Thursday, June 26, 2008

You Tell Me...

it's been a long time. wanted to just reach out and connect with the folks we made the show for and now have made the movie for. rather than ramble on, why don't you tell me what you'd like to hear about, within reason. i will try to give you insight into this process and the people behind it. hope it will be fun. let's go.



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DutchDD said...

Dear David,

Good to have you around again. Blogging with you is always fun!! It has been before. Well my first question is...will you be at the London Premiere? We're from Holland and booked a trip to London but as a truly David fan and I have been a fan for a very long time I would like to "see" you. Finally...

Keep up the good work. Good luck with Cali and the XF promotion.

All my best,
Nicole, Holland

kezmulder said...

Hey, if that's really you :) hope to see you in London.


Rana A. said...

Hi David,

I hope you got a kick out of the little thank you poster you got at the LA Film Festival. The woman who organized it, Erica, did a fantastic job getting people's signatures and presenting them to you, Chris, and Frank so formally. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule (seriously, where do you have the time to even consider having a blog with the Cali production/family time?) to attend the LA Film Festival and sign some posters for us. It was beyond cool.

The question I'm sure many people have is when is the LA premiere? I know we've been bugging Frank for a date, but he doesn't know so checking if you do. And if you don't, then do you have any plans to do any LA talk shows like Gillian will be doing during premiere week?

Again, thanks for having the FOX folks follow through and get your blog up. I like the title better than "Duchovny's Dreams" suggested by Whitney Pastorek. No offense to her... she kicked butt moderating the panel.

Thanks again for taking the time out to blog with the fans.

Rana A.
Las Vegas

Charlene said...

I am going to ramble for a second; I have been a fan of The X Files for many years, both yourself and Gillian really are wonderful to watch on screen. In fact, you're both wonderful in anything I have seen you in!
My questions is: What was it like being back on set with everyone after so long?

Timmy said...

thank you for giving us some news David !
Can't wait to read you more !

Bisous from France

Colleen said...


I've been a fan of The X-Files since I was thirteen, I'm now 26, and I am super excited about the new movie. I guess what I really want to know is, Do you believe in aliens?

Ha ha! Just kidding. Um, I guess I'd like to know how you and Gillian like to work together. Do you rehearse the scenes a lot or do you try to keep rehearsal down to a minimum? I'm curious because the interaction always seems so natural, I wonder how much discussion goes on about the scenes.

Thanks for reaching out to the fans! - Colleen

Dana said...

Hi David! I don't believe this yeah-it's-really-me websites, but I'll give it a try ;-) I am a fan of The X Files since I was 11. This serie changed a lot in my life and since ever I started to participate in forums, blogs, websites etc. dedicated to txf I found another wonderful thing: FRIENDS! If you believe or not, the X-philes are awesome people and I'm so thankful that I could 'meet' them. Anyway I would like to ask you, if you don't mind paparazzis always behind your back.
All the best,
Dana, Slovakia

danalauren said...

Hi David~

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Gillian on the big screen again--I haven't been this excited for a movie premier in a very long time. :)

Was it hard for you to get back into the role of Agent Mulder? Or did it come easily?

Also, will you and Gillian be doing any promotional appearances at San Diego's Comic*Con this year? It's probably too much to hope for, I understand that you both have extremely busy schedules, but I thought I'd ask just in case. :)


Dana D.

Leanna Jones said...

Dear David,

Hello! Thank you for making this movie, and this blog!

I'd be interested to hear anything and everything you can share about working with Xzibit and Amanda Peet - two brand new characters in the XF world. probably can't answer this in too detailed a fashion, but how do you see this movie leading into the third XF there a direct set up or is it more subtle?

Also, why is/was Mulder's beard such a big secret?

Leanna, an American in Wales!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Duchovny, I've been a fan of yours for a long time now, ever since The X-Files first aired and I got into Californication recently. I bought the first season off of Barnes and Noble and I have to tell you, it's a great show. The X-Files and Californication are the best shows to have ever come out on television. So my question is: Is Mulder going to be more of a loner in this film? Because it seems like in the trailer and the in one of the clips that was shown at the LA Film Fest that Mulder and Scully split up during those six years we didn't see them. My other question is how did you feel about filming the movie in Canada?

Good luck with everything and you really are a hero of mine, you brought Fox Mulder and Hank Moody to life and they have become two of my favorite characters on television, especially Fox Mulder. He really changed my life and I look up to him. Thank you so much for everything and good luck with the new X-Files movie and the upcoming season of Californication.

starlog3000 said...

Wow! David, you´ve changed my life!
I´ve been a fan of your since 1991. I love your work!
I think this is wonderful that you are keeping in touch with us.
I'm so excited that I just about passed out when I found your blog!
I love you! I love Téa! She is a blessed woman.
I will come later when I am calmer. LOL

RebeccaJean said...

Hi David =)

I cant believe its really you,
that is so awesome.I´ve been your fan since 1994 or 1995 and I love everything you do,all your movies and X fIles & Californication of course ;)And Im so excited to see the new x Files movie...I cant wait to see it=)
The trailer looks so excitng I bet the movie is gonna be so GREAT!!!
Im gonna be in europe this summer and I was hoping that you guys would come to the german premiere but than I heard there will be no german premiere at all:(

Now I´m gonna be in Paris at the same time the X files premiere will be there so I hope so much that you will be there =)

And I cant wait to see Californication season 2 :)
This show is so amazing!!!!!!!
Youre so great in it I bought season 1 on DVD and cant get enough of it =)

By the way,I made a Fanpage about you on became really big already,so many fans are around there and its amazing to be in contact with so many of your fans...

it would be so great if you could check it out =)

i made this page because i think youre the greatest guy ever !!!!

wish you all the best,


Megan said...

For the majority of the show’s run, it would seem as though the relationship shared between Mulder and Scully could best be described as a sort of courtly love, or, better yet, a version of courtly love adapted to fit present times.
How does the idea that the attraction/passion between the two characters lies primarily in the intellectual affect the way you portray(ed) that relationship? Or is that something that’s really factored in?

Anonymous said...

hey David..
i was just wanting to know when do you plan to come visit Brazil.. i know theres a lot of fans of yourse in here.. and you never maked an appearence.. it would be real lovely to have you in Brazil.. even if not promoting any movie just for vacation..
if what you need is a guide id make the sacrifice of showing you around.. haha
wish you the best
XoXo Layani from Brazil ofcourse..

Anonymous said...

David.. what was your first reaction when you saw the Xfiles scrípt? Is there any chance if you hadnt like the script that you could refuse to do the movie? or any script would be ok just because it was Xfiles?...

mulder said...

Hi David,

Since you can't reveal anything about the film, would you please tell us about some of the practical jokes that you may have played or may have been played upon you?

The more salacious the better. ;-)

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

David, I am thrilled to see you with a blog again. You put your whole heart into the movies/shows you are involved with and this blog is just another example of how hard you work to promote your endeavors. I have greatly enjoyed your work on Californication. What shows are you currently watching? Can you see yourself doing another tv series after Californication ends? Is there a particular tv writer/director/producer that you would be interested in working with? Thanks for taking the time out to blog and catch up with fans. We do appreciate it more than you can know.

anelice said...

Hello David,

How are you? We are great, having a lot of fun on the widget chat. In the matter of fact there's a big debate over the kiss scene ( that we all know by now that exists). Was there a tongue involved??? We keep looking at that kiss photo and we came at the conclusion that we see a tongue.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way.

Your loving fans,
Anelisse, Writer, Lay, Charly and All_Things

Rebecca said...

Hi David,

Thank you so much for keeping in contact with the fans. I hope you know how much accessibility to you and others has meant to all of us throughout this process, and how much we are all looking forward to the movie. Just so you are aware, the official site is slow in updating and hasn't linked to this blog, yet. In fact, it was kind of a fluke that anyone was able to find it, but I'm glad we did!

Here's a kind of XF related question for you: Gillian mentioned that she wanted to be on Californication but that it didn't work out. Any chance of that in the future?

Thank you for all you do!

McKenna said...


First of all, this is awesome. I wasn't sure if you were serious or not when you said you were going to have a blog at the Film Fest.

I'm happy to have the opportunity to thank you for all that you, Chris, Frank, Gillian and many others have done for the fans. It was really, really sweet of you (Chris and Frank as well) to sign all those posters for the fans at the LA Film Festival.

Anyway, I'm woefully unprepared to ask any questions, but I'll get back to you on that later. Thanks for all that you do, you are awesome. :P


KitKat said...

Hi David -

I know it's more work for you, but to tell you the god's honest truth, I'd rather read your ramblings on ANY subject you'd prefer - global warming, childrearing, the price of gas, the state of Mulder and/or Hank Moody's love life, etc., than the answer to *anything* I, or anyone else reading this blog, can think to ask you. Please feel free to ramble on! I'd sincerely love to read anything you'd care to write and that includes your latest screenplay (hint, hint!).

Crap! There's my question! Is there a latest screenplay and what's the state of Bucky Fucking Dent? ;-)

Best wishes always,

Tara said...

Hi David its good to hear from you and I have enjoyed your other blogs immensely. So looking forward to the movie. Its been too long since we saw Mulder and Scully on the screen. I too will be at the London Premier and it would be great to see all the cast there if you can make it. It would be an exciting birthday gift for me. I love MSR so I hope it will make the shiopper happy even though I am trying to remain spoiler free.

A question, I Would love to know if you and Billy had fun on this shoot and what it was like to work with him. He is the Uk's funniest man but also a very fine actor. If you have never watched MRS BROWN , you must see it. he is awesome in it.

Also loving Cali. Can't wait for the new season.

My best wishes and kindest regards to you and your family and my best the rest of the cast and crew.

You Rock!!!

Good luck in all your endeavors,


Tiffany Chantel said...

Hi David,
Thank you for taking the time to do this blog! This is very exciting! :)
Random note-- I was at the L.A. Film Fest, and I was the girl who asked you if you had any conflict with Gillian or Chris on how to play the characters after all this time. Thank you for the answer you gave.

Moving on-- I don't have a question for now, but I just wanted to tell you that The X-Files really helped save my life at a time when things were very dark for me. I started watching when I was 16, and I was extremely depressed, suicidal, and just really in a bad place, with a lot of family/home problems and other bad things going on. The X-Files was the one thing I looked forward to every week-- it gave me a light in the bleakness that was my life at the time. Your and Gillian's portrayal of Mulder and Scully, and their relationship, gave me hope when I didn't have any.
I am 26 now, and have been a devoted fan of yours for over 10 years. I am in a much better place in my life. It may sound strange, but I believe I have you, Gillian, Chris, and everyone who made TXF what it is, to thank for saving me back then.

Thank you for everything you do, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the new movie.

With love and admiration,
Tiffany Robinson
San Francisco, CA

David Duchovny fan said...

Dear David,

David, you are the best!

Thank you very much for taking the time to writing in this Blog.
It is amazing that you have decided to share your thoughts and feelings about the movie with us.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.

What were the funniest and the most surprising things about making the X-files- I Want to Believe?

Congratulations and keep up the good work! Good luck in everything you do. I am looking forward to seeing Californication season 2 too.

We are all cheering for you!

By the way, I love your writing and I hope someday you will write a book of poetry.
I admire your brightness and articulated way of expressing yourself, your sensibility, integrity and humor.
Please,could you say Hello to BRAZIL? :):):):)

Anonymous said...

Hi David!

It's so good to see you blogging again- I enjoyed following your "House of D" blog back then quite a lot (but never had the guts to actually comment). Whenever I read your writing, however random or ordinary the content might be, I always feel like you have missed your true calling. (And this isn't to say you aren't an awesome actor- nothing's further from the truth.) Now there are rumors you have been actively writing under a pseudonym - and this question isn't related to X Files obviously - but is this true? If it is I know you chose to write "anonymously" for a reason...but if there is any possibility to give me a hint, it would be very much appreciated. I just love your way with words, and sometimes I find there is nothing more inspiring than a bunch of letters.

Thank you for communicating with us. You know we all love you for it.

Best wishes,

PS: Hope to see you in London!

leaves.of.lorien said...

David, this question is completely unrelated to XF (sorry about that!):

What are your top 5 favorite books?

I'm a grad student in literature, so it's kind of my thing. I'm a big mythology geek.

DeeDee said...

Hello David!

I want to ask you a few things:

1.Who did you find more fun to work with Amanda Peet, Xzibit or Billy Connolly? Did you get along with them?

2.Was it very hard working in such a cold weather? Did you get sick or suffer a lot?

Thank you for taking the time of being in touch with your fans!

Good luck!

Karina from Mexico City.

Tracy said...

Hi David,
Thanks for starting the blog up again; I look forward to your posts. I've been an XF fan since the beginning and can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this new movie. You, Gillian, Chris, and Frank make for an incredible team and I can't wait to see the result of your latest efforts. I don't really have any specific questions, but just wanted to let you know that this show changed my life in more ways than one and I'm so glad to know you are as excited about returning to these characters as we fans are.

Oh! I also wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying 'Californication'. What an incredible show.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear about behind the scenes stuff -- pranks, what people did to pass the time on set, little anecdotes like that.

You could also comment on X-Files-related stuff in the news or whatnot if you wanted to be all topical.

Thanks :)

Hanna said...


Hope to see you in London! We have already booked our tickets and now just counting days to meet you and the other fans in Leicester Square.

How does it feel to be back, to know that the fans are still out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I just wanted to say that we're all expecting Gillian to make a guest appearance on Californication very soon.

Come on, man. Make it happen.

In our dreams...

Cornfields of Iowa

42 said...

Hi David!

Thanks for taking the time out to blog.. it means so much!

Just a short question from me; you don't have to specify, but were there any locations from the series that you managed to revisit while shooting the movie?


jennygreen76 said...

Welcome back to the Interweb, David. We've missed you. We've missed the X-Files. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to keep in touch with us- it means a lot!

What do I want to know....well, without getting too personal or revealing too much, I've always wondered how you approach character development. What's the first thing you do when you sit down to flesh out the character you will be playing? Was getting back into Mulder challenging?

I'm so thrilled to have you back on TV- Hank Moody has got to be one of the most memorable TV characters in recent memory. You bring so much depth to him, it's almost heart-breaking to watch. Congrats on your Golden Globe win- much deserved!


Roseclear said...

Hi David!

I'm a semi-newcomer to the X-Files, but I'm definitely a huge fan now! Very excited to keep up with what you're writing here, and thanks so much for taking the time to keep us posted!

Best wishes!

frostbite panda said...

Why don't you love me?

And is Season Two of 'Californication' just as awesome or more than so than the first season?

Keep it up Mr. Duchovny,
Allie, Atlanta

Frey said...

Hi David!

I was reading this article the other day, from a while back, where you said your son had asked to watch an X-Files episode, and you'd shown him one you thought was appropriate. Then I started to wonder: What XF episode could I possibly show to a five year old? I think even the non-scary ones are kind of disturbing or difficult. Now I'm curious!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us,
Kristen & Courtney
Bellingham, WA

thenebean9 said...


It's always cool to see celebrities who are down to earth. Love the X-Files, and I am super stoked to see the movie in theaters! From all I've read about the movie, it's shaping up to be a good one! Here's to seeing more Mulder in the coming years!


Newington, CT

JanL said...

Dear Mr. Duchovny,

First of all I want to tell you how much I admire the way you and your wife put your focus on your family. It shows you have your priority straight, which is something you don't always see in Hollywood. Your mother must be very proud of you.

Second, I was wondering how much money "I Want To Believe" has to make in order to guarantee another movie? I won't tell you how many times I went to see the first one--but suffice it to say that my friends accused me of trying to finance the next one single-handedly.

Thanks for your time,

LeMartien said...

Hi David, welcome :D

Come in France, please, They miss you !

Tara said...

Jus popping up to mention that i saw David as flagged for the David LETTERMAN Show on July 24th. (can you conform your appearances on here please David.

Also when you come over to the UK, Please go on the Graham Norton show. Gillian was a riot on that (ask her about the German lesbian bar *Snort* )and you can swear and talk about naughty stuff and they don't bleep you LOL.

Waiting for Mulder and Scully magic again. best screen couple ever.

(will egg CC if he messes up the MSR LOL)

Gia said...

Here's a question I've wanted an answer to for many years now:


Of course, feel free to continue to NOT answer me. I've learned to deal with it. I'll be fine. Honest. ;)

Anonymous said...

The new X-Files movie brings back memories of the television series and with that the other actors who were involved in the series. I was wondering, outside of Gillian, Mitch, and Nick, what other X-Files alumni would you like to work with again? And would you like to work with them on a new X-Files project or something outside of X?

my farfisa of mine said...

Hi david!

Can't wait to see the movie and you just keep rockin everyday!

Anonymous said...

Hey David!

As a new fan to The X-files, I'm so glad to see that Mulder and Scully are proving iconic enough to keep on threading their stories. It seems like after the show went off air it only became more famous, and the characters of Mulder and Scully became commonplace names.

As a current student of acting, my question is, what did it feel like to step back into the (rather large) shoes of Mulder after so many years of being away? Was it daunting at all?

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with the fanbase, and good luck on Californication's second season.

Ashley N.

DKScullyUK said...

Hi David,

Primarily let me say I love your work - not just as Mulder but "The TV Set" was a insightful and amusing film as was "Things we lost in the fire" had me in floods of tears.

I have been a huge fan of TXF since the start of the show, thank you so much for pushing for this project and allowing us to see another glimpse of Mulder and Scully on the big screen - may the franchise long continue.

Okay enough of the worship and ramble and down to the questions.

Did you get to do your own stunts on the film?

What book did you last read?

And does your son still want to be Chinese?

Thanks for taking the time to blog with the crazy fans:P

All the best for you and your family.

Amanda, Cheshire, UK

Anonymous said...


thank you for bringing this blog up and giving us the opportunity to communicate with you.
i am literally counting down the days (finally, only mere DAYS) until the movie is in the theaters.
however, i am pretty convinced the film will be a huge success as fans of the show and of you and gillian are CRAVING for mulder & scully to be back on screen. you guy rule!

question 1: when i was travelling the US recently i got to watch some CALIFORNICATION (whooohooo!)... how about a co-star called gillian anderson sometime in the future (after she's had the baby and all).

question 2: were you and / or gillian involoved in the directing work of this new x-files movie? i think both of you did terriffic jobs all that time ago directing episondes at times ...

thanks again and enjoy the success of the movie ... you & gillian so deserve it!

Steffi, Germany

silentlau said...

I am from Spain and would like to tell you we are expecting this movie for the last six years and a lot of people are excited about it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Please, make a third movie (and a tenth!!!).

Dennis said...

Dear David,
Is it planed, to do a xfiles premiere in Germany?
It would be really sad...but i am so pleased, i will be by the premiere in LA; and i am actually at Germany. But i have my vacances, and will be there. hope to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hi David! It's so good to hear from you. I'm so excited about the new movie, can't wait to finally see it! :) I know there'll be a official London premiere, but will there also be another official premiere in Europe, maybe even in Germany?

Take care,

Tara said...

BTW.... Will you consider a blog for Californication? You could call it Hank's Habbits.

What happened with Red hot chilli peppers suing the show? Never heard anything more on that. Hope they slunk away into the dust.

Would love to know what episode you showed your kids of the X files and what there first reaction was to seeing their daddy on TV.

Jodie said...

Hi David,

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that the new X-Files movie will be out in less than a month. Lots and lots of Philes have been waiting a long, long time for this and we're so grateful that it's finally done and almost delivered to us.

What I'd like to know is this: What have you learned from Mulder and what has Mulder learned from you?


Dennis said...

Dear David,
Is it planed, to do a xfiles premiere in Germany?
It would be really sad...but i am so pleased, i will be by the premiere in LA; and i am actually at Germany. But i have my vacances, and will be there. hope to see you!

Dennis said...

Dear David,
Is it planed, to do a xfiles premiere in Germany?
It would be really sad...but i am so pleased, i will be by the premiere in LA; and i am actually at Germany. But i have my vacances, and will be there. hope to see you!

Antonella said...

Ciao David,

well i have no idea how you will read all the comments and reply to most of them but here is my question:

are you surprised that there is still such an active XF fan base 'out there'?

and do you ever visit the MSG boards? ( is the one i go to for my XF info fix but i know there are many others.

WELCOME BACK ! always loved reading your blogs :)

all my best,
Montreal, Canada

laurapetrie said...

Lovely, amazing David, thank you - this blog is awesome!

Two questions...
1. How does one get a role in Californication? :P
2. How much impact were you and Gillian allowed to have on the M&S relationship in XF2? The rumor about "DD/GA want love scene axed" was obviously not true...but anything else you wanted to change/add/remove from the MSR plot?

Love from Emma, Sweden

Chris H. said...


Thanks for the peek inside your world.
Where would you like to see the X-Files go in the future? More scary standalones? Mix some mythology in?
Eagerly awaiting the film!


Anonymous said...

Hello David.
My name is Mariela, I am from Ecuador; fan of the series from your beginnings, was in the habit of seeing her furtively in the nights, though I was giving it always I have liked the suspense.
I do not write in English, this way well that I am sorry.
Here you my question goes.
What is what more you liked when the personage of Mulder recaptured?

sonia.velardo said...

Dear David,

A heartfelt thank you for Mulder!

He's been the most endearing and cerebral character to come down the pike since Mr. D'Arcy.

Intelligence is *so* sexy!!

** starstuff **

Fred said...

David, you are the greatest!

From Portugal:

Heather said...

Hi Mr. David Duchovny,

I have a feeling this will get lost in the crowd here, but I'll give it a go.
Good call on the blogospheric outreach to fans, and for Hank's sake I'll forgo any instant messaging-related acronyms.

As an actor with a prominent reputation in the Big Hollyweird Spotlight, how goes the creative process of "getting into character" and achieving a genuine dramatic form? Since you have started your career, how has your method changed (if at all)? How does 'Mulder' translate post-1990s?

If not an answer to these questions individually, I would consider it a pleasure to read about your thoughts on acting generally in Hollywood-- how it's been, how it changes, how it changes you.

On that note, a big thanks to you for taking the time for the fans. Here's hoping you make a stop sometime in Toronto, Canada.

All the best,

Nora said...

waw!! The David´s blog!!! really great it. I hope you write here for much time :P You have many fans that they´ll read you.
I´m sorry for my english!!

Kisses from spain!! :D

Geuhgeuh said...

Hi David!
Just to say hello if it's really you.
That's really cool you run a blog for the movie. It means a lot for us.
well now just to wish you the best !

Pi said...

David! Hi! :D

Here's something we prayed you'd see one day:

We're girls from all over the world who filmed a tribute video for you. Please, please tell us if you like it! :)

Flash said...

Hi David! would you ever visit Mexico?? we love you here!

Marzipan said...

A blog? David, this is so transcedently Hank of you! Love your work, though I must confess to being a little weirded out about sharing a name with a "sexy little Smurf."

And I agree that broner is indeed the best portmanteau of 2007.

Very excited about the movie of course! Babysitter already hired. Best of luck to you in all future endeavors.

T said...

Hey David!

I would love to hear about the behind the scenes stuff - funny stories, pranks and what not. I always loved watching the blooper reels :)

Are there any special cameo's that we should look out for?

Also, have either of your kids seen your work on The X Files at all? Are you talking them to the premiere?

Tara said...

You are our no1 guy on Mulder's refuge

elessar said...

hey, if this is really you then it is amazing to see you here,
reaching out to the fans like this is beyond what anyone could imagine
good luck with the second season of Cali (hope to see it someday here in Greece) and good luck with IWTB!!!
as for what I'd like to see, just your insights on doing the movie, getting back to the character and all
can't hardly wait

Avir said...

Just finished watching "Fight the Future" on DVD. I enjoyed the adventure but was rooting for the bee w/r the romantic angle. One of the reasons I found the original X-Files series so intriguing was the non-romantic interaction between the male/female lead characters. That really wasn't done before, except perhaps in "The Avengers". But that show didn't have the real spark that XFiles had. X-Files degenerated and became silly with the baby-arc IMHO.

In a triumph of hope over experience I'm really looking forward to the new film, mainly because I'm a Duchovny fan, but secondarily because I love a good adventure flick.


Paula said...

Hi there, dear David Duchovny:
We would love to know little experiences from the set, something we won't be able to find out if it wouldn't be for you, perhaps?

Is there a particular mark you left on the movie? Meaning an improvised scene, or something we would see and realised it was your work. Something you felt you had to do?

Or something you would like to tell us. Journalist sort of ask the same questions all over again, so, it would be cool to know facts that weren't asked before.

Thanks for the Blog. It's cool you take your time to contact us, and that we all over the world are able to contact, you. It's weird, but, nice!
Take care, We really admire your personality and thanks for Mulder, it gave us a reason and helped us to evolve.

Paula, Argentina & Jacqui, Peru.

danyXfiles said...

Dear David,
I loved its initiative of if contacting with all we its fans...^^!!!!!
I wait that the film X Files is a success!!!!

Anonymous said...


So good to see you blogging again--I really enjoyed your House of D and Trust the Man blogs.
Dude, you need an official site!

Just to add to the myriad of comments and questions, I wanted to say that I'm really glad you were willing to revisit the role of Mulder. I'm still kind of amazed that we're going to be seeing you and GA on the big screen together in just a few weeks.

You've mentioned how there is a difference between how the fans perceive the relationship between Mulder and Scully and how you and GA may have perceived it and that you were impressed by the fan perception as evidenced in a fan-made video you'd seen.

Is there anything you would like the fans to understand about how you saw Mulder and Scully--or at least how you interpreted Mulder--that you think we might not have seen?

And please, feel free to ramble--do a little Hank-style sharing! ;0)


danyXfiles said...

Dear David,
I loved its initiative of if contacting with all we its fans...^^!!!!!
I wait that the film X Files is a success!!!!

L'équipe d'organisateurs said...

Hi David,

Awesome to have you back online !!

Can't wait to read your next articles ^^

Greetings from Paris !


Sunflowerseed said...


What is your favourite x-files / fortean phenomenon?

Donnaj said...

I can't wait to see the movie! I actually didn't think we'd get to see a second movie but it's less than a month away and I am spoiler free except for those trailers.

Mulder! Scully! Yes! David thanks for agreeing to make this movie I know I won't be disappointed.


chris s. said...

Hi David,
Thanks for blogging again, loved
reading your blogs on House of D
and Trust The Man. I'm so excited
about the new movie like everyone
else and I'm sure it'll be good,
with all of you trying hard to make it good I know it will be.

My question is "What are the chances you and Gillian would do
a non X-Files movie together? Just
so you know it has been discussed
and everyone would love to see it,
maybe a comedy perhaps.

Also was it weird hearing Gillian with an English accent?
My best to you and your family and
happy early fourth of july.

Chriswife said...

Nice to have you back, David. Always a pleasure to interact with you.

kathy1013 said...

Hi David,

Thanks for making yourself accessible to us. We are so very excited about "I Want to Believe" and seeing you and Gillian on the big screen together again. Hoping and praying it will be a tremendous success so we can have an XF3. I just saw the trailer on TV for the first time and it really looks absolutely awesome. I guess my question for now is, "have you been surprised to see how much excitement and support there is out here for the new movie and for The X-Files in general after all this time?" I think the X-Philes have reached fever pitch! Wishing you all the best in all your endeavors.

Sophie said...

Hi David!

Thanks so much for changing our lives in such a great way!

Always good to hear from you! Keep it up!
And take good care!

Greetings from Germany! ;)

spookydogstar said...

First of all it's good to see you back in the blogging area. In the past I've read your blog about "House of D". It was very interesting to see what you thought about a specific scene and all the other stuff that you've shared with us.

A big part in every episode was the music for me which had been used.

I've heard the music which Mark Snow hat created for the trailer and for the movie. Do you have a favourite song on the soundtrack?

Bye and greetings from Berlin, Germany.

MS said...

Hi David:) It's great that you are doing the blog thing again. I've always enjoyed the blogs you've had for your other films. I guess my only question would be to ask why Fox Studio is not doing more to promote this film. We all want IWTB to be a big success so that we can get another film down the road.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this reminds me of the House Of D days! Good to have you back online.

Hope the film spreads out to MySpace as well as Facebook, as I know there are plenty fans on there too who would love to interact.

Talk about whatever you want, people will read it! Throw in a joke or two just for kicks.

Em, Eng-er-land!

kmom said...

Dear David - Hello from the "scene" of several X-Files - wild, wonderful West Virginia! Thank you and the whole XF gang for your many years of great work and for sticking with the new film. The X-Files on-line community is a terrific one to be part of (I see several familiar names here!) - great people are drawn to great work! We're so excited to see you and Gillian on-screen together again - it would be awesome to see you together on stage or screen in roles very different from Mulder and Scully. It would be doubly good if it were something you wrote and/or directed. :) Best of luck w/ the new season of "Cali" and our best to your family ~ kmom and her krew

Charlotte said...

Hi David-

Overwhelmed yet?? I know I am! The flurry of questions even made me feel sea sick!! Anyway my question go on tell us....what happens in the film? Ah go on. Go on go on go on go on go on. We won't tell anyone. Promise! There's a packet of polo mints and some questionable left over curry (Balti Afgani) in it for you!! I would advise you to eat the mints afterwards. Otherwise it just tastes weird.

No really- what would be your favourite memory from the set this time round.

All the best- Char- happily munching on polo mints in Manchester.

Sorina Andra said...

Wow, can't believe you finally have a blog. I think it's great, it makes us feel like you're closer to us and it's always interesting to hear your thoughts on anything, really. :-)
What i wanted to know is if you're going to be doing any talk shows like Gillian is or if you might be doing some of them together? That would be cool, having 2 of my favorite ppl in the world on TV at the same time LOl in real life I mean. I lvoe the dynamic that you two have.
Thank you and xoxo,

amy said...


It's really great of you to do this blog! After seeing the clips released at the L.A. film fest i've been psyched about this movie.

Seeing you as Mulder again is so strange and awesome at the same time. You're Mulder again! I was a bit worried the acting and banter between you and Gillian would be different since it's been 6 years, but you guys really nailed it! The two of you are gold together. No one can match what's created onscreen with you two.

Just wondering though, did it feel like you were backtracking to get into this role? Any reservations?

I cannot wait to see this movie! It's going to be a huge success!

P.s. I'm with the 'get Gillian on Cali' wagon. I liked her suggestion on what character she could play! It would not be weird in the slightest, i swear! Just don't use the M or S word, and we fans will try not to squint and pretend ;)

Much love,
Amy, Indiana

Emma said...

Hi, I just want to say that I love the show and I am extremely excited about the movie! I have loads of questions about the movie but I fear you won't be able to answer any of them. ;)

soonersurrender said...
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Anonymous said...

Dearest David,

Just wanted to congratulate you on Californication and the Golden Globe! It was well deserved and I am glad you are continuing to have success. I also really loved "Things We Lost in the Fire." What a great film!

I know you have a degree in English. (which is what I am currently majoring in)

My question to you is: What words of wisdom do you have to bestow on a lowly english major/aspiring writer? I admire your writing and directing abilities and would love to venture into these areas someday.

I know I haven't mentioned "The X-files" yet, but I am very in love with the show STILL. I am very excited to see the Mulder and Scully dynamic again. Thanks so much for doing another movie!

captjojo said...

Well hello sir!

Have always enjoyed your work and am very much looking forward to the new film.

My question may be better suited for Spotnitz's blog, but you might have some insight as well:

I am very curious about the archetypes present in the X-files. I've always found that they are extraordinarily well defined and have often wondered just to what extent Carter and the various writers were conscious of those aspects of the storytelling. If they were intentionally structuring the story that way (the extreme example of this being Joseph Campbell serving as a consultant for George Lucas), or if it was something that happened more organically.

Or if that is too involved you could just tell me whether we should expect to see any werewolves and or sex in this film...just kidding.

Thanks for taking the time to do the blog thing, it's a very nice thing to do for your fans.


soonersurrender said...

I'm sure that this has already been requested, but more people asking for it might encourage you a little more. I'd love to hear some on-set stories. Pranks, funny things that happened, or even just the general vibe around the place during filming.

Also, maybe this question isn't asking too much. I know that what you can tell us about the movie is very limited.
After the TV series ended, a lot of people didn't seem to feel completely content with the way things were left off. And I don't know how you felt, obviously, but there was a lot of mythology to cover in there. Do you personally feel that without the mythology, the movie will come to a more satisfying end for fans of the show, as far as the characters are concerned? This is of course assuming that the movie is the last we'll see of The X-Files.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog. I'm very excited to read what you have to say. And like everyone else on here, I'm loving Californication. I can't wait for season 2, and I'm even more impatient to see the XF movie! Thanks again for doing this.

Melissa said...


You are brilliant in the X-Files and in Californication, and I still love rewatching Evolution when I need a laugh. Thank you for bringing these characters to life and making them such a joy to watch!

That said, I would love to hear anything about your experiences filming the show, favorite places you got to travel for filming, and/or show topics that you wish had been covered.

Best wishes and I hope your holiday weekend is wonderful,
Huntsville, Heart of Dixie

Gat said...

Hi David!

It's great you created this blog! I love reading your blogs :)

As everyone I can't wait to see the movie. We've been waiting for so long!

I'm with the people who wants to see Gillian in Cali!! Pleeeeease! ^^

I think I'd like to know what happened behing the scenes too! I love that. It's always funny to read/see what happens for real behind the movie :)

Can't wait to read the next messages!

All my best,
Agathe, from Paris

Eleanore said...

David --

Welcome (again) to the blogosphere! It's always wonderful to see you reaching out and interacting with fans, and even attempting to answer some of our questions. I can only imagine how many you're sure to be bombarded with!

I've been a fan of yours for many, many years and I have so much respect and admiration for everything that you do. The X-Files is a show that has definitely had a lasting impact on my life, and I can't wait to see you in that universe again next month. I'm also a big fan of Hank Moody and the Californication world, so I'm anxiously awaiting Season Two this September as well!

Keep up the great work, and thanks again so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share and communicate with us.

Much love,


Ulyana said...

Wow! That`s me writting a letter to DAVID DUCHOVNY =)
Dear David,

I am from Russia and for some reasons I cannot visit the United states of America to see you in real. The only question I have is When will you visit Russia? Do you have such kind of plans? Russians love The X-files and they love you, and we would be so happy, if see you here!

Wish you`d be the same talanted man with the eyes of a young boy. God luck to you!

P.S. Like you poems. Would be great you published them.

Thanks for spending your time reading that =) Bye!

kT said...

So great to see everything back in action, as well as the attention to the die hard fans the show has had over the year (myself being one). It's especially wonderful to see you reaching out, we do appreicate it.

As for questions, most of what I'd be interested in has already been mentioned, but I wanted to add to the support. So good to hear from you.

Allie said...

Hey David,

You're such a jokester I really thought you were kidding when you said you were gonna have a movie blog! I have a few questions I hope you can answer:

1) How did the making of this film compare to FTF, and what kinds of things did you have to do to prepare this time around?

2) How would you say Mulder and Scully have changed since the end of the show?

3) What's your biggest pet peeve?


New Orleans, LA

msnaf said...

Hi, David!

My question has nothing to do with the movie. I heard rumors about Gillian being in Californication. Is it true or did you and Gillian at least consider that possibility? I think it would be a great idea since you make a really nice couple on screen and it would be interesting for a lot of fans to see both of you in a non X-Files movie or tv show.


raphaela_s6 said...

Hey David (:
so good to hear from you :p
i'd like to know if you have some plans to came to brazil =D
everybody in here loves you....

Best wishes!!!
hugs and kisses ^^

Raphaela Manaus/AM- Brazil

Scuddy...Suzanne...Scully... said...

Hello David,
I don't really have a question, but I finally got to "meet" you and Gillian up at the mic at Wondercon. I was overly excited, as were the other thousands of people there, and proceeded to spew word vomit and forever feel like a total moron so I just wanted to apologize. I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable as I blabbed about health issues (my husband's) and naming my son X----- Fox. So again I am sorry. I hope it wasn't as horrifying for you as it was for me.

With Love-
Santa Cruz,CA

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Well this is very exciting, a blog from the screenwriter of the most anticipated movie of all time (*ahem*) and now from one of the stars of said movie!
We may all die of nervous exhaustion before the bloody film comes out, you do realize this? It's a distinct possibility...

Anyway, my question is completely non-XF related.
Are you a Beckett fan? Or was his work something you associated with collegial aspiration and madness?
I always wondered because I wrote my thesis on Francis Stuart and Beckett and I sometimes wonder if a certain degree of insanity and the interest in the latter had any correlation.
Moving on!

The Unnatural is one of my favourite XF episodes.That scene with Fredric Lane clutching his chest and staring skyward towards the end, with the strains of that amazing music in the background is one that never fails to make me tear up. I could go on but I won't for both our sakes. Suffice to say, thank you for that.

If I'm still alive by August 1st, I'll be there on opening night for XF2.
Dublin, Ireland.

jadeblueafterglow17 said...

Dearest David!
I psyched to be seeing you on the big screen in 25 days HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am hoping for lots of action and adventure and based on your shape and endurance depicted in Californication, I am sure I won't be disappointed. Okay enough stroking. :) I am a fanfiction writer and have helped the show live on in the hearts of thousands with the fabulous character you portray (I thought I said enough stroking). Will there be any mention of William in the film, or the abduction in Requiem?

Anonymous said...

Hello David ! :)
Thank you to have created a new blog abour XF2 :)
I can't wait for the movie, I'm sure that it will be great. Mulder and Scully together after leaving them 6 years ago, wooow So great ! I really hope that we'll have some other movie if it's a success :)
We're crossing the fingers in France, and in the whole world.
See you later :)


Ira said...

Hi, David!

I just want to say THANK YOU for bringing Mulder back!!! We missed this guy soooo much...
And thanks for the blog!!! It really means a lot for us, international fans, who can't attend all this conferences in the USA!!!
Hope that someday we'll see you in Moscow))))

From Russia with love...

Anonymous said...

A big 'thank you' to everyone involved with the new movie. Besides the enjoyment of the show itself, XF has been responsible for bringing many people together who otherwise would never have met.

Looking forward to July 25th!

Penny Lope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

I credit you and your last name for helping me pass a Russian test I didn't study enough for. So thanks for that and onward...

So glad you are doing a blog as it will be nice to hear more from the "front line" so to speak, especially for all of us who aren't in the right cities and countries and can't experience a lot to do with the X-Files world.

Anything you plan on blogging - you know will be fine by us. Just glad you are a good sport and are doing it at all.

Thank you so very much. Can't wait to see the film soon.

Edmonton, Canada.

Penny Lope said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, David. I a 22 years old fan from Bilbao, Spain. I only wanna tell U one thing: X files was my salvation. My best friends are X files fans too,I discovered a new world.

Gillian and you are "my older brothers", I grow up with you.

I only hope watch the second movie and feel the magic again.


Omayra Rodriguez


Jacqueline said...

Hey David,

I've got a question in regards to your directing credits on the TV series. One of the episodes that stand out in my mind in terms of direction is Season 9's "william," helmed by you.

Without trying to bolster your ego or anything :P, that episode really emerged despite the winding down of the series in terms of direction. The way that the camera carries Scully so delicately as she faced what has to be the most difficult decisions in her life made a disastrous situation almost martyr- like. To me, it was a departure from the way you approached the other episodes you directed.

My questions (they've multiplied) are : How did you end up directing "William?" And: Did your approach in directing the episode differ in any way from the previous episodes you directed?

Thanks for doing this blog and good luck with everything!


Laura said...

David thank you so much for running this blog. I have enjoyed it when you have done this in the past. It gives a lot of insight into the making of the movie and let's us feel somewhat in touch with the creation. I am really looking forward to the return of Mulder and Scully. The characters you create are wonderful and the ones you have time to fully develop such as Mulder and Hank will never be forgotten. You have given them so much depth and feeling. It will be great to have both of them so close together.

Thank you again

ejfurnia said...

Hi David!

It's great to see you blogging again. As many have already said, I'm a huge fan of your work and have been since I started watching The X-Files in 1993. It goes without saying that I can't wait to see Mulder and Scully in action again.

In addition, I wanted to say congratulations on your Golden Globe. It is certainly well deserved. I enjoy Californication immensely! It's so witty, funny and different from everything else on TV.

It was wonderful seeing you on the panel at the LA Film Fest and I personally appreciate you taking the time to sign all those posters! It was really above and beyond for you, Frank and Chris to do so and it meant so much to those of us who attended.

Thanks for taking the time to interact with your fans and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.


SandraScully said...

Hi David,

Will keep my post short and sweet!

You rock! Am stoked that you guys have made "I Want To Believe" and cannot wait to see it this month!

Am a little disappointed that Australian fans have missed out on promotions this time around, and we hope that we get to see you guys down here next time! You know how much we love you down here!

Thanks again
Brisbane Australia

hbarton said...

Hey David!!
Just to start off, I want to tell you that I saw the XF preview for the first time last night, and almost had to be restrained in my seat. I'm so excited!!
But anyways, it would be neat to hear about behind the scenes stuff, you know, pranks or funny stories or anything.

Thank you so much for everything!!

Jessa said...

Hi David,
I just wanted to ask which X-Files movie was more of a challenge for you acting wise: Fight the Future or I Want to Believe?

Can't wait to see the second season of Californication!

Take care,

maureengilmour2007 said...

Hello, David. I'm not sure if you've got this question somewhere on this long list or if you're gonna be able to read all of them, but here it is:

I'm a newbie X-files fan. It was on when I was waaaay too little to watch it, and all my friends and I now spend our Sunday nights watching it. We have all the DVD's.

My question is: what can the movie promise a newbie X-files fan? Will it re-invigorate the X-files for our generation, or will it be geared more toward the people who have been with it for the long haul?



Anonymous said...

Hi David!

First of all Thank you for taking the time to communicate with the craziness that is the XF-fandome! ;)
We're all so thrilled with anticipation of the second XF-movie!
My first question is - obviously - a really selfish one: Will you be doing any promotional appearance in Germany for XF² or one of your other projects?
And the second one: What is more difficult for you as an actor and/or person to perform: action-scenes or emotional scenes?
Thanks again for taking your time!

All the best,
all_things (Karo), Germany

maurisap said...

I'm sure you know how many people in the world are THRILLED that XF2 is soon to be released.

How does it feel when you think about how people follow and rehash the characters, shows, and seasons even all these years later? Do you ever browse the XF forums?

Anonymous said...

David, Thanks for doing this, and everything.

Today I watched you in Beethoven,and I remember watching you in Twin Peaks haha. Your amazing in everthing. Good job with the award for Cali, and hope to see you in many more things ( : I hope I run into you sometime in the future!

Thanks for all your hard work

Mary, IL

Anonymous said...


You're online, you have a blog now, wohoo!

So, hello David, nice to 'read' you!

My brain is full with questions and storys and thoughts... I don't really know what I could ask or tell you.

Just let me say that I'm 25, I'm a fan since the very first episode, which started 1994 here in Germany, I grew up with you as my personal idol and the characters Mulder and Scully were my parents when my mom and dad were not there (sounds stupid, right, oh).

It's so amazing and incredible to have you back on screen as Mulder, and Gillian by your side as Scully! Just wow! After 5 years (for Germany), thank you!

I would really love to see you both together to do more promo-stuff, you know! ^^

Here in Germany we had a lot of probs with XF2 lately - dubbing scandal, no premiere in Berlin (why will be there no official premiere here, why... Speed Racer, Sex and City, Ironman, Hancock, Kung Fu Panda and many many more filmprems were in Berlin), promotion-problems and so on and on and on.

I really hope that you will be there in London. A lots of german philes are gonna be there to see you and Gillian.

So, this led me to the things I'm interested in:

1. I would really love to see you and Gillian in Cali. Really, I can say for myself that it wouldn't be weird or so. DO IT! *hihi* Sorry! I'm so excited on the idea!

2. The german fans would love to see you in Germany, soooo are you planning to visit our wonderful country in the near future??? Hope is all we have, it was a try. *hihi*

3. Oh please, can you tell us a lil XF2-blooper? Or maybe you can tell us WHY Gillian sucked on the first days of shooting. :D *hihi* You don't wanna tell us, no?

4. So, how is it for you to really see and recognice the fact that there is still a huge X-fanbase in the world? We were never gone, we were there all the time, wow!

So, perhaps I sound funny but I'm just nervous. It's weird to write YOU!
It was a wonderful experience to see and meet you life in NY back in 2006 ... and now this!

CU in LONDON hopefully!

I will be there, too, jepp... you can find me the 24. row ! behind the crazy fan with the black t-shirt (and the very greenish X on it) and sceaming out loud - but maybe you won't hear me bc WE ALL ARE CRAZY!

Gosh, what I'm doing here!

your hilarious lil Mari
from Berlin, Germany

Rox said...

Hi there, David!

First, I want to congratulate you for your works and to wish you all my best.

I'm a fan from Argentina. I enjoyed the X Files very much and now my childreen like to see it too.

We are waiting for this movie. But is X Files 2 for seven and nine years old kids? What is your opinion as a father? Is there a lot of blood, or a lot of very very scary monsters, or a lot of sex? ... Ok, ok, that last was a joke ;)
The question is… they really want to go to the cinema with me. Do I have to cover their eyes in the middle of movie?

Sorry about my English. I'm learning, but I'm writing with my heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes, doesn’t it? What about you? Do you speak/write spanish?

Well, when do you come to visit Argentina? I would love knowing you personally someday. While there is life, there are dreams... :)) What you think?

Ok, a big hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take care!

GlasgowCeltic! said...

What was is like to work with the Big Yin? (Billy) Were you a fan? If you werent't I hope you are now, the man's hilarious, go watch his Big Banana Feet tour!

Can't wait for the film! Still love watching the old episodes! Mon the Scots!

Cheers and all the best!

Anonymous said...

Hello David!

First of all I wanted to thank you [if that really is you! :o] for acting so casual with your fans. It really speaks a lot about a celebrity and yourself in general.

I just wanted to let you know I was very sad today, but I watched The Pilot of the X-Files and I was cheered up right away! :) Thank you. I've been a fan since I was 11 or 12 and I'm now 18. [Yes, I tuned in very late :’( But thanks to the SciFi channel I've seen just about every episode and movie. ;)] For my birthday this year I asked for anything from the X-Files and I got seasons five and six on DVD! So I'm a diehard fan.

Anyways, my question for you is are you ever coming to Chicago?!

Kidding, not that Chicago is where I'm from!– Okay. It's most definitely where I'm from. But that's alright. Right?

My real question is what have you learned from Fox Mulder? What about Scully (Or Gillian for that matter!)? What life lessons did you learn from your years of working on The X-Files? What do you hope the fans learned?

Sorry, that was a few questions kinda moshed together! Good luck with all of your future work! :)



Anonymous said...

Dear David

I am one of those people that put videos on youtube and I just wanted to let you know that it meant so much to know you and Gillian were watching some fo them.

Thank you for letting us know that those videos helped somehow!

And if one day you feel bored and want ever to see XFvids again, please check mine too:

all the best!


Sorina Andra said...

You know David,
I've been reading the comments that ppl left for you and I'm more and more excited about the idea of having Gillian on Cali. It would be really interesting to see how you two click in other roles and maybe this way we (the shipper xphiles=those wanting to see Mulder&Scully together)will finally get our much awaited sex scene :-D ( well it wouldn't be Mulder and Scully but it's the next best thing).
Think about it. You would be making a LOOOOOT of ppl happy that's for sure. :-)


Gina Fisher said...


I want to believe I'm writing you a message...You're absolutely fantastic and 'Return To Me' is my favorite movie (after Fight the Future, of course.) I'd really love to know what you found the most challenging, and the least challenging, about making this second X-Files film.

More importantly, I'd also love to know a little more about a comment you made concerning you, Gillian and Chris watching a fan video and thinking you had a huge responsibility to live up to with the way the fans see the Mulder/Scully relationship. Do you think you were successful in keeping the romance between them alive? Will this movie be more or less of a romance 'tease' than the first X-Files feature film?

And man, Californication is genius!

Thanks for being such a great sport with your fans and for starting this blog.

All the best,
Gina Fisher, Ohio

Funbags said...

Wow - so it's really you?

I started watching and became a huge fan of the show when I was 10 years old (where I was affectionately known as the 'weird kid who likes aliens!') and it's so surreal to think that at the age of 25, I'll be sitting in a theatre once again ... going back to the days of my former geeky self!

I'm counting the days until it premieres, and you can definitely bet I'll be sitting in line all day to catch the first showing!

I just thought of a question, though it's not related to X-Files.

Will you be directing anymore episodes of "Bones" ever again? The episode you directed during season two was, in my opinion, one of the BEST of the series thus far.

maybe_theres_hope said...


I just want to start by saying thanks, like so many others. TXF has changed my life, I won't even begin to describe how, it would take too long. Thank you for everything you put into this character, the existence of it has made a world of change.

My questions relate to Mulder, maybe they can be answered in one swoop, I'm not sure.

What was one thing that:

1) missed about playing Mulder? (or did you? you have played so many great characters since!)

2) ...drove you crazy about playing Mulder this time around? (there must be something!)

3) learned from Mulder during this experience that you didn't know before?

Thank you for reading, even without a reply. With the simple submission of this comment, and the fact that you will read it allows me to cross off something on my life's To Do list:

"Tell David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson what they have meant to me." 50% done. Thank you.

I look forward to IWTB with great anticipation.

aly said...


The X-Files was a little before my time, but because of this new movie, my generation can experience the greatness of the show. Thanks!
And a um, quick question. After recently playing Hank on Californication, did you sometimes find yourself adding a bit of his personality into Mulder during filming XF2?


F. Sofield said...

Hello Mr. Duchovny,

If you happen to read all these posts. (I didn't :/ so I apologize if this question has been asked.)

But how does it feel to have created such a well known character as Fox Mulder? Do you feel like your experiences with this character, have affected your more recent projects? How has working on the X-Files changed your approach as an actor? Did it change your approach?
I hope these are the right kind of questions. Should I have just tried to ask for plot details? :)

Thanks for keeping in touch with the fans, it means a lot, we know your busy.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear some anecdotal stories from the filming of the second movie. Thanks!

BTW, how are Tea and the kids?


Anonymous said...

I've been a X-fan since I was 9. I'm 21 now, and I've been waiting for this return forever!

Although this is a standalone movie, does the movie address what happened to Mulder and Sculy's baby that they had in the last season or is it ignored in "I Want To Believe"?

CB said...

Hello David,

Wow, I'm fairly sure this is going to get lost in the shuffle, since while I was reading the comments here, six more of them appeared. Also, it's hard to think of a question that isn't one of the usual ones that I suspect you're sick of answering, like "do you believe" or "how was it getting back with Gillian/Chris" or "what's your favorite episode" or what have you -- or one of the "THIS IS A CRAZY QUESTION" questions like, what kind of underpants are you wearing right now, what are your thoughts on the fact that I named a turtle after you, etc.

I mean, not to slag on other people's questions. It's all good. I guess what I'd like, since you've offered, is just to hear you talk about the experience of doing the movie, anecdotes, anything you think would be fun for us to hear. I personally am less interested in dissections of big scenes or whatever and more so in the little amusing things that must go on in quieter moments. Really I would just like to hear you tell us a story, because I've always enjoyed your way of doing that.

Thanks for doing this -- it's cool and I know we all appreciate it.

Catherine (Boston)

Tassia said...

Hi David,
I watched X Files during nine years and it was the best tv show ever. I'm so excited about this movie. Here in Brazil you have a lot of fans, and i'm sure they will love The X Files: I want to Believe.
Tassia, Rio de Janeiro

Kim said...

I just want to say that I think this is really awesome of you to do this. I've been a fan of the X-Files since its first season when I was 11 and I am really excited to see you and Gillian portray Mulder and Scully again after all these years. I don't have any specific questions myself but I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this blog.

Kim from Phila

Anonymous said...

Hi David :)
Just wondering what pranks/practical jokes you (or any others) played on the XF2 Movie set? :)

Anne said...

Hi David...

No question. Just wanna say,


All the best to you and your family.

Anne, Taiwan.

Nadia said...

Hi David,
Im wondering if you are going to be visiting NYC for the publicity of The X Files. Please David east coast is waiting for you. I wanted you to know that I love ur wife and family, and ur son has ur gorgeous genes. Im ur only fan who has gone to Yale and sat on every single bench thinking that Duchovny might have sat here. I shook hand with Frank Spotnitz @ NY Comic Con and didnt wash my left hand for 2 days because i knew Frank Spotnitz has touched you many times.

I Love you..
Nadia from Fairfield, CT

extraño said...

hello, david, writes a following faithful to you of X-you case out, hopefully you read this, I mean to you that and always followed to you, but not ati david jeje, but to mulder, hopefully never you stop making mulder by all the fans of the world. a greeting from Chile. And if you really read this, blog enters is fan site in Spanish… bye bye

extraño said...

X-files yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :)

HelenNiChearbhaill said...

Hey David,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for making another movie, I really never thought it would happen but I guess I should have listened - never give up on a miracle. Anyway I was wondering, I am a law student and a member of the Historical Society at Trinity College, Dublin and we often have famous speakers in to talk. I know its a long shot but we are trying to get our schedule organized for next semester and we were wondering if you were around at some point if you would like to speak. Believe me, you have thousands of fans in Dublin and students would be really interested in attending, especially with your educational background. Once again thank you for the movie and let me tell you nothing will every compare to the X-FIles for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I can't express how excited I am to see you and Gillian playing Mulder and Scully again. July 25th cannot come too quickly.

What was the biggest challenge for you in preparing to step back into the role of Mulder?

What kind of music do you listen to? Top 5 bands?

What made you want to start a blog?

Any book recommendations?

Okay, that should just about cover questions.

Congrats on an excellent show in Californication and here's to hoping XF2 does well at the box office.


Djanira said...

Dear David,
I´m happy to see you. Why don´t you come to Brazil??? We´re sad we´re not gonna have a premiere here...
I wish you have a great work! Thank you for giving us some news!

Brazilian Hugs!

Yami said...


Just wanted to say Ive been a fan of The X Files from day one and Im so happy the second movie is coming out.

I still am waiting to see Californication since I dont have cable.

~Yami in Michigan.

Luciana said...

Hey, David!! Wonderful to know you're on internet now!!
I'll be always here to catch some news and whatever you put here, it'll be amazing!!!!
So, will Brasil be on your travel plans someday? :D
Kisses from you HUGE community of brasilian fans!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Davey D...

I'll just agree what with everyone else has said prior, and I am so ecstatic over the new movie! I was one of the girls in the front row of the WonderCon in San Francisco that had the Frankie Loves Larry shirts on... quick question, did you all find humor in that? And how much do you feel is too much information?

glumsy said...

Hi, David!
It's so fine! I very much waited for it! Show has changed my life once. I hope X-files: I want to believe will be same class!
It was complex to perform agent Mulder later so much years?

Let's look in Russia :)

Alena, Russia

K said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to re-connect to the fans in this way, David! I'm sure it means a lot to loads of people, and it's a great gesture on your part.

I'd like to hear some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, what it was like to film in Vancouver again (I'm so glad you guys came here to film!), and perhaps, what it was like to slip into Mulder's shoes again?


Jessa said...

Heya David,

I rewatched the episode "The Truth" a while ago, and it got me thinking that a party is in order. Don't know if you heard, but I am having an "End of the World" party on December 21st, 2012. Already invited Frank Spotnitz on his blog, so I'd thought to extend this invitation to you! A couple of songs have been picked out for the party mix such as REM's "It's the End of the World" and Europe's "Final Countdown". Hope you can make it!

Jessa, St. Louis, MO

P.S. Don't forget to bring a dish! I'm making UFO cookies and cool little blue jello shots with alien gummies in them.

Lil' B. said...

Hey David! It's really great to see you. I don't have anything specific, really. I just always enjoy hearing what's on your mind.

I think it was awesome how enthusiastic you were about making this film. I'm grateful that it got done and glad to hear that everyone had a good time making it.

It's so exciting and wonderful to have Mulder and Scully back. They were very much missed! It will be great to see them on screen again. Very satisfying, I think. In addition, I have been very impressed by so many of the images I have seen in the trailers. It really looks like you guys have created something beautiful. I'm really, really excited.

karen29 said...

Hi David,
I am eagerly and excitedly awaiting XF2 and seeing Mulder and Scully in action. July 25th can't get here fast enough.
It was great seeing you at the film fest panel in LA. I was lucky enough to get a poster with yours, Chris and Frank's signature so thank you for that.
I am also looking forward to season 2 of Californication. I love the show and your Golden Globe was well deserved.
I would love to know though if there is any chance of you and Gillian working together on another project. You two are simply magical together. I'm crossing my fingers for a yes answer and then to have it come true.
Wishing you the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi David!

How are you???
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
I really hope that you enjoyed making this new X Files movie! I can't wait to see it... miss Fox Mulder. You guys should visit Brasil this days!! Brasilian fans really miss you!

I like Hank, from Californication, a lot... curious about the 2 season! Love your work... Congratulations and good luck with all the new projects!

Take care,

Kaline - Brasil.

yara said...


I'm a big fan from Brazil and I just want to ask you how gorgeous and lovely you look when you are in a bad day?I mean...I just think to myself if there's anything on earth that makes you ugly and my answer is:No!Nothing on earth can makes you look bad...Not even an alien...And I'd like to send Hi to my dearest friends from Brazil,Star,Lu,K,Lay,Josi,Nay,Tassia,Tessa,Iandra,Djan,Raffa...and all the people I forget right now...sorry!

Hey,David...when we'll see Gillian on the show that I just love Californication?I'would like to see her and I know that everyone will be very happy...That's all for today...Bye!! Yayá Reyes-All Things Lover

Lil' B. said...

Looking through everyone's posts, I too would like to know what you've been reading lately. And I really liked the question regarding what you've learned from Mulder. I think that's a great question and I'd love to hear the answer.

ella guan said...

I want to say someting about californication

if that is really you.

I think the endding is just too happy to spoil the whole thing.

I love the beginning of it, cause it is sad as the reality, but not the endding.

Reality is never so happy, we could not make a comic by happyending just to fool the audience.

Laura-Texas said...

Hello David,

Thank you for the new blog, and, more importantly, thank you for agreeing to XF2. We've ALL been waiting so long!

Thank you for bringing the character of Hank Moody to life. I can't imagine anyone else in the role. He is deep, extremely intelligent, moody (sorry for the pun), a loving partner and parent, honest almost to his own detriment -- and very, very hard on himself. To top it all off, he is extremely witty and absolutely hilarious. Sincere thanks for taking a chance with such a intensely deep character and a controversial yet brilliant show.

I'm looking forward to Season 2 of Californication. Congratulations on a well-deserved Golden Globe and here's hoping for an Emmy nod!

As for the new X-Files film, I'd very much like to know what it took for you -- mentally, emotionally, physically -- to go from the character of Hank Moody to Fox Mulder and back to Moody. How did you find your "Mulder center" to take the role back on after six years? In terms of "becoming Fox Mulder" again, what was the most difficult thing you had to do, and what was the easiest?

What can we look for that's familiar to us as the Fox Mulder we've know and loved for so many years, and what can we expect to see in his character, six years down the line, that's new (without giving away too much of the plot)? How has Mulder grown or changed?

Your stories about your children are always so funny and endearing. Have there been any new additions you can tell us about?

Again, thank you for the blog. It reminds me of your House of D blog, which I enjoyed very much. Someone else posted that you need to have your own official website and I agree. It would be great for you to be able to interact with us on a semi-regular basis ... to keep us up to date on your upcoming projects.

I'm greatly anticipating July 25th ... see you on the big screen ... and at one of the premieres!

Just as I started to post this, I saw an ad on TV for the film for the first time. It looks fabulous!

Good luck and God bless,

LaffLady said...

HI David! Thanks SO MUCH for blogging again. We missed you a lot after HOD....welcome back! I'm SO excited about the new XF movie! We've been waiting for this in what seems like forever. My question for you is I was wondering if you move back to NYC would you consider getting on stage in a play? Just curious since I know you did some theater before moving to CA.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a lot more questions about the MOVIE and M & S but I don't think you would be allowed to answer most them since they are mainly spoiler related! -Thanks again. You're awesome.

emmphx said...

Hello David,
I'm one of your older fans (51) and love your work. Hard to believe that I was in my 30s with toddlers and preschool-age kids when I first started watching XF.

My children, now college students, began watching with us sometime in the 4th season. They're both fans.

Like someone else asked, are there any plans for the XF contingent to visit this year's Comic Con San Diego? Do like I do, and make a family outing out of it!

But seriously, I hope to see you have a Bill-Shatner-esque career, i.e. acting well into your older years.

corrigan said...

I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before...ain't gonna stop me though! ;)

All I'll say is that I remember the first time I saw The X-Files--I was about 12 or 13. Stayed up way past my bedtime to catch the premiere of the very first episode. Fell in love! It brought back old memories of my dad...both of us sitting on the front lawn late at night, discussing how the framework of stars and planets resembles our bodies at the subatomic level...(I come from a family of mega-nerds.)

I remember throwing a big party when the first movie came out in '98. I went nuts the first time I saw a preview in the theatre. I'm planning a huge bash now, ten years later, with all the friends I can dig up, to celebrate all the good memories, brilliant writing and equally brilliant performances.

I have nothing I need to hear about...I'm just glad to have one more glimpse of you guys on the big screen.


Crass said...

Hi David,

Thanks so much for agreeing to do X-Files 2 - God knows my action figures will be happy for the break. Just lately they get this "Oh GOD no more!" look in their little plastic eyes when they see me coming.

Speaking of which, how weird is it that there are all these tiny plastic replicas of you all around the world? Does it make you feel odd when you see them?


amymarie1987 said...

Wow- I can't believe that it's actually you! There was debate on rather it was legit or not. I hate to contribute to the whole bombarding you with messages thing... but this is REALLY exciting! I don't have a question or anything yet but I'm sure I will. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for doing this and thank you for all those years of dedication to the show and us- your fans.

Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jdducker said...

Hi David
So glad to see you back blogging. I enjoyed your blog for House of D and the Trust the Man. Loved your willingness to be accessible to your fans. Loved when you were doing the blog on your blackberry and complained about your thumbs hurting. Loved all the audio posts that you did too. Thanks for doing this again. I can't wait for July 25th to finally get here!!

My questions are first were you surprised to realized just how missed the X Files was by the fans? I got to attend Wondercon . The excitement in the crowd when the teaser trailer started was like something I had not experienced before. When the four of you guys came out the whole room was so thrilled to see all of you.

Also another question is how much imput did you or Gillian have with the script. I know it has been reported that the two of you got together and read the script with Chris and I wondered how close that script was to what you shot.

Just a comment, thank you for all the great memories that your work has given me. Loved the X Files and your other projects. But the memory of getting to meet you when you did the promotion for House of D will stay with me. I have my picture that I took with you up on my locker at work. People ask me if that is really David Dyuchovny I just smile and say yes.

Darkavengerspike said...

Just wanted To say Hi And That I really think the role you play in Cali Is awesome and suits you well, I enjoy all of your shows and movies. Cant wait for the X-files Movie.

Thanks for all the smiles laughs groans and tears.

boreanazlover82 said...

It's so wonderful to have you guys back and in action again! I'm really excited to see the film and can hardly wait for it to come out.

I do have a question that I don't believe has been addressed yet.
Now there is the possibility of a third film, which(if happens), would focus on the alien invasion for 2012. Now this film is set 6 yrs. in the future. So my question is, are Mulder and Scully still in danger from the aliens or during the time has the crises already been resolved?

Again it's such a pleasure to have you back as Mulder. All the best to you, Tea and your children on moving back to N.Y.

Oh and give my blessings to Natasha and her boys. My heart simply goes out to them.

Wish you nothing but happiness
Renee, Michigan

bj said...

Welcome back to Blogger David! Like everyone else here I've been a fan forever and I checked out your blog for House of D. I appreciate your talking to the fans.

I'd like to know what it will take (box office wise) to guarantee another XF movie? And how many years/movies you, CC, GA and FS are willing to commit to XF?

Thanks in advance. -bj

Caro said...

Hi david!
It's been a long wait for this movie but i'm sure it'll worth it!
I'd like you to tell us about funny stuff from the shooting. Anecdotes, jokes, gags...


Mena said...

Glad to see that you are doing a blog. Your House of D one was great and made seeing the film even more enjoyable.

What I am curious about regarding the new XF film is what was the same and what was different about working with the regulars again? I know there are big differences in shooting TV vs. film, but I'm more interested in how the relationships with cast and crew varied.

Here's to hoping the film is a huge success!

Sandy said...

Hi David,

I'm really far too old and should know better than to be posting on such forums, but what the hell. I didn't really think that XF2 would actually happen but now that it has I can't wait to see the old Mulder/Scully dynamic again. They were the quintessential iconic characters of the 90's, so much so that their names have entered the lexicon, an indication of the intelligence and enduring nature of what The X-files represented. I'm not one to confuse actors with the characters they play, but is Billy Connolly as much fun in real life as he appears to be?

Warm Regards

Sandy Australia

Anonymous said...

David Duchovny,

Why won't you love me?

Sorry, I couldn't resist! :D

Okay, first let me say how wonderful and strange it is to actually be writing to *you*

Of course, this will probably be read by your assistant, or won't be read at all. :(

But I'd just like to tell you the normal fan things; I'm a huge fan. You are extremely talented in the work you do, and The X-Files and your inspired portrayal of one Fox Mulder has affected my life in a great way. (Crazy nerd, I know)

On what I'd like to hear about; anything, really. You could talk about the weather for all I care. :) Just so long as it is you typing. Haha.

Finally, something I hope you enjoy:

My amazing friend Pi already posted this. It is technically hers, being that she used her impressive skills to edit it together, but I'm posting it too because it will heighten the chances you'll watch it. Haha. It's a tribute which features a bunch of us girls dancing and pretending to sing along to a certain Bree Sharp tune. ;) Please watch it and let us know if you do :D


Cassie from Iowa

Alyssa said...

David - You are so brilliant. Glad to see you blogging again, it's a privilege for us. :) Looking forward to seeing Mulder again!

- Alyssa

MulderLovesPorn said...

XFILESFORUM.NET says you rock!

Gruic said...

Bonjour David ^^
French people is always with you ! Good job on Californication and X-Files. See you soon, maybe in france ^^


gcaldera127 said...

Dear David,

Thank you so much for starting this blog!! I have just recently started to watch the X-Files, but immediately became a huge fan of the show. I am so excited to see the new film! My question is: although there was a lot of security on set, were there a lot of pranks that you ( or others on set) were able to pull off? :)

Once again, thank you so much for the blog, and I look forward to the new film! ( Good luck with Cali as well!!)

Best Wishes,
Charlotte, NC

Maria Molina Parra said...

Hello David,

I am a Spanish fan and I will really like to know if you will be promoting the film around Europe!

Thank you for your wonderful work.

Maria Molina

A.J. Smith said...

David, you've come a long way from being computer-challenged. ;)

thank you so much for taking the time to mingle and blog with us.(though im sure some of us seem insane and overly absurd at times). so, i'd just like to thank you, and apologize at the same time, for all you've put up with for us over the last 15 years.

-thank you, for *every* second you put into this show.

-thank you, for doing this kick-ass movie!

-i'm sorry, for all the hours of sleep you've lost, and for all the times you've had to be away from your family.

-thank you, for every request you've obliged, (like the guy who asked you to propose to his fiancee, lol)

-sorry for all the times you've
been asked to describe your relationship with Gillian-and for all the times idiots have called scully or mulder in public.

-thank you, for every ounce of patients you've given us.

-sorry for all those interviewers who never took the time to "read-up" on you before asking the same stupid questions, year after year.

-sorry about the ass-hole paparazzi, and the intrustion of your privacy.

- thank you for the many years of hard work and for every sacrifice you've made on our behalf.

we can never begin to repay you.

Angie Smith,

Tara said...

Is someone still updating Gertiebeth's site? I have the webspace and free time. Would love to do an official site. Got unlimited space and can get domains also. I too think you should have an official site.

Dr CYap said...

Great that you opened the forum to your fans! Okay - questions (3):

(1) Who does Tea Leoni find sexier? Fox Mulder or Hank Moody?

(2) Is it weird for your wife and kids that you are so often associated in the press with another woman (Scully/GA)?

(3) Why isn't there more smut in the X-Files dammit? You guys don't hold back on the violence and taboo subjects (i.e., Home) but no hanky panky between Mulder and Scully! From an Australian's perspective, I'm thinking that Chris Carter seems abit like your typical puritan American. Don't tell me he's a romantic - romance without sex is like pizza without the mozarella (sex holds it all together I say! It's also gooeey and warm). I know the show is not about sex, but after 9 years of foreplay with the fans, isn't it about time we see bits of Mulder and Scully sealing the deal somehow?

To finish - when I was growing up, Mulder's character was the benchmark for the kind of guy I wanted to marry (I was ~14 when the show started - I'm turning 30 this year). Smart, funny, loyal, and complex (in a good way).

I was lucky enough to find my husband, who is the best of both worlds. He is the combination of Homer Simpson and Mulder. Strangely enough, we found out later on that X-Files was also his fav show when he was growing up and he also had a man-crush on Mulder. He too had been looking for his Scully for awhile. So thanks for playing Mulder so well - I am sure you inspired a generation of good men out there in the world!! Don't worry, my husband is only marginally cuter than you... (you know I had to say that - he's peering over my shoulders ;)

birDDer said...

Ciao David,
I would tell you if there's a far chance to see you in Italy...maybe for XF2 premiere???

If you can't I'll be happy with your visit here:

M'ingrifo DD immenso

jenn said...

Hi David,

I'm definitely curious in hearing about the filming insofar as re-approaching these characters after so many years. I know those questions have been asked repeatedly on panels over the past few months, but I mean more in terms of whether or not you had a specific idea of where Mulder would be right now before reading the script. Having played him for 9 years, and then having such a large gap, did you imagine him to be in a certain place (ie still with Scully, doing other work, etc?) that differed from the actual script once you read it? And which did you like more?

Little stories about the working relationship between you and Gillian would be great, too-- you guys have excellent chemistry on screen!


Tassia said...

Hi David,
As my friend Yara asked you, don't you think it would be great to see Gillian in Californication? Here in Brazil we are very excited for X Files: I Want to Beleive and a lot of fans watch Californication. You're just amazing like Hank.

A.J. Smith said...


congrats on your Golden Globe. Californication is amazing. Love the wonderful balance of comedy and drama. I'm glad you are getting the recognition you deserve.

My only questions are:
How's the move back to New York? What will/won't you miss about CA?

I hope now that you're in a city with a soul, you will find the inspiration to write more. Even if it's just new blog posts every now and again- I don't care. Anything you write is worth reading, and I sincerely mean that, not just as a biased fan.

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

Right now I'm sitting on my chair, enjoying the sun and watching over the most beautiful valley Ötztal in Austria. Yup, I'm on vacation. I brought my dogs and watching them I was wondering...what about Blue? Is she still alive?
Ok, this has nothing to do with the movie but I had to ask.
It's difficult to come up with a question that's more than 'how was it to work again with the others' and 'why weren't the Gunmen in!' (I'm a fan of the Gunmen and met Dean Haglund quite often already. Tell him I said hi when you see him somewhere, he knows who I am). Anyway.. question.. When %&*$# are you coming to Holland? And bring Chris, I'm sure he has family somewhere over here.

The Netherlands

and to DutchDD
Zeg, wat ben jij rap zeg!!

taDeuDz said...

Hi David
Thanks so much for taking time to create this blog.
I've booked my travel to London for the UK Premiere so I really hope you can make it!
I'm thrilled that there is a new film out. It'll be great to see the dynamic between Mulder & Scully again.
Was there a time during the early years that you ever thought the fame was too much to handle? How do you cope with being in the spotlight? I really love Californication by the way! What a great character and a fabulous script to work with!
Good luck and best wishes

Ally, Birmingham, UK.

Nicola said...

Hi, David! It is rather amazing of you to do this. What I'd like to read, if you are willing, are any behind-the-scenes stories you can write about that happened while working on the movie. I don't mean spoilers by any means, just sort of any interesting tidbits of what happened on the set, both funny and otherwise. That and just updates about what's going on in this final month.

Nicola, Michigan

radiosilents said...

Hi David,

Wow! This is exciting! My partner and I just revisited the first X-Files movie and are making our way through the whole series again, too, in anticipation of the new film!

I am a big fan and really looking forward to seeing you on the big screen again. Thanks for starting this blog! I'll look forward to reading.


Amy, Niagara Falls, NY

Anonymous said...


I'm so excited about the new movie and the return of Mulder and Scully. Thanks for your hard work on it. I'm glad you're blogging too, so that I have a way to send you my thanks.

Lu said...

Hey, David!
It's JULY!!!!!!!
Only 24 days to the MOVIE!!!!!
24 days to see you and Gillian on the big screen and cry a lot just because of the lines "Mulder?", "Scully?" :D
Beijos, David!!!!
Love you,
Lu, Brasil.
PS: like Yara did, I'm going to send a "Hi" to all my friends from the brasilian community: Josi, Yayá, Star, Tessa, Tassia, Djan, K,
Iandra, Nay, Lay, Cleide and all the ppl I forgot...Hi, grils!!!

Penny Lope said...

Awesome! Your HoD blog was a blast. I've got a few questions for you regarding filming.......

What was one highlight of filming for you, from an artistic view point?

Is there something, now that you've seen the film, you wished had been done differently? (and I understand you may not be able to be specific, spoilers et al....)

Was there something about filming this time around that surprised you?

Aside from the cold (it was cold!), how was your experience filming up in Pemberton? (I heard a lot of nice things about the crew and the cast from some of the locals).

Is there a particular part of the film or your performance that you're proudest of? Something that makes you cringe?

and...... i will, more than likely, come back with more!

Laura said...

I can't wait to see the movie.
What was it like playing Mulder again? Was it like putting on a comfortable shirt? or was it difficult getting into character again?

xofcorso said...

I like X-files very much and i want the film be an cool movie and good blockbuster :) Luck for you ,GA and CC too.

XFRachgaz said...

Hi David!

It's great to see like Frank Spotnitz you are now blogging for XF2 too!

I'm one of those 1st generation fans (gosh - I sound like an ipod!) that watched the show when it started back in the 90's and I am very excited for this movie.

I read a wee interview with you recently where you mentioned that if the schedule was lighter than what it was throughout the series you would consider working with the xf television series again? Have there been mumblings of a series again or do you think it is more likely to be a series of movies instead? I'd be happy with either :)

Looking forward to your future blog installments, the movie and Californication season 2!

Rach, Scotland

condemnation said...

Dear David,

First of all I`d like to tell you how much I appreciate the chance of getting in touch with you via the internet. Although I know that you`re probably not able to read and answer all of our comments, it`s still a great feeling to know that there is at least the possibility of writing to you. ;)

XF 2 is probably the biggest event in the year 2008 for me and I can hardly express how excited and psyched I am (oh and yes, I actually _do have a life.....kind of.... *grin*). I`ll probably burst out in tears when I see you as Fox Mulder again on the big screen.
This means more to me than you will ever be able to imagine, seriously. I love you all so much for giving us this gift.

Alright, enough of the pathetic stuff. Questions! They actually don`t have anything to do with XF2 but I`ve always wanted to ask them.

1) I`ve always been a big fan of your dog Blue. Is she still alive? I guess she must be an old lady by now....I`d also love to learn more about your other pets because I am a BIG animal lover!

2) Have you ever considered publishing a book? I consider you an amazing writer and I know you enjoy writing screenplays, so why not writing a novel? I`d be the first one to buy it :D

Ok, that`s it from me. If you`re not able to read this, I`d still be happy to read whatever you have to say!

Best wishes to you and your family and lots of success with everything you do. (Cali! Yay!)

Vicky from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I've been a fan of the X-Files ever since I was a teenager myself. I would stay up late on Sunday nights just to catch the new episodes :D.

Anyhoo, I have a question: I was wondering... will a blooper reel be included in the DVD release of the movie itself? I know that the movie is serious for the most part, but still... a blooper reel wouldn't hurt :). Quite a few fellow Philes would get a kick out of seeing one... :)


hi david,am angelica in brazil.i love x files,californication,you,gillian....

Valérie said...

Hi David.

It is nice to see you blogging about this movie, I have always admired you as a person and as an actor. I love your work and all the movies you have done so far. Keep up the good work.

Well I can not come up with any question that has not been asked before so I will just ask you how it has been to have seen Gillian and all the others after so many years? It must have been awesome to work with them again.

Greetings from Germany

Songbird said...

Hi David

It was such a lot of fun 'blawwwwwwging' in the past on HOD and TTM. So it's wonderful to see you've returned, as I knew you would! :-) Hey, congrats on being nominated for best international series with BAFTA for 'Cali'! Looking forward to seeing season 2.

Okay, onto X Files as that's why we're all here! First of all Kudos to you all for suffering the cold in and around Vancouver last Dec. I was there till 4.30am one night chatting to your crew and freezing our arses off! But it was a lot of fun and those guys, especially the PA's are really cool! They work damn hard! Missed you by one night (typical) but I saw Xzibit and FBI extras filming over and over again into infinity and said a few quick 'hi''s to Chris and his doggy Larry. Aw.

I guess I'd love to know any interesting and fun titbits you have regarding behind the scenes of making IWTB? Also any pranks that were played? Although you may not have had time for those as apparantly you were all behind schedule two days into filming. Eeeek!

It's really great to be getting Mulder and Scully back together on the big screen in whatever shape or form they come?

I'm coming along to the premiere in London so that should be fun! And thanks in advance for saying you'll be flying over with the team.

Best of luck to all of you!

Love, Penny xx

Nevena said...

Hi Dave :)

I think most of gals here agree that any topic is acceptable..
Just hope you have enough energy and will for this, and it's a little fun for you too.. So ramble on my friend, we (just wanna) hear ya :D



Chariot13 said...

Hi David! So awesome to see you blogging again. And about TXF no less!

I'd really like to see you write about the things you didn't even know you missed about filming TXF until you started shooting it again (if there was anything).

Also, what has surprised you most so far about getting back into the world of TXF? The still-rabid fans? How easy it was to get back into character?

Thanks for bringing Mulder back to life and for taking the time to connect with all of us. We really appreciate it!



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