking forward to see the movie. I'm sure it'll satisfy, cause I actually can't think of you, Gillian and Chris doing a bad job.

Thank you for blogging.
Take care,

Jenny from Germany

dee_ayy said...

Glad to see you found your way back to Mulder, now all we have to do is get back into "X-Files Mode" by the 25th. We plan a little marathon beforehand. Which eps should we watch?

Thanks so much for blogging again. As a veteran of both your HOD and TTM blogs, I know how much of a treat it is going to be. Since this one is on Blogger and is just called "The Duchovny Files" rather than anything tied directly to the movie, might we hope that it will continue long after the movie's release? Please please please?

(And why is it that I go through this post checking grammar and spelling like I'm turning it in to an English professor, when you yourself don't even use caps? Crazy! At least your paragraphs are showing up--that's progress!)

Martina said...

I'm looking forward to revisiting the XFiles, big screen again. I'll be satisfied with a cracking thriller, albeit in low lighting no doubt. I have to wait until the 1st of August - and in ireland, that's the 1st of August.

Derry, Northern Ireland

Ulyana said...

Thank you, David for answering, cuz you really know what that means to all of us!

I always wanted to ask you a question:Do you add any personal things while playing in Californication? Is Moody close to the way you feel this life or is he far enough from that?

Good luck to you,

chris s. said...

Hi David,
Thanks for the comments. I'm sure the movie will be great and no
you can't please everyone, but if
you all think it's good then I'm
sure we'll all like it too.
I understand your reasons for you and gillian not doing anything else
together, but I think we are all
aware it's just roles and I for one
think it would be a shame not to do
something else sometime in the future, why let that chemistry go to waste. Never say never.
Sacramento, CA.

Lu said...

Thanks for the posting David, love to read everything you write, its exciting to know its you in there, talking to us about the movie and other stuff....
I was thinking, there's a lot of rumors about XF3, do you guys think about doing it in a break of how many years? 3? 4? More?
And as other people asked, is there any plans of the XF gang come to Brasil for a convention or something?
Kisses, David!
Thanks one more time,

42 said...

Thanks for posting again David :)


Anonymous said...

Hey David! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to us.

I've seen it asked a few times before, but I'm also curious, should we be confining our questions to the second X-Files movie only?

If so, what was it like shooting in cold weather again after spending so much time in California?

And I have one question that is far more likely evaded than answered, but, what are your thoughts on celebrity?

I suppose there are plenty of reasons you couldn't give an honest answer to that, but it seems like society today is so interested in putting people up on pedestals, and then watching their every move. As if we, as a fanbase, gain some right to know every intimate detail about the actors we watch. Is it just an absurdity you've always put up with, or is it something that you've come to change your understanding of over time?

Em said...

"keep writing, i will keep evading and answering"

Methinks you've been spending too much time with Chris Carter ;)

Although, I get what you're saying; it's like asking for a very specific birthday gift, and then having the fun of the surprise ruined when you get exactly that.

Have you been writing any poetry lately? If so, I'd love to read some.

~ E

toast said...

Hi David,

Thanks for blogging with us. I’d like to grab this opportunity to ask about an issue for me is not so much the elephant in the room as the elephant blocking the door to enjoyment of the X Files. In a word, its William.

You say that with this movie you’ve pleased yourselves. My question is; after years of playing a guy obsessed with saving his lost sister, how do you reconcile that with the same guy being at peace with loosing his son forever, never knowing if the boy is alive or dead or has been found by the evil forces so well equipped to trace any adoption? In your process of getting into this character and believing in him, how does that work for you? As a father yourself, can you be pleased with a Mulder for whom a lost and endangered son is not a driving force (as opposed to just a sad memory) when his sister always has been?

The adoption as it was presented completely derailed the characterization of both Mulder and Scully for me. Although I’m extremely excited and awaiting the movie with tingling anticipation, I do intend see it completely spoiled just to know how the William issue is handled. Will it be nothing more than just a mournful “how sad we gave our son away” moment or will my secret wish come true and the adoption revealed as bogus in a way that puts my favorite characters back on track? All the rest could be a total surprise and that would be fine, enjoyable even, but for this one issue I’ve got to be emotionally prepared.

Regarding Gillian and Californication, here’s hoping that you may reconsider because this would be the perfect vehicle for the two of you to move briefly and deliciously beyond the bounds of PG 13. You’re playing someone completely different on Cali. So could she.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David for your message :)
It's really great to talk to us.
Oh, what a pity that Gilly won't play in Calif', it would have been great. I'm sure that I'd haven't seen Mulder and Scully in your characters. Maybe just an apparition, it would be great :)
I hope that you'll come to Paris for the XF2 promo, we talk about the movie around us to promote it too :)
See you later David


Melissa said...

Hi David,

I wanted to thank you for making yourself so accessable to your fans. You are such a down to earth regular guy, albeit a very talented regular guy with a very special gift.

The X-files should become a franchise that can't die. I hope the movie ends with the option for another sequel, and another, and another....
My wish to you is that you never grow tired of being Mulder and that you have the ability and strength to play that character many more times for many more years.

Although Mulder holds a special place in my heart, I do adore Hank Moody too.
Best of luck in all of your other endeavors as well!

Phoenix Corner said...

So David, nice to see you've come back to Bloggermania, seems like everyone has one nowadays... I would like to know, if you ever got your dream lead, what would it be? What character would be your dream job?

Also, a little XFN humor swapping in here... Are you going to Jessa's End of the world party? I'm Bringing Venezuelan Rum... What are you bringing? LOL

Hope you're having fun with us XPhiles...


LaffLady said...

Hi David - Not only are you one of the most talented actors you are always really cool to your fans. Thanks for that. Your time is greatly appreciated. I am so looking forward to seeing the chemistry of you and GA back on the big screen again.

New Question: I was wondering if there is anything in the movie that might shock us fans in either a good way or bad way. Hopefully good way.

Anonymous said...

hi david..
you still havent answered my question.. here we go again..

i want to know when are you comming to Brazil??.. you never came here and i know you have many fans out here.. im sure we all will be very pleased with your presence.. plus even if you dont come here to promote a movie or something.. come for vacation whatever.. it would be nice to have you here..
so come! =D

now.. you still also havent answered if theres any tongue involved on the kiss.. cmmooooon wont hurt say anything.. like just post yes. on a blank space and i will know what youre talking about.. haha i need some clue..

the idea that the bald man from lost saw mulder and scully.. you know making william.. it scared you or weirded you out?

i heard that you and Gillian had refused to do some sex scene that Chris had put on the script.. why? whyyyyyyyy?

do you think theres any tv show that came real close of what xfiles were? and do you watch tv shows at all?

now im gonna ramble some odd questions..
what do you have for breakfast?
is there any caracther on movie or television that you would like to have made?
is there any chance of you directing movies anytime soon?
what are your favorit pair of socks?
is there any kind of art that you would like to have it on your wall?
what was the most important or the most emotional prize you won?
do you have any good salad recepty?
whats your favorit drink?
do you like to play poker?

well i guess for now thats all...
i hope you read all my questions.. even if you dont answer them thats fine if at least i maked you laugh at some point..
i wish you all the best..

XoXo Layani Prado
From Brazil...

Claudio M. said...

Hey David,

I am really looking forward to the new X-files movie :D The X-Files has been my favorite show ever since I began to watch it several years back. I am really glad Gillian and yourself decided to make another X-File movie for the fans. On another note, I have finished watching Californication (just bought season 1) and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I really think you have blossomed into a marvelous actor and the chemistry in Californication is fantastic. I must say that I kind of lied about the show being nothing but positive things: the only problem I have with Californication is the length (every episode seems to short, I Want more :D ) and I would love to see more episodes per season. Only because I love the show.

Best of luck to you and your family,

XYIYI said...


Andy // Apocrypha said...

oh my! i thought that i will never have this opportunity! even that´s impossible to you read every post, of every fan, the oportunity is always a sweet hope...

knowing that the new movie is like the "old school" with all that we always wanted...well, it's so...I forgot the word, sorry... but it makes me breath softly... it's like a confort...

i can't wait for july 25th! but i will not botter you with questions about the movie... i alweys believed in you, gillian and chris... so, i'll keep my faith!

I Hope that you comes to Brazil! And tell me when you gonna do it! It's a beautiful place!!! Please, come!! =P

best wishes and all lucky!!!

Andréa Alves, São Paulo - Brazil

radiosilents said...


I think this blog is a wonderful idea. You seem very well-spoken (and written!), sincere, kind -- all the things I was hoping you'd be in real life. (OK, so my partner doesn't think this is really you writing this blog... can you confirm? I'd feel stupid feeling giddy over a blog scam.)

I can't wait to take my mom to see the movie when it comes out! My stepdad's been ill with cancer, and I think it will really cheer her up, even if just for a couple hours. She's a big fan of yours, too.


Amy in Niagara Falls

Chariot13 said...

Thanks for your thoughtful answers to some of our questions! It's nice to have a little dialogue going between the hundreds of us and you! haha.

Anyway, a couple questions - are you and the family going to be moving to the east coast soon, or is that a rumor? We'd love to have you here!
And XF related - what was your favorite type of scene to shoot for this movie? The scary parts? The ones with just you and Gillian? The stuff with Billy Connolly?

Have a great holiday weekend!


Penny Lope said...

I'm very glad Mulder got to grow up - it would have been very strange to have him frozen in time. And I have to say, thank goodness re: Californication/Gillian... that would just be ..... odd.
~ very much looking forward to the film.

Penny Lope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MS said...

Ever since the question about Gillian being on Cali was brought up i thought it a bad idea. I felt as you, that your characters were to iconic to be able to make the audience see anything other then Mulder and Scully. Something like that would take me right out of the show. That said, I love Cali and i'm looking forward to the start of the second season. Also want to congratulate you on your Golden Globe. I'm just sad that we never got the chance to see you accept it. I can't wait until IWTB opens and i pray it does well because we want more films.

Penny Lope said...

okay - totally, completely not about the film - why is your first post suddenly all lower case rather than upper and lower? We (that would be an inclusive 'fan we'), recall from your House of D days that you were a lower case kind of guy - as is your second post .... and your first post is now magically all lower case - tis a mystery and we fans love to get a hold of a good mystery.

Kirsten said...

I can never think of witty questions, but I did want to say a big thank you for writing this blog! I love reading the thoughts of those closest to a project, and blogs are fantastic for that sort of thing. So thank you!

My hair has been dyed red in honor of the movie... bring on July 25th! :)

LaffLady said...

David - Another question a bit off topic: What happened to your upper case letters? Your first blog used proper captials and now it changed. Did you go back and change your all your caps to lowercase? You're awesome.

Josilene said...

Hi David!!!

Well, I just want to say "Thank you!". I know that Mulder and Scully wouldn't be the same without you and Gillian. And I learned to love Hank too. ;) Congratulations for them.

But, I agree with you... GA in Cali would be... weird.

Ah, I have to say that we all here in Brasil are freaking out waiting for this movie!!!

Hey, pleeeeeeaseee!!! Could you send a Hello for us in Brasil??? Hun?

Look, I have no questions about the movie. I trust you, GA, FS and CC! I know you guys did the best! Now, I just waiting for XF3 too!!! ;)

I want to send a kiss for my x-friends from Brasil: Lu, Yayá, Star, Nay, Kaline, Cleide, Iandra, Adriana, Tassia and the others I can't remember now!



Aretha said...

Hi David, i don't know if you saw my message above, but if u did't with so many others, that's another post!:p

Well, as my brazilians friends asked up there... do you have any plan to visit Brazil sometime? Or even do some other works around here? Any curiosity? at all? and about Manaus Amazon? i used to work with tourism and peopple use to love here!(just saying)

But try to answer this question...

do you think, that , other then the fact that it's you playing Mood and Mulder, do u think that they have anything in commum?

By the way, i love Hank too, im my opinion, he is an ass...(sorry about that), but he´s just great! and i laugh my but of everytime by looking at his face!

Best wishes!
Aretha Bittencourt
Brazil / Manaus

Michelle said...

Hi David!,

Thanks for doing this movie! I have been a fan from the near beginning (I was 12). My question is.......when is the LA premiere? Will fans have access to a few tickets?


Allison said...

David, you're awesome. Here's another q for u...

If a third movie is made, what would you want it to be about? Do you think, if this movie does as well as we all KNOW it will (hint-nudge), do you think it would be safe to open up the mythology box again? Or do you think it would be better to stick with the 'monster of the week' type story-line? Also, I know it's thinking a bit ahead, but would you consider co-writing the third script if given the opportunity?

I so enjoy the episodes you wrote during the show.

And I SO hope this movie thing continues after this film. For everyone's sake!

Thank you for being in touch with your fans like this. It means a lot to us. You're an incredible talent and we're all looking forward to seeing Mulder again!!


Sandy said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your thoghtful and carefully considered response. One thing I'd like to know, as a person whose pets are part of my family, are you still fortunate enough to have Blue, or have you had to experience the inevitable heartbreak that comes with loss.

Warm Regards


jenn11013sculder said...

You (and the rest of the cast) rocked our socks for so long...and now you're giving me and about a million others a reason to geek-out again! i grew up with you guys I cant believe it's been 15 years, even now that i'm 25 ya'll still are kicking ass and taking names...not only with the buzz of the new x-files film but, with your other projects, tv, film etc.... both you and Gillian... thanks for giving a small town gal with big dreams someone to look up to. Mulder a strong, sensitive, caring, and respectful man. Scully a incredibly intelligent,strong willed,level headed, take no bull shit lady!!

I would love to see you do something with ray mckinnon (i personally think the man is a genius) I could see something magical in that...

Durham, NC..
tamp that, barista!

Rebecca said...

I've tried, but I don't understand. Not really.

For what it's worth, and I know it's probably not worth much, I think you and Gillian have the most organic, naturally powerful chemistry of any on screen pairing that I've ever seen, and I think it would be a shame not to at least try conveying that in a different venue--a small experiment, if you will. If not Californication, then surely there's another place for it. Would it be strange? Possibly, though I believe that you both are capable of acting well enough to portray characters in a way that wouldn't be an unbelievable, "Mulder and Scully go undercover and act like different people." Could it be a disaster? Of course. But it could also be amazing. And I think the chance for greatness is always worth the risk.

Lu said...

Yes, David, as you read before, here in Brasil (and of course in the rest of the world)we're really freaking out because of this looong waiting for the movie, hahahaha...
Well, since january...I've been doing a countdown on my nickname on MSN....:D...weirdo uh? hahahah
I just wanted to say to you remember us!!! We love you guys sooo much! All the XF gang...
And like Josi did above, can you send a little "Hi" for us, here in Brasil? :D :D :D :D :D

Kisses, David!!!


hatterphile said...

hey aretha,

he wrote this post in lower caps because he sent it from his phone.


Congrats Dave, on everything! (its so wonderful of you to do this blog) Hopefully you haven't let your basketball skills erode, 'cause I got game and when I challenge you to a rematch lets hope you can still bring it!!

My question, What guest star did you enjoy working with the most? --aside from the lovely Tea and your buddy Garry. And, of all the actors in the world that were never on the show, who would you have liked to have had guest star??


...just kidding about the basketball of course!
but I bet if we had played (in my prime) 9 years ago I probably would've beat you!! Im just saying...
best wishes

Tara said...

Hi again,

If there is a 3rd movie I would love them to see William again or get him back. It always ticked me off that he was adopted out. After what Mulder went through with his own father, it just was a huge blow and upset lots of people. The miracle child that Scully and Mulder went through hoops to get was thrown out with bath water. Worse decisions in X files along with inclusion of Dogget and Reyes.

Liss said...

I completely agree about Gillian on Californication. I'd love to see her but I think you guys are too iconic and perfect as Mulder and Scully for anything else to be believable.

Your insight on a more grown up Mulder is so interesting, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks again for blogging and answering questions!

Rachelle said...

Dear David,

It's so great to see you've opened a blog and make time to listen to us. Makes me love you even more ;) (No, I'm not as much as a freak as I might seem right now ;)).

I can't wait to see the movie, I've heard so many good things about it and I have no doubt it will be scary and breathtaking.
I can actually understand you and Gillian won't be doing any movies/series together, that would indeed be weird. I remember watching Evolution and wondering when Gillian would appear because somehow I couldn't imagine the two of you apart. Now I still see you two as Mulder and Scully, even though I try to shake that off whenever I'm watching a movie or a serie with either your or Gillian's appearance. It's great to see you two doing such different stuff besides The X-files! Even though X-files will always stay winning number 1 for me, I love to see the two of you in different roles. Even if that means the two of you won't be acting together .. ;)

Anyway, I wanted to ask a question last time you posted on your blog but somehow I forgot (I'm such a dork) so I'm asking it now. I was actually wondering who did such a horrendous job on photoshopping your beard in the IWTB trailer. That freaked me out more than blood coming from Connolly's eyes! ;)

Take care,
The Netherlands

Tara said...

Hey David, Congrats on the new Emmy Nomination for Cali.(late congrats on the GG for Californication. Delighted when you won.

Glad to see you are getting the proper recognition for a greats series and creating another iconic role.

niniane said...

Well, if I bumped into your blog when I was 15 and as crazy as a fan can be, I would probably squeee and leave you all the silly, teenage-girl-who-adores-her-favorite-actor comments;-)
Luckily, I am a bit older and more mature now;-) So, I shall just say THANK YOU, for I have learned very much from the X-Files, not just about science, but also about life. And, I must say that Mulder and Scully helped me discover a very strong interest in psychology, which I eventually studied and graduated.
So, I can say I wouldn`t be the same person if it wasn`t for X-Files and you and Gillian. I wouldn`t be so open minded, so imaginative, I wouldn`t be a writer and probably not even a psychologist. Thank you for pointing me to those things.
And I do have a question, from one writer to another;-): Do you still write? And what are/were the topics that interested you the most and reflected in your writings?

Warm summer greetings from Croatia:-)

PsychoTante said...

Guten Tag lieber David ;),

thank you very much for blogging. :-)
I have watched the entire show and really do believe it is one of the best tv-shows ever.
I'd like to ask you one question though: now that people (including me:)) buy the box sets of the x files, isn't it extremely weird to know that people pay hundreds of dollars to own hundreds of hours of video footage of oneself? Do you simply try to not think about that or how is that?
I also wanted to thank you for being in a tv show again. It's probably more rewarding or self-worth uplifting for an actor to be in big famous movies, but I believe that there is only very few actors who make a difference in a tv show, who people would want to see every single week and actually "spend their time" with. You are definitely blessed as an actor, I think.

best wishes to you and your family
Tina from Germany

Tassia said...

Hi David,
As my friends Lu and Josi told you brasilians fans are really excited about this second movie and we trust you, Chris, Gillian and Frank. We know that you are doing the best for this movie and we are going to the theaters so many times that we will learn by heart the dialogues.
Tassia, Yaya, Josi, Starbuck, Nay, Iandra, Lu, Layani, Kaline, Djanira, Ju, Cleide, and the others fans that i can't remember right now.

sadksm said...

* What’s the one question you haven’t been asked about The X-Files?

* For the longest time a Mulder Scully relationship was "never going to happen". Now you’re all calling it a love story. What changed your mind?

Daniel said...

hello from germany!

i´m an actor myself and i wanted to tell you that you are one of the best and most inspiering artists out there. i loved all your movies, especially the x files.

you created a real person. fox mulder may be one of the best characters all time.

i have been watching the x files since the beginning (when i was about 11 years old). and when i had ha bad or hard day, i throw in a episode and that´s like holiday for me today.

thank you for doing such a great work! all these years.

i´ve seen this little segment from the upcoming x files movie where scully tells mulder it´s all about his sister. well, i had tears in my eyes. i have the feeling you reactivated mulder perfectly.

after all these years there is one question i always wanted to ask you:

playing mulder 10 months a year.. nearly every day.. was there a moment when you were afraid (or felt) of letting the character become a real part of you? i mean, that you may to much mulder in real life? it´s something in my interest as an actor.

hey, david. Thanks for the work on the x files. thanks for playing mulder again. thanks for all the other brilliant movies.


Colleen said...

So it really is you? Cool.

I'm with the other people who want to know if you will be doing a commentary for the DVD. I'd love to see that happen, especially if you could figure out a way to do it with Gillian.


Aretha said...

hatterphile said...
hey aretha,

he wrote this post in lower caps because he sent it from his phone.

July 2, 2008 9:19 PM
But What have i done already????
hhahhahah kisses!

Aretha Bittencourt
Brazil Manaus-AM

Anonymous said...

I was never for Mulder and Scully getting together as a couple. I always thought their relationship transcended ordinary romance. I think the series made a mistake to go down that road, but go there they did, and now here we all are.

For dramatic purposes, it makes sense to me for the writers to have the two characters separate (I hope for the sake of the shippers that they came up with a good reason) post-The Truth, and then get them back together during the course of the film. I am not asking you to confirm or deny, I'm just stating an opinion.

As much as I disliked the idea of a romance between Mulder and Scully, I really didn't like the idea of a pregnancy resulting from it. I know you have heard this all before, and you weren't the responsible party in any case, but the resolution to the William arc left the fans very unhappy.

There is no way that a man who was still looking for his sister 20 years after her original disappearance would let that go.
Don't even get me started on how cruel it was to Scully's character. If the movie doesn't address the question of William, I will be bitterly disappointed. If I, a noromo, feel that way, imagine how the shippers must feel.

Having said that, I am looking forward to the movie with great excitement and will be dragging my husband Kyle to see it sometime on opening weekend because we fans need to post some big numbers if we want another movie. I never go to movies on opening weekend, because he hates lines. But he loves me, so he's going.

He never cared for The X-Files, but he loves Californication. I wonder why...All of those pretty naked young women couldn't have anything to do with it, could they? Actually, I love the show, too. Hank Moody is a terrific character and I love the writing for the show. We can't wait for it to resume in September.

Thanks for the opportunity to say hello and say my piece.

Loops said...

Hi David!!!

From México: We love you've decided to blog with us! please keep going.

If on the red carpet of the premiere you hear a crazy girl screaming.. Hope its me!!! LOL

Rebecca said...

Hi David!

Will you (and others) be doing DVD commentary for the new movie?

And, on a different note, can you address the William situation? So many people had such a visceral reaction to his abrupt departure, which I imagine that you can understand, so any insight or clarity would be appreciated.

Djanira said...

Hi from Brazil!
I would like to thank you for your post, I hope you tell us good news as soon as you can!
Thank you!

Laura said...

Thanks for your response,you answered my question regarding you becoming Mulder again.

Anonymous said...

Hi David!!

I'm impatient to watch XF2!! I'm doing the countdown! See again Mulder and Scully feeling their chemistry. Gillian and your chemistry. It's excited!! Although the problems of traslation that we have in Spain with the title of the movie ;)

And the second season of Californication of course!



Ana said...

I totally agree with you about Gillian and Californication. I love Cali just the way it is and much as I adore the chemistry between the two of you, it’s better if kept within the x files universe. I am so glad you’re doing Californication, you make a magnificent Hank.

“Smart and scary” sounds just like the kind of movie that will hit the spot for me. Add to it the awesome dynamics between M&S and it will be the greatest treat for us fans.
Cannot wait for the movie!

aesthette said...

Hi dd,

Thank goodness you didn't blog when I was a teenager. I would never have left you alone.

The 24th will include watching a couple of classic episodes while drinking, going to a midnight screening, and then reveling in happiness at seeing M&S together again -- with all my fellow X-Files fans in Toronto. Have you noticed? X-Philes people are good people.

Thank you for reaching out to us fans! We have missed Mulder -- for his sass as well as determination, as well as the wit you brought to the character and story.


Lizzie Kidman McGregor (E.A.R.) said...

Hi David Duchovny.

My name is Elizabeth, but here in internet my nickname is "Lizzie Kidman McGregor" because of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor... silly I know.
But since last year I'm became fan Yours. I'm became Gillian Anderson's fan too.
This Happened because I "found" The X Files.
When it passed here in Brazil,( Yes! I'm brazilian) I don't watched because I has afraid. So just last year because of a friend os mine I watched and I liked it.
I keep a blogger about the film, sometimes about you and Gillian and I'm writte a fan-fic too, but all this is in Portuguese. My english is not very good.
My time ir very short because I don't have computer and this week began my classes in the college.

So... very good your blogger to fan. Is a way that we have to stay more close for you.

PS: This is my blogger than I wrote above.

Lu said...

Hey again, David!
I heard you said it was funnier doing this 2dn movie. I just cant wait to see the bloopers! Must have a LOT of GA's laughs, uh? hahahaha....
Lots of brasilian kisses!!!

Teresa said...

Hi David. Thanks so much for taking time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to write this blog!

A friend of my husband does extra work, and he had the opportunity to be on the "Californication" episode "Fear & Loathing at the Fundraiser." He had good things to say about you and about working on the show; he said that you ran right into him while ducking a punch, or water being thrown at you, or something. =)

I look forward to both the XF movie and Season 2 of "Californication."

Cleide said...

Hi David!
The X Files - I Want to Believe, is really taking me back to a world I've been missing... that was such good times, so many friends. I watch the show since 1996, all of my friends knows about my passion! Everything remembers me an episode, a fact, something that happened to Mulder and Scully.
It will be nice to see them again, more mature, going on with their lives...
I was thinking, Is it possible that the series mithology comes back to a third movie? (yes, I'm a believer!). I remember that the year 2012 is a key date for the show, and it's comming... is it possible that the invasion subject come to the scene again?
Kisses from Brazil! There are lots and lots of fans here! As july 25 is comming, we are talking about the movie, the serie, the characters more than ever!!!! Everyday we have a chat at msn!

Ira said...

Hey, David!!!
Does your son still hate "that Russian guy"?! :)))

More serious question:
Now when we all are practically sure that Skin man will be in the movie, can you tell us what it was like to work with Mitch again? Have you been in touch for all those years or it was a reunion as well?

And just one funny thing that I wanted to tell you... It seems that on Russian TV channels your name and stories about you always appear in programmes like "OUR people in Hollywood"...So...If one day they grant you Russian nationality don't be surprised!)))

Best wishes,
Moscow, Russia

Danielle said...

I know you've heard it a thousand times by now, but it would be terribly rude of me not to thank you; not only for your work on The X-Files, and Californication, and Things We Lost in the Fire (which was absolutely beautiful), and House of D, and Twin Peaks and everything else, but also for taking on the grand ordeal of blogging, and for bothering to read what we write - which is incredibly thoughtful.

At any rate, have you got any writing/directing projects in the works?

And I've heard tell that the possibility more X-Files films is not entirely out of the question, and that, if there were to be more films, they might hearken back to the mythology. Has there been any talk of doing something concerning the "alien invasion" on 21 December, 2012?

Thanks again; all the best to you and your family.

Gabriele Cozzolino said...

Hi David,
probably you had already ear this question, but... how do you feeling to be the protagonist (with Gillian) of the most appreciated and most revolutionary series of all time?

Xfiles never die! Tank you a lot (to Gillian too)

from Italy

Songbird said...

Hi again,

I've just read the interview you and Gillian did for the 'Empire' magazine. So you really DO want to be a bathtub? :-) - Love the 'Over-The-Shoulder-Mulder-Holder'. Yeah I could see you both in a british costume drama! You'd have to get Gillian to help you brush up on the old queen's english though guvner! LOL!

Penny xx

francesca said...

Hi David!
I've nothing so smart to say or to ask...
I KNOW it'll be a real pleasure to see you again as Mulder. I'm sure.
Thanks for beeing Mulder all sunday night for about ten years.

So... just thanks!

from Italy

(by the way, the show was aired on sunday in my country ;))

sradelfantasmal said...

Hi David! I had never writing before. But since I learning english I decided to do it. I think is great you have your own blog.

I dying to watch the new movie. I'm sure everybody is going to love it (even non fans)

Best wishes to you, to your wife and children!

I love you!

M@riela said...

Hello David,

thanks for taking a time to read each of our commentaries.

You have reason great in what you say with regard to Gillian and Californication, though it should not remove that we continue dreaming of seeing in those scenes that as Mulder and Scully we never saw..

In addition I want to congratulate you on your magnificent performance as Hank, and a plaudit on the plot of californication; it was difficult to meet as another personage who was not Mulder, but you achieved it!!


Mariela (Ecuador)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey David!!

Thanks for blogging! Thanks for answering as many questions as you can...
I'm freaking out here, waiting for this movie! Did you expect all of this crazy fans wanting the new movie 6 years after the end of the show?? What do you feel about this?

Will you guys make other x-files movies... maybe 2010 and 2012?? ;]

Thanks again and good luck with everything!

Please, send a "HI" for all of your fans from Brasil?!


Hi for all of my crazy friends: Josi, Lu, Yayá, Ninfa, Nay, Iandra, Tassia, Layani, Moonnie, Marke, Djanira, Star and everybody that i can't remember now!

Kaline, Brasil.

tina said...

Hi David!

Thanks for communicating with all of us! We are all looking forward to the new movie!

You were a grad student at Yale right? Can you please come back and give a talk, a Master's Tea?! We'll love to have you!!!

Thanks so much and take care!

Heather said...

all this talk of pleasing and being pleased from mr. duchovny himself....

... well. i think we all know how i feel about this. ;)

(thanks for blogging! i've no idea what to ask you about next, but i think the rest of the fans here will do a job of that. still hoping for a toronto PR pit-stop!)

Rita said...

Hi David,
So glad you are blogging again. Can't wait for XF2. I know you are not going to tell us anything about the plot, so I am just going to trust you that it will be awesome. I have been a fan for a long time. My daughter promised me that she will go see the movie with me. Then I will take my husband. How are the projects for yours and Tea's company " And Then" going? Will you be developing any for either one of you? Looking forward to the second season of Californication which I am hooked on. I didn't think I would like it (wasn't sure what I would think of you being in a role like that), but I love Hank. Can't help it. Wish you sucess with Xfiles and Cali. Hope the family is well and happy.

Dave said...

That's too bad that you and G won't work in anything else besides XF.

Does that also mean you wouldn't direct her in something?

maybe_theres_hope said...

many of us are hoping for an amazing response for XF2, in hopes of an XF3 down the line, which would presumably be the last time that you get to slip into the shoes of FWM.

how would you like to leave fox mulder the last time you 'see' him?

Faiza Mokhtar said...

David Duchovny!

Everyone has been asking the same questions I was thinking so I am not going to drive you nuts and ask them again. Rather, thanks for doing this blog! It's very enjoyable to read and see what everyone is asking. Also, it's quite endearing for someone like yourself (i.e an actor) taking the time to interact with the fans as simple as a blog :) I remembered you mentioning about doing a blog at the LA Film Festival panel so glad it came to fruition!

Faiza :)

ines.koch said...

Thank you so much for blogging. it's so great reading stuff that you wrote.
I also think, Gillian should never appear in Californication. People already freaked out when you made out with that girl "Meredith" (unfortunately, I don't know her real name) in Californication as she was red-haired! ;)
I am so excited! I can't wait to see the new x files movie. And I can't wait seeing you on the big screen. :) Have a great time and try to keep safe from the fires that wander through California!
Ines from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi David!

I'm a Spanish fan of the X files, of you and of Gillian. And I have to say thay I agree with you completely about Gillian not appearing in Californication, because I think you and Gillian are the best tv couple for ever and that woulb be reall wierd to see you both in Californication!

And I'm willing to watch the movie this summer!!

Thanks for your time!

Kisse form Spain

Anonymous said...

Hi David!
I'm very happy for your choise to write on this blog.. just as Hank :)

I'm a your Italian fan from many yaers, and I have the Italian version of "The Duchovny Files: the truth is in here", written by Paul Mitchell.
In an interview on that book you said that you didn't understand nothing about computers and Chris Carter offered to buy to you a pc.
Now, I can see that you have learned to use it! It was difficult? And how is been born your interest?

I hope to see soon the second season of Californication and I'm waiting for "The X Files: Voglio Crederci"
Thank you to give your art to us,
Daniele from Sassari

Raissa said...

Sir, I've read your blog. I'm pretty excited about the new X-Files movie. You've got lots of fans here in the Philippines, and I'm one of them. I'm so excited for you and Ms. Anderson.

Good luck!


kira88 said...

Hi David!

Thanks for the blog! We fans are grateful that you keep us updated. TXF has been SO AWESOME. You and Ms. Anderson are the best TV couple of all time! Nothing can match the chemistry that both of you got. Now I can't wait to see you both on a big screen! :)

I'm confused though, on when it's shown here in my country... July 23 or August 13... but hey, they're still gonna show it, and that's enough to make me happy.

Thanks again and take care always!

Bea Mangahas
Davao City, Philippines

Olga said...

Hi, David.

It's great to see you here! Thanks for you messages!
You won't believe, but your russian funs're the most hot and faithful in the world. ;)
Can I ask you about «The secret»? I think Ben is best your role. Do you agree? Simple question ))

Sorry my wild English )))

From Russia with love,
Olga aka Sibirochka

Anonymous said...

hey hey yo yo!
As a recently converted X-Philer, it's really cool to find this blog and see that you've been reaching out to the fans to answer our questions. This summer, I've embarked on the epic undertaking of watching the whole series from beginning to end (I've never seen it before save a few episodes here and there). I'm about 3/4 through the 4th season (my friend has the complete series and is letting me borrow them a season at a least, until I can get my hands on the complete series boxset for myself!!), and I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie!!

I don't know if you're still taking questions, but my only one would be, as a newbie to the series, will the new movie ruin anything for me if I don't manage to complete the series by the time it's out?

That is all. Farewell!

cuddlebutt said...

Who are you, E.E. Cummings? Use some capital letters, buddy. The internet is serious business.

Speaking of serious business, you've crushed a lot of people's hopes and dreams with the whole Gillian Anderson/Californication/not gonna happen thing. But that doesn't matter now, because I've got an even better idea: Mitch Pileggi. Kicking Hank's ass. Or licking it. Or both. I'll leave the details up to you and the writers.

Just... uh... think about it.

Stephanie said...

^^ cuddlebutt is clearly insane.

but hey, I just wanted to say thanks for shouting out to your fans. It's nice to know that you care about us :D

Also, I hear you're moving to New York. Are you excited to get away from Cali? And how do your kids feel about moving?

Thanks again.

Jujuba said...

Hi David, When do you come to know Brazil?
the doors are open for you.......

Please, say a hello for the your fans in Brazil.


(excuse my English)

maria said...

Dear David!! I realy happy to contact with you. And I want to say THANK you the things what you do. I grow up on The X files. And I learn much more from Mulder and Scully, from you and Gillian, and of course from C. Carter.
But main thing I learn is love. It is the truest truth ... which saves us every day, every minuteв...
And THANK you for your poems. It touches strings of my heart and soul. Very deep and wise... beautiful and magic. I feel the wings from my back when I read them. But I found only "FOR WEST: JUST PAST TWO AND A HALF" and "Cliche Juice". Please, post any others (smile)!
And my question is: What you think about Russia and Russians? Do you want to visit this country some day?
P.S. And on Russian « Duchovny» (Духовны) means «spiritual». It is very beautiful word. May be you know that...
P.P.S. Excuse me for my mistakes, please!
Sincerely, always grateful
Maria, Russia (Siberia)

Carla said...


Hi David,I just NEED to start off by saying how much i love a person and an actor. Whenever asked my favorite actor- its always been David Duchovny!.

I was and still am a hudge X-files fan and now have become a Californiacation fan too. I think your an amazing writer as well-I just loved House of D! You are amazing! Im sorry, but i'm in heaven right just being able to write to you.
Thank you so much for doing this blog.

So my question is- can the x-files fans look foward to a series of future X-files movies or is this it? Also, are we going to see the rest of the old gang?

Thanks again for this!

*Carla from Jersey

Heather said...

scully and mulder still call each other "scully" and "mulder" not only after having bonked each other, but also after making an exeunt from the FBI (and its accompanying formalities).

force of habit??

The Truth... said...

I've just bought all nine seasons! i've waited 5 years for them to be available on uruguay! loved your posts! can't wait to see the movie. oh and we get californication dubbed in spanish here at uruguay! funny huh? exciting times people! david ur the man! Ignacio.

A.J. Smith said...

hey david,

for the fans who've followed your work all of these years, we get tired of the hearing the same questions as much as you do. seems journalists/writers always want to ask you things too generic. is this due to your request, or because they can't match wits? if the latter, then what, (besides family/friends and work) interests you most? what kind of topics and causes fascinate you or challenge you critical thinking? you don't have to answer them all- or any, but i guess the question i'm trying to ask is- what's really on your mind? :)

oh, and if there are any books/albums you recommend, please feel free to share... i've one for u: the new coldplay album is the best thing i've heard in a looong time. i can gurantee you will like it.

take care and thanks for blogging with us again, welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Duchovny,

Thank you for creating this blog and for being open to questions. It's a wonderful treat to be able to hear your insights about playing the role of Fox Mulder and the upcoming movie.

I was wondering whether you might ever be working onscreen with
Nicholas Lea again? I really enjoyed watching the way Mulder and
Krycek interacted on the show.

Thank you very much,

Indianahttp://(user name)

Megan said...

Hi David!

Like everyone else, I just wanted to thank you for doing this. Very cool when actors and fans can come together intelligently, creatively and just for fun. :) I've been a fan of The X-files for so long that I really can't remember a time without Mulder and Scully. The X-files inspired me to get a theatre/film degree, and you've inspired me to continue my writing--even if I'm the only person who ever reads it...*sigh*...:) (Hollywood A.D. and The Unnatural are still two of my favorite episodes by the way!)

Can't WAIT for the movie, and if you guys are happy with it, then I know I have nothing to be worried about! Is it too much to ask for bloopers and a commentary with you and Gillian on this one?? :)

***Finally, a question that has been bugging me for years...What were the presents that Mulder and Scully got each other in 'How the Ghosts Stole Christmas'?***

Thanks again for the blog! Can't wait to read more! :)

~Megan~ (a.k.a. "Decoyly")

X said...

Not everyone can have the privilage to own two identities and have both loved by everyone around you.

Thanks for being Fox Mulder and David Duchovny all under the same roof (temple, shell, body... anything you wanna call it!!) Take good care of that okay!!

Thanks for getting back into Mulder again!! It's worth the 15 years of being a X-phile, it's worth the wait for XF2 and your (as DD) other brilliant works. If I got hit and have amnesia today, I am still prepared to love you, Gillian, Chris, Frank, Mitch and every one on the show all over again!!

Can't wait til XF3!!!

Any chance visiting Australia then?? ... our weather is pretty nice and Rove is pretty funny (as you might remember experiencing from last year interview.)

cm said...

hi david,
(sorry for any mistakes, a priori)
i have been a fan since the beginning, i grew up along with the x files!!!
my question:would you say humor is a part of this movie,considering it was always a part of the show especially through mulder?
i hope for lots of x files in the future!!!

i wish you the best

virginie said...

I am so excited about the movie! I have been a fan since day 1, this is the best show ever!
So thank you, Gillian, Chris and Frank for making it happen at last!
Also thanks to you, and being French, my English-american accent comprehension has greatly improved...
While making the movie, which moment, or which scene ;-) was your favourite?
take care!

Virginie from France
big PS:
Please, please while you're in London, why don't you drop by Paris, it's not far away!!!

aimeer2003 said...

Hi David,

I read somewhere years ago that you left the x-files in the 8th season because you were tired of doing the same old same old day after day. You felt that the character had been stretch as much as possible at that time. Is this true?
If so I want to thank you and Ms. Anderson for coming back for reunion I believe on a level you do it for the fans.
I missed you in the 8th and 9th season all though I did still watch the show it was extremely lacking!
You Rock!!

ibelieve said...

Thanks for that insight into being Fox Mulder. I would like to ask you question about yours and Gillian's relationship on and off screen. When watching the x-files there seems to be a lot of sexual/romantic tension between the two of you. It is so intense at times that it seems as though it is real. So my question for you is: Was there or is there either tension between the two of you off screen?

Beth said...


Happy to have found your blog, it's a really nice gesture to the fans. Many thanks.

Two quick questions:
1. Being a New Yorker, do you think you'd ever find your way onto the NY stage (Broadway or otherwise) at some point? (Maybe if there's a break in the taping of Californication?)

2. Will you (or have you?) had any further collaboration with Garry Shandling? (I was a huge fan of your episode, Hollywood AD, and loved Shandling in it, and pretty much in everything he's ever done...)

Looking forward to the movie like all the rest of the Philes out there...

Beth in NY

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying about you and Gillian not performing in other movies, etc. I know that I may choose to see a show or movie just because one of you is in it, but what I'm always doing is looking for Mulder or Scully in that new character. (No offense.) It's not really fair to you when you are moving on to other roles and a little disappointing to me when I don't see what attracted me in the first place. You can imagine that I'm very pleased to have the X-files to look forward to again.

Marina said...

Hey David!
First time that i write in a blog like this. It's kinda weird. lol

Well, i'm really looking forward to see this movie. I gotta a question for you. In the series we had trought the episodes lots of variations of styles and stetics according to each episode narrative.

I wanna know if you guys invested some way in this aspect on the movie. I mean, since this movie isn't exactly about the mythology of the show maybe you had more liberty in this way. Maybe a scene or a sequence that's unique in this aspect? maybe to mark differences between mulder and scully's scenes and the terror thriller? I don't know, something like that.

I really think you're all very lucky to explore all those possibilities in the series, and it's a great differencial in the show even nowadays. It would be cool to see a little bit of that in big screen.

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!


cosmic said...

Hi David

Great to see you back as Fox Mulder. Really looking forward to seeing the XF2 movie as I have been a fan since Episode 1.

Thanks for creating this blog and taking the time to answer some questions from us fans.

I am glad to hear you are pleased with the movie. Any chance you and Gillian will be providng commentary on the DVD? It would be a pleasure to listen to your thoughts and experiences while making this movie.

All the best for XF2
Perth, Australia

p/s Will you be appearing on ROVE to promote the movie in Australia?

MeghannKatherine said...

Hey there! My name is Meghann and like many fans here, I have adored your show and your movies for many years. I just watched "House of D" yesterday and though I've seen it before, it still struck me as just an absolutely brilliant film. Please do more!

I took a while to come up with a good question to ask you, as I didn't want to waste it. So, my question is, do you think Mulder and Scully will EVER marry? Maybe if not in this movie, in the next one? Any answer you give will be most appreciated! Thank you!!

lechenklein said...

Hi David

thank you so much for answering our questions. You´re awesome!

I can´t wait to see the movie, I know I´ll love it.

I ,as a huge Mulder&Scully shipper, would like to know if there are going to be some cute and "shippy" moments with Mulder& know... like in the series? ;)

(Sorry for my bad english *blush*. English isn´t my first language, I´m German)

Lea Sofie

Morgan said...

Hello David!

First off, I'd like to say a quick thank you for this blog! It's always a pleasure to read your words and I think it's really great that you're taking the time to do this.

Now for my question, can you confirm any of your upcoming talk show appearances? I've heard that you're going to be on The Tonight Show on July 15th but that you'll also be on Jimmy Kimmel on the 15th. Are both true? Clarification would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,

joshua said...

Great to hear from you here, & can't wait for the movie!

Indiana who?

RubyFolie said...

Wow!!! Knowing that you now have a blog, I will definitely spend too much time on it, now ;o) Especially until July 27th... and probably beyond that.
It is probably bad for me, but the Hell with that ;o)
Best wishes, David, and thank you :o)
Valérie, in Quebec xo
p.s. Part of me doesn't want to admit it, but I agree with you that it would probably not be a good idea that you work with Gillian as other characters... Maybe it would be awkward like seeing two actors playing the same character, for instance to see Julianne Moore play Clarice Starling after Jodie Foster, except it would be the opposite... I don't know if you get me, I don't quite know how to say it... But anyway, I think I agree with you.

RubyFolie said...

*July 25th!!

Sorry. Why did I think "27th"?! ... Anyway ;o)

RubyFolie said...

Ok, third message in a row (but I think it's the last one for now ;o)).
I just have to add that I'm thrilled the movie is a standalone story. The aliens storyline is, of course, epic, but the standalone episodes have (almost) always been my favorites. I'm veeeery excited and counting the days ;o)

sezegg said...

great post. Still cant believe that we are going to see mulder and scully back together after all this time!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to the film. I just have a request. I would love to hear about any behind the scenes pranking that might have happened or any funny stories you have to share. I know you can't give too much away about the plot so I would settle for some humor!

I think you and even the fans here have underestimated the support this movie is going to have. I am finding tons of people that I never would have guessed excited about seeing this movie. They were waiting in the wings, thank you for bringing it to us!

Anonymous said...

How cool that you are blogging. Although I have a mental picture of you begrudgingly typing away a la Hank Moody. "You want me to what!?" But hey, it's nice of you to agree! Are they paying you per lower case letter? (;

No exciting questions here just wanted to say I'm excited for the film. I just "discovered" X files in January after skimming through the channels and catching the pencils-in-the ceiling scene. I was hooked on the witty and dry humor between the lines and had to go back and watch from the beginning. I'm quite embarassed to admit that I was finished with the whole series (minus all the crappy season 9 ones) by Easter.

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, I am almost as excited to discover this blog as I was when I first heard the new movie was really, truly happening! As long as the "old Mulder and Scully stuff" is still there, I will be completely and utterly blissed out. The trailers are so exciting for me to see, and I could barely keep my seat the first time I saw the trailer on the big screen. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to you, Gillian, Chris, Frank, and everybody for making an X-Phile's dream come true. I know the movie will be wonderful. Your work is greatly appreciated by me and so many others.

Dare I ask for a continuing movie franchise? :) I want to believe!

Take care, and thank you again for all that you do.


Claudia said...

“I said the cockerel sitting on a fence once I loved a handsome wench
She got saucy and from me fled
Ever since, my crests been red.”

Look at your star rising, rising, rising. Your fans, as if you could not tell, are thrilled. It does a body good to see you where you belong getting what you deserve. This is your moment, darling...shine on, shine bright.

Kudos from hot & hazy Cape Cod

leni said...

Dearest David,

I got what you mean about everything, especially about why Gillian and you won't be together on screen outside X-files. That is not an issue concerning just you as actors, it is a matter of art and life, and the importance of invented worlds.

You've said that you feel your relationship with Tea is sacrosanct and that's why you find it wrong to be together on screen as a couple. I understand that, and for me sacrosanct is the proper word for Mulder and Scully's relationship too - actually the whole world of The X Files is sacrosanct. And I hope that nobody will ever take the characters (or part of them or allusion to them) out of their beautiful, unique, great reallity. Because in some very important way I believe that MULDER and Scully are real - you made them real and we should appreciate that.

“Scully” guest-starriing in Cali wouldn't be fair to Hank and his reallity either - his is a great world too. Hank is pretty much covincing in his love for Karen (and in liking tall women, by the way), and Californication is a good and intelligent show which doesn’t need to be associated with another one, especially a cult one. The universes of both the X-files and Cali are more than simple entertainment with some actors; mingling the universes is ... desacration and profanation of the concept of art, of the actors’ work and their capabilty of creating true characters, and of fans’ true love towards these characters.

You always risk being disappointed reading what your favourite actors or writers say about their works because sometimes you feel that the one that makes the movies/books you love doesn’t take them seriously enough. I’m very glad that you’re not like that and that you (and the whole X-files crew) seem to be careful not to spoil the magic. Please, keep on with that, because there are many people like me, who are convinced that The X Files are no lesser than Shakespere's plays for example:). Here in BULGARIA we believe so.

Now, my questions for you:

1) Is the story in the new movie directly connected with religion? By directly I mean Christianity, I know X-files concepts are always somehow religious. I guess that is a forbidden question but I tried it anyway.

2) I’m very happy that you like the movie, are you pleased with the second season of Californication as well? I know you wont say “No, I hate it”, but I guess the question is how you like it.

3) And there comes The Question:

Do you think there’s something wrong with us loving you? Or Fox Mulder? Is there something wrong to read all the above comments, to be obsessed with The X Files, to analyze episodes instead of studying, to watch/create fanmade videos whole day, and finally at night to have dreams in which you are more heroic than ever? Seriously, does that make us pathetic, and does that mean we "don’t have a life"?

I Want To Believe in the lyrics of a song I’ve heard you like (Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye):

There's nothin' wrong
With me lovin' you
And givin' myself to you can never be wrong
If the love is true

Lenny from Bulgaria

Marion_siee said...

hi David,

leider ist mein Englisch nicht gut genug,um in deiner Heimatsprache zu schreiben. Deswegen hoffe ich du findest jemanden, der dir das übersetzen kann.
Ich bin ein Fan der 1. Stunde und warte wie 1000sende auf den neuen Film. Was mich mit Akte X Verbindet? In einem nicht zu leichten Leben, gab es mir Mut. Es half mir sogar wieder an das Wort Freundschaft zu glauben.
Und natürlich war ich verrückt nach den Dialogen zwischen Mulder und Scully, so wie wohl jeder.
Auch meine Frau habe ich in diesem Jahr angesteckt.:-)
Ich hoffe, wie alle Fans, das es nicht der letze Film sein wird. Und das noch viele, die Botschaften verstehen.

Liebe Grüße aus
Marion und Nicole

JF said...


Hello there dd, its such a great thing that you & all the folks behind the XF series created this 2008 addition the the XF franchise.

It was so cool to see how The X-Files series started out as an unknown TV show being done in BC. Then to see it become this huge phenomenon & first movie. Its sure nice to see that the 2nd movie brought you all back to BC.

Its interesting to note that the 2nd X-Files movie & the NIN, LIGHTS IN THE SKY tour, just happen to both start in North America on July 25. They both have a connection to Pemberton BC.

Thanks from, JF.

JF said...

David d, only you could be Fox Mulder. Thanks for taking on that roll all those years ago & for allowing this adventure to continue.

Peace, JF.

justME said...

Californication is f*** genius!!
And no, i have to disagree.i think it would be a great challenge to splay a couple with gillian, other than Mulder and Scully.... the challenge would be to construct such different characters that no remainder of mulder and scully would be there, that would be really cool to watch

Anonymous said...

Hi David! I loved X-Files--I Want to Believe. I'm going to see it again today! I'm so glad Skinner was in the movie too...even though it was near the end. :( I really like Mulder and Skinner together. I always stay until the credits are over for a movie and I'm so glad I did! LOVED that "extra" scene. I DEFINITELY will buy the DVD and look forward to X-Files 3!! Hopefully it deals more with the mythology--I miss the aliens and the conspiracy! LOVE YOU, David AND Mulder!

Anonymous said...

Hello David!

I love reading your so cool that you're doing them!

Awww, but I'd LOVE to see Gillian on Californication! I've only just started watching reruns on Showtime OnDemand, and I'm starting to get addicted. It reminds me a bit of Two and a Half Men (Hank Moody is a bit like Charlie Harper, but more cynical - and sexier!) with more nudity.

I think a pair of really good actors can get past the "history" aspect of it - just look at Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau! They did lots of movies together, all with different types of characters, and it always seemed to work out well. And I think it would really test (and show off how good) both of your acting skills are if you get to try out different characters together. You guys make such a great team!


Morgaine said...

Druids remember this insight through Cycle: "Everything moves, everything evolves, everything changes"... And anything alive really does. Characters and stories are alive; we invest them with life, and if they are to remain alive they too must grow and evolve. There is no stopping. Even death is not an end; as the Player King said, "Every exit is just an entrance some place else."

Kit-Kat said...

well... i´m still in love with fox mulder :)

Sandy Broadway said...

To be perfectly honest, even though you are probably no longer reading the comments from your fans on this blog, I never liked Gillian. I don't see chemistry between you and I don't believe she has the sense of humor to match/compliment yours. I think she's too cold. I think I'd make a far better Scully to play opposite you, but, then, that's just my opinion. Ha ha . . .

Oliver Snodgrass said...

Regardless, you have had an excellent acting career and as redundant as this statement becomes, Californication is your magnum opus. x

Prashneet Mani said...

david duchovny is the greatest actor that has ever lived...