Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Your questions answered...

my personal inspirations are orville redenbacker, mickey mantle and john berryman---today. ask me again tomorrow. chris carter wrote the sunflower seeds into the pilot. i don't like them so much because they are very messy. i prefer popcorn. as for music, i've been listening to a lot of steely dan --- mulder could've been a steely dan guy---and i'm also listening to technotrance and gorecki.

memorable guest stars on the show were lily tomlin, who never yelled at me and ed asner, who forgot my name. jack black and giovanni ribisi were on the same episode. shia labeouf was a guest star too.

in regards to current world issues, everything is political.

some of my favorite episodes of x-files are ice, piper maru, the post-modern prometheus, small potatoes, and bad blood. patrick stewart was the first internet sex symbol with hair but pileggi always thought it was him.

more later.



Gaetan said...

Can you tell us a bit about your new TV project?
Thanks for blogging! It's much appreciated.

Rachelle said...

Dear David,

Thanks again for taking the time to read our posts and even answer the questions.

I'm more of a popcorn person myself too, though I've started to love the sunflowerseeds just because Mulder loves them so much. Call me insane ;)

And I absolutely love the episodes you named as your favorites! What makes them your favorites?

Just a few more days towards the premiere, are you looking forward to it? I'm not able to attend it myself, unfortunately. But I can't wait to hear all the good stories and see the pictures. I hope you have a blast!

Take care,
The Netherlands

JanL said...

One Week and Two Days until the movie opens in theaters!!!

Are you excited, nervous, anxious, all of the above?

I saw the last movie 9 times the weekend it opened. I hope to tie that this time.

Java said...

Those sunflower seeds must have been a nuisance. They kind of burn the hell out of your tongue after while.

When you add that to the other physical miseries of playing Fox Mulder--cold, wet, slime, neck ties, alien torture-chairs--well, I just hope they treated you better this time around.

Kate, Dating in LA said...


I enjoyed your interview with Leno that aired last night. Do you still get nervous before doing those types of interviews? I've had to do them for work recently (obviously, on a much smaller scale), and I'm completely unable to relax-- they seem to come off either stiff or manic. Are you able to be yourself, or do you feel a pressure to put on a character version of yourself?

Thank you for all the work you are doing to promote the film. Good thoughts for Californication!


P.S. Mitch is quite the vision, so he may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

"patrick stewart was the first internet sex symbol with hair but pileggi always thought it was him."

Just like a guy!

Random question: I googled and googled to no avail. Since it was "your" episode, can you tell us who the artist was that recorded the song at the end of The Unnatural? I know the song is Come and Go with me to that Land and that it was originally recorded by many others but I am dying to know the artist who recorded that particular version. It's so amazing and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Thanks!!

Rana A. said...

Hi David,

Looking forward to seeing your TV talk show appearances. Is it driving you crazy that you can't really talk about the movie, at all? I'd think that it would make publicity nearly impossible since you can't reveal anything significant to sell the movie. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, Gillian, Chris, and Frank for being game for that fan celebration at the premiere next week Wednesday! I don't think y'all realize how insane the fandom is going over it... we appreciate this awesome gesture, but you may have to send the Grauman/FOX employees to clean up after the catfights. So, please please pass it on to FOX or whoever will listen to make sure the whole thing is organized to prevent chaos. Seriously, it's like going into battle. The crazy part though is that it's mostly chicks. :P

Thanks again for updating since I'm sure you're crazy busy with "Cali" and XF2 promotion.

See ya next week (hopefully)!

Rana A.
Las Vegas/HI

Marissa said...

Yessss, Steely Dan.

Martina said...

My favourite band since I was 13 - you must have an good ear to notice them - even if you can't sing a note...
My favourite is Gold Teeth 2 and Kid Charlemagne, but I love them all really.

Northern Ireland

Ultra_Hottie said...

Hey david, I heard that there's a new song in the movie called "Ooh La La" by Deborah Poppink. Well, listened to the song, and it is very funny. Do you know anything about the music featured in the movie and why they were choosen? Also, you'll be happy to know that I've made a video of this new song with clips of Mulder and Scully and that Deborah Poppink has watched it and loved it! She left a comment on my youtube page.

So my next question is what are your thoughts on fans making video creations of the X files and posting them on Do you go on there and watch them and then post comments?

erinita said...

Saw you on the open of the all-star game and was reminded once again how Mulder never would have been a Yankee fan. He always was a flawed character, I guess. How a kid that grew up in New England and witnessed first hand the Impossible Dream season at the impressionable age of 6/7 years old could end up a Yankees fan is a true X-File. That was one heck of an all-star game, though. Gotta love baseball, the game always wins.

Beyond that I could not be more excited for the movie and to see Mulder and Scully in all their glory once again.

Claudia said...

* laughs * Your sense of humor is delicious as is your candor and your ability to make everyone reading this feel like they have known you forever. How about your favorite movie, one that you were not in...what movie moves you and makes you wish it were you that had directed and why.

M@riela said...

Hello David!

I am not sure if it should put this topic here, but here it goes.

I must confess that you touch certain topics of a strange way; it is not easy to understand or probably be I who does not understand you.

In case of Californication, out of the heap of strong scenes it is a very good series, different, is necessary to be able to understand the fund of the same one and of why of the personage. I congratulate you on it. Because of it is that I have returned to see 2 times House of D, is a movie omplex to my point of view, because your personage is a man with many secrets and traumas...

Only it wanted to say this to you.

I am not very good writing in English. I feel it

With very much love.
Mariela www.xfilesfansecuador.blogspot

dee_ayy said...

Hey David,
As a fellow Yankees fan (though growing up in the 'burbs), I just LOVED your Yankee Stadium memory, as it was mine, too---namely listening to Phil Rizzuto on the radio. I used to sneak my little transistor radio (with the one-ear ear piece!) into bed with me so I could listen to Scooter, Frank, and Bill well past my bedtime. If my mom knew, she never let on. Seeing you tell your memory on the All Star Game pre-show last night brought all those wonderful memories rushing back for me, so thanks!

I certainly hope you're going to get the kids to the REAL STADIUM one last time before they do the unthinkable and tear her down.

Oh, and I can't wait until the movie opens! AND I'll have my fingers crossed that you get a MUCH-deserved Emmy nomination for CALIFORNICATION tomorrow morning. Good luck!

LeiLani said...

It's nice getting your perspective on the X-Files, inside and out and post-. I'm looking forward to the upcoming feature film and for the record, I truly hope it doesn't satisfy anyone. If it did, what would you use as a springboard for the next episode? ;)

Chris H. said...

Love the Pilleggi line!

And Bad Blood continues to be one of my favorites of all-time as well.

Thanks for taking the time as always!


dee_ayy said...

erinita, you'd be surprised how many children pick the rival of whatever team their parents love--it's a great act of asserting independence; a safe form of rebellion. Hence I'm a DIE-HARD Yankees fan while my dad is a lifelong METS fan.

Fox Mulder may have chosen the Yanks to spite his father, a die-hard Sox fan.

It happens.

Sinkwriter said...

Popcorn's one of the only foods whose scent can immediately entice me even if I've just eaten and have no earthly reason to be hungry. It's evil that way, yet oh-so-delicious. ;)

I love your choice in XF episodes.

And you know how many women name Sean Connery as their 'older man' crush? Not me. (Sorry, Sean.) For me, it's Patrick Stewart (and Morgan Freeman). Rowr.

Nevertheless, you can tell Mitch Pileggi that I always liked his character, but the "Zero Sum" episode made me see him in a whole new light. The man was solid like a mountain. Wow.

Don't you worry, David, you're still my favorite. *wink* People can go on for months about the 'red speedo' moment, but one of my favorite Mulder moments is from "Paper Hearts," in the final scene when Scully ironically tells Mulder to get some sleep, and he laughs and leans his head against her hip. It was sensual yet really sweet. It's one of my favorite Mulder-Scully moments, in a terrific episode that didn't need to be otherworldly to be creepy or tense. Truly awesome.


Thanks for writing to us! This is entertaining. Really looking forward to the film release!

Anonymous said...

Hi, David,

I'm just like OMIGAWSH! You like techno/trance... WOW!
I love techno and trance music - bad influence by a big big big brother for a very lil sis like me.

I'm so in love with the new X-Files theme made by Mark Snow AND Unkle! Wow... breathtaking, overwhelming. I adore the beat, the vibe and the drama in it.

Trance is some kind of drama-music!


Greetings from good old Germany
(you should come over again and visit our beautiful City Berlin)
*I'm just trying*

bb lil Mari

XYIYI said...

'without hair'xD


Anonymous said...

@ sinkwriter

"Don't you worry, David, you're still my favorite. *wink* People can go on for months about the 'red speedo' moment, but one of my favorite Mulder moments is from "Paper Hearts," in the final scene when Scully ironically tells Mulder to get some sleep, and he laughs and leans his head against her hip. It was sensual yet really sweet. It's one of my favorite Mulder-Scully moments, in a terrific episode that didn't need to be otherworldly to be creepy or tense. Truly awesome."

GOSH, what a lovely moment... you've got it!

Stonecypher said...

Mitch Pileggi is a sexy, sexy beast. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Seriously looking forward to the London premiere. I'm sure we Brits and Europeans will do you proud!

Thanks so much for blogging - it really does make the fan community feel so, so included in things.

Timmy said...

well it's tomorrow already in Europe
what song do you like today ?

Anyway, thank you for this article, I laughed a lot. I do love the episodes you named... most are part of my favorits !

July 30th, I gonna ask for some popcorn while we're watching the movie !! haha !

take care !
-Timmy (France)

Penny Lope said...

we won't tell Mitch if you don't. and my hat's off to you - i tried posting earlier from my phone and what a .... pain. i recall you doing that very thing during the house of D blogging days- they need a large type feature .... least i do.
loved your Miller story on Leno and looking forward to the Premiere next week.


Next Week!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that I caught the Johnny Volcano soap opera scene the other day. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time!! Have you ever done improv? How cool would a celebrity charity improv night be?

Anonymous said...

If you could be any fruit, what would you be?

Saw your little clip on the All-Star game last night, and it was a riot! Are you sad to see Yankee Stadium go (though not a Yankees fan, I have to admit I'll miss it-- before we know it, all the late greats will be long gone) , or are you all out with the old in with the new?

Also: the article on you in Men's Health was phenomenal. I'm reading Diet for a New America as we speak and am even more eager to finish given your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

i just found out about yout blog - this is like Christmas! I'm turning back into a hyperactive fangirl. The thing that interests me is not about your acting techniques or inspirations (okay, it interests me and gazillion others, that's why it's been asked so many times), it's purely personal and fangirly. Are you or have you ever been a space geek? Even just a little? I have been rewatching my X-Files DVDs recently and this, from 'Space', is just genuinely lovely. I hate it when people confuse characters with actors who portray them, but i just want to know if you and Mulder [and me] share this curiosity for space.

(obviously, i'm not selling that screenshot or something, but i'm still hoping that i'm not breaking the law. And i sure do hope that i won't go to jail for writing this on my t-shirt)

anyway, thanks, guys - yet another X-Phile can't wait for the movie! Cheers from Lithuania, -

Aiste x

aja said...

Well, I just died a little inside when you said you like Steely Dan. My name is Aja...sound familiar? My dad named me after the Steely Dan album called "Aja" and there's a song on the album with the same name. Have you heard it?

- aja :)

J said...
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alice said...

Hi! David,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for last night after the Kimmel show. My friend was over the moon that you gave her poster a thumbs up and big smile.

See ya at the premiere!

J said...

dd -- love the blog...great stuff! Not as great as Curt Schilling's though...ha ha

Are you reading or have you read anything good lately? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Any character you would love to bring to the screen?

Marina said...
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Marina said...

I just love Ice too. Saw when i was like twelve and it turn one of my favorites since then.

I got a question about Willian.

Do you think there's a need to bring him back eventually in case the x-files franchise work out?
Do you think it's a dangerous step to take, explore Mulder, Scully and Willian as a family or a broken family actually, could drive away the adventure/political conspiracy atmosphere of the x-files? And possibly, drive away audience too?

kira88 said...

that Pileggi line is hilarious! thanks for the update! :)

Bea M.

Crack. said...

I happen to love you. I really do.

Did you keep in touch with Gillian after the series was over?

Because her hair was a bit of a shock to meh.

Are you going to be in any other films? Even if they aren't xfiles related?

What's your favorite song that's been played in the xfiles?

Ty btw; fer answering the questions and such.

DeeDee said...

Hi David!

Thank you for answering those interesting questions!

I was reading the interview you gave to the LA TIMES. Your last coment was just hilarious! You didn't want to get in trouble for saying XF is bigger than God so you make it clear that it's actually EQUAL to God!

I've never thought that way about where that x-philes' behavior comes from. But it's an interesting point and it really makes sense.
Thanks for sharing that opinion.

And talking about fans...


mulder said...

Hey David,

When exactly DID Patrick Stewart have hair?

As for Pileggi, he has a fun-loving group of "Walter's Wenches" who would willingly cater to his every need.

Lynn from Gotham

LaffLady said...

Hey David

Very cool. Lily Tomlin was a great and that episode is one of my personal favorites. I had a new question for you about Mulder. During the series I always enjoyed the humor you brought to the character. I was curious about how many of your one liners were scripted vs ad-libbed. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us.

Brandon Burrup said...

Steely Dan is awesome :)

Antonella said...

i always thought it was pileggi too.

Sarah said...

Hey David,
I just read your interview in the August issue of "Best Life" (one of my friends gave to me because he knows I'm a fan of your work). Anyway, my question comes from there. You mentioned that reading "Diet for a New America" changed the way you eat. As a random curiousity, I was just wondering if you are Vegan or Vegitarian. Of course that got me thinking about your episode, "Hollywood A.D.", and the zombie that freaks out after biting into a shoulder made out of turkey and not tofurkey. So I was also wondering if you make concessions when you act or if you eat the veggie burgers :-)

Anyway, good luck with the upcoming move to NYC. As a fellow Northeaster (MA...Go Red Sox!) who lives in Southern California (San Diego...brought here by our esteemed US Navy 8 years ago), I have to say I'm a bit envious.

Well, take care and thanks for taking time to answer our questions.


Sorina Andra said...

Thank you for another great post and I love those episodes too! There are some that I like more than others and others that I really wouldn't watch again but you nailed them( no pun intended).:-)


Jessica said...

Thanks Dave for doing these blogs! Awesome. I'll go see the movies 5 times or so to help put food on your table and get another one made.

Elaine said...

Hi David!

Where do I begin?

I agree with you. Popcorn>sunflower seeds. They're just much easier to eat. :D

Love your choice of favorite XF episodes. Some of those episodes are among my favorites, as well.

I enjoyed seeing you on Jay Leno the other night. Can't wait to see your upcoming interviews, as well as XF2, of course! 8 more days!

I have a question: What made you want to become an actor?

Thank you for taking the time to blog and answer our questions. All of us definitely appreciate it.


Chriswife said...

There's a lot to be said for bald men! But I do like you with hair, David. :)

Anonymous said...

You and Gillian have both talked about being inspired by a youtube video of Mulder and Scully. This one uses the song Caramel by Suzanne Vega:

Great song, and it is, for lack of a better word, erotic. And it's just the way you both look at each other. Thanks for bringing that chemistry to the screen for us every week for nine years. Looking forward to seeing it on the 25th!

Aunt Red said...

sooo. Small Potatoes was my favorite episode for like five years. Right now I'm in the market for a new one, but I appreciate that we have similar loves in the episode arena.

Tell Gillian she's the bee's knees and I wanna not have her babies. Well, maybe I'd have her finger babies. Is that too graphic? Regardless, they would be adorable and we'd call them Snout and Guacamole.
And I also know she's trying to distance herself from the old Scully, but for the love of purple socks: bring the short hair back!

Oh, here's a good question: Do you have a dog? If so, does he/she whimper in her/his sleep? My dog does, and I think he has nightmares. It's really sad.

How about a Midsummer Night's Dream? What role would you play in it if you could choose?

Peace, love, and chili cheese fries,
Aunt Red.

DutchDD said...

Dear David,

Now, with the XF movie so close I’m having sleepless nights. No, this is not an obsession. This is true love. I fell in love with the X-files a long time ago. These butterflies have never left my body but just sat still for the last 6 years. They are back now. God, I missed it.

Am looking forward to the London premiere. Although I didn't win any tickets (Frank help me out here!!) and cried because of that. But I'll be there.
I won’t be there to scream or cry out your name. I’ll be the quiet girl who has a smile from ear to ear.

Thanks for this, and your time. Good luck men.

Nicole, Holland

Anonymous said...

Steely dan, technotrance, gorecki. I'm your age David, but..but..but....what the hell is that???? LOL. I really have NO idea what you're talking about. Then again, I'm probably the only one in modern world who doesn't own a radio...
It's very funny what you said about Mitch Pileggi.
Ohhh and I loved the interview on Leno. Hysterical! I love to hear about your children, especially because Miller is only two days older as my grand nephew. I always compare them.
And yes Nicole, I'm also looking forward to the movie. Maybe we'll meet eachother in London. If I ever get there. With my feeling of directions you'll never know...

Anonymous said...

'......older THAN...'

ARGHHH. Sorry about that. It's my Rotterdam influence on language. I hate it.

Special C said...
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timberwolf said...

vote O B A M A !!!

Special C said...

Hi David,

First off I want to say that I am a big fan of the X-Files but am also a fan of your other work. I really enjoyed your movie House of D and was wondering if there was any more writing in the future. How about a comedy? Some of my favorite X-files episodes were the funny ones. I also remember seeing you singing with the Barenaked Ladies on a latenight show (Leno) and playing the "egg" instrument and cracking up. I also remember seeing you on Shandling's show where he thought you were in love with him which was hilarious!

Enough rambling. It's nice to have some new X in the near future and it is very cool of you to do this blog. Thanks!

Christopher J Truett

Anonymous said...

you are a lying liar! popcorn is the messiest food ever. well, aside from tacos. somebody brought it to a party i had last night, and i'm still finding it twenty-four hours later. after vacuuming :(

um, i just...felt the need to clear that up, and on a completely different note, i'm really enjoying your blog!


cynth said...

Thank you for your posts!
It is so interesting and nice to read the lines YOU actually wrote.

Could you tell me what your all time favourite books are?

Which languages do you speak?

Have you ever been to Austria?

Do you have any pets? (I know you once had a really cute dog called Blue.)


Emma said...


loving your blog. i hope you keep it up, i love your sense of humour.

Lilly said...

Eating sunflower seeds is even more tedious than pitting cherries.

And you mean without hair right?

Ivona said...

rotfl on the last one ^^ got me so laughing!
love pillegi, he comes in two my fave shows :D xfiles and sg :D

(and yes, i type like you too)

cannot wait for second season of californication!!

i just re-watched x-files again, all 9 seasons in 2 months ... could be quicker, but collage distracted me. yes, well ... never mind.

take care :) looking forward for the next entry ... but i'll be without internet for a month :( and i'll miss premiere of movie :'(

live long and ... prosper? (okay i'll stop, i swear!)

hello from Croatia!

Chica said...


What can I say, Your blog is genious. Thanks for the updates and fan participation ;)

I must say, this has always intrigued me, Hollywood A.D. is a splendid piece of work that we saw in The X Files. You should really be proud :) Have there been books and movies that have really inspired you to write your scripts on TV? What would you consider your all time favourite film/Director? I know it's a hard question to answer, but anything will do!

Also come visit us in London someday. I know it rains and the food is poor but we have the atmosphere :)

Best of luck and I look forward to IWTB and Californication S2.

Chica xxx

radiosilents said...

Ha! I love what you said about Pileggi... he may been right, you know! ;)

I guess you probably won't answer this question, but I thought I would try to put it out anyway... are you REALLY happy with how the movie turned out? My pesky partner is once again reading into things by thinking that because nobody has been allowed to see the film before its release, that those involved in its making are not happy with it. (He says that's what they do in Hollywood though how he knows this I have no idea!) Also, he caught you on Jay Leno (I was sleeping! BOO!) and told me that you said you enjoyed working on the film, but not that you liked the film.

Oh, I just really, really want it to be good! I hope it's good! You and Gillian deserve that.

Here's a cluster of questions you can answer with no misgivings: did you ever do your own stunts? Was there a stunt that you wish you had done yourself? Did your role require the level of fitness I suspect it did? How did you prepare for that aspect of the job?

Thanks, as always, for your charming posts!

Amy in Niagara Falls NY

MiDNigHt said...

Hi David!
I'm from Spain and i've read at XFN the press release note. They say that foreing x philes, will be able to watch the gala through the internet, so it'd be great if you guys could send some greetings our way!!
I can't wait to see the movie.
By the way, i love californication! They started airing it here 3 weeks ago and now i am an adict!!
Sorry for my english...

Matthew said...

Mr. Duchovny,

First off I just want to say that I think you're a terrific actor and that your portrayals of Fox Mulder and even Hank Moody have been personally inspiring to me.

I was wondering how you, personally, view the character as Fox Mulder? In addition, I was curious if you agree with the way that Mulder was portrayed throughout the series (especially the past several seasons) and even in the new upcoming movie? I'm also interested to know how the portrayal of Mulder, or even Scully, in the new movie differs from or compares to his portrayal throughout the series?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Matthew F.
Albuquerque, NM

Anonymous said...

hey dave!

thanks a lot for blogging!

i recently watched the german sync. version of Californication - I watched the english version too and I love it!

my question is whether you ever watched your tv shows or movies in a foreign language and what it feels like to hear yourself speak a language you don't actually know.

take care

btw: bad blood is the best ep ever!

HEYNOW said...

Hey David,
Do some of these fan scare you? I love the X-files, Californication, and the various other projects you've done, I even love Steely Dan but some of these fans are insane in the membrane!!!

P.S. Do you know where the name Steely Dan comes from?

leni said...


I'm glad to see that you say "some of my favourite episodes" because this question is really tricky and restraining. No matter the list it will always be uncomplete.

I'm going to ask you something close to that, but not exactly:

In which X-files scenes (or episodes) were you most saticfied with your acting? Where do you think you played best and were gladely surprised by yourself?

I hope that's not offensive, of course that you are terrific everywhere, but you know, there are degrees:) (Like Hank says "there are no such thing as my lesser works"...but he never said that there are no better works)

For example, here's a list of SOME OF your best X-files moments according to me:

1. The whole Small Pothatoes. There you impersonate two different persons so well that it's just incredible. Anyone could see by each line or look of yours whether it is Mulder or the Non-Mulder. I'm wondering how Scully couldn't figure that out:)

2. A lot of the Samantha stuff. For example - in Paper Hearts the scene in the autopsy room. You are so trully grieving and passionate and in the same time trying to hide your (Mulder's I mean) feelings that I've replayed this scene about twenty times mesmerized by its intensity.

3. Redux 2. There you are just...English is not my native language but I could not find the words anyway. All scenes with Scully there are totally touching and the way you (Mulder I mean) talk to her and look at her is full of emotion and honesty and is totally disarming. The conversations with CSM and Scully's brother are very very impressive too in a different way. But what I love most is the last scene with Scinner in the hospital hawlway where Mulder tells him that Scully's gonna be ok. You are half-crying, half-loughing there and I can adore you because of this only scene forever.

4. Amor Fati. You are anguished and sick where you should be and calm and relieved where you should a very credible way. My favourite part (and I'm not such a shipper usually) is the last scene with Scully, known as "My touchstone". Your eyes there know miracles and you speak so quietly and sincerely that it is really sacrosanct.

5. Many others

I hope you'll be happy for the whole eternity,
thanks for reading and please,
feel very loved by BULGARIA! :)

A Dreamer said...

From a fellow lover of literature, which literary character would you most love to play?

Do you feel your extensive background in the analysis of literature contributes to your acting method, or your ability to immerse yourself in a character?

Thank you so much for taking the time to reward the fans.

We respect you, and are thankful for the characters you bring to life, enriching our communal, fiction experience.

Alan said...

Hello David/Mulder,

Can't believe I'm writing something here for you! woohooo!!!

Xfiles is the only TV drama I watch. I even stay up late to watch one or two more episodes.

Some memorable episodes for me were Bad Blood, Chinga (Mulder was so bored :P). They were very funny. Some of my favorite fighting scenes were Orion - Scully kicked that fetish freak (Nick did hell of a job :P) and Mr. X vs Skinner in Mulder's apartment elevator (Pilleggi is buff :P)

I really think that the episode 'Home' was a treat for the xfiles fans. It could totally be a movie story with placed under gore/horror genre :O

There should always be a CGM in the xfiles. It's really funny when CGM smoked in the operating room/hospital.

Alright write more next time. I'll take all my buds to XF2 next week!

Amanda Robbins said...


How do you feel about X-Files fans? I hope we are not as bad as Star Trek fans!

(Just kidding, trekkies ...mostly!)

bushmeister0 said...

Love all the episodes you listed, too. I would add "Quagmire," which has some of the best Mulder/Scully interaction.(Tyler Labine liking the frog is unforgettablely funny, too).

Also, "The Unnatural," which I think is TV at it's best; "Dreamland" (I and II); and "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose." Peter Boyle's deadpan is brilliant.

I'm more of a punk rock guy (not super doctrinaire about it) but I like any Steely Dan, too.

I can't help thinking about the character in the Naked Lunch every time I see that name, though.

bushmeister0 said...

Love all the episodes you listed, too. I would add "Quagmire," which has some of the best Mulder/Scully interaction.(Tyler Labine liking the frog is unforgettablely funny, too).

Also, "The Unnatural," which I think is TV at it's best; "Dreamland" (I and II); and "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose." Peter Boyle's deadpan is brilliant.

I'm more of a punk rock guy (not super doctrinaire about it) but I like any Steely Dan, too.

I can't help thinking about the character in the Naked Lunch every time I see that name, though.

threaza said...


I've been a HUGE X-Philer for years. It's been more of a 'family' thing with us. We would hurry through the day and then lower the lights, watch X-Files and have dinner at the same time (eating while watching the show was probably not a good idea).

Those were great moments for my family. You see, it wasn't long after the final episode, my mum passed away and well, when we think X-Files now, we always have a warm feeling about all the good, nice, entertaining times we had together. So, when I heard the second movie was actually being made, it just...well, let me just say, it was a happy familiar feeling that came to us. So, thanks so much for all the years of X-Files in the past and for the upcoming movie. Good times, for us all, I'm sure :)

I don't really have a question or anything, I just wanted to let you know how many fun moments you guys gave (and will give next week) to many families out there, around the world :)

...I feel weird not asking a question so here goes....what pops into your mind first when you hear:-

Wong Brothers (I hope I spelled that correctly),
And the Lone Gunmen trio,
Well Manicured Man,
Cancer Man

My mother said once (the first time she saw you) that 'that's a handsome looking man'. She never said stuff like that. Ever. So, you truly are unique.

Well, take care and God bless you and your family, always :)

[Please forgive my grammar]

luv2luvduchovny said...

"patrick stewart was the first internet sex symbol with hair but pileggi always thought it was him."

One of the few times I disagree with you. ;)

Once again, we'd like to have you drop by the xfilesultimate boards. We are the XFUs and we've already recruited Frank Spotnitz, Robert Patrick and suspect Chris of lurking. You're next! :)

paperback writer said...

Hi David,

Firstly, thanks for the blog. It's an entertaining read and something I look forward to reading after a hard day's work!

The LA Times article was an interesting one. I like the idea of The X Files somehow taking the place of religion or a church and developing a community, which I think is what it's done and done well. Anyway, onto the questions - would you ever consider going back to compete your PhD, or publishing your thesis? I for one would love to read it; sounds like a very interesting topic. You've also done a lot of scriptwriting and directing (it'd be great to hear some more about your new projects) - have you ever thought about moving into writing novels?

If you're listening to technotrance you might want to check out a band called VNV Nation. They're more EBm but their tracks are stunning.

Thanks again!

phunatik said...

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions..really appreciate it.

But wait. i've got more. =)
Aside from your favorite episodes, which episodes do u find not appealing at all? If there's any?

And I'm curious about the untitled DD project posted in IMDB. Care to share a bit with the class? =)

All the best!

Sherilene Soroño
Manila, Philippines

Songbird said...

Dear Dave

You're a real brick mate! UK slang. LOL!

Yes, do drop by XFU anytime (if you're not doing already undercover? :-)

Oooh my pal Denise would agree with Mitch P there.

So enjoyed your personal definition of an alien on chat show with Jay Leno on NBC site! LMFAO!

Looks like I'm coming to see the movie at the premiere even though I didn't win tickets. This is all thanks to a lovely lady in Canada (and she knows who she is!)I'm quite touched by her kindness! So nice to find a rare and decent soul or two in this cruel world.

Okay my sister now wants to watch ALL of your 'Cali' episodes on the DVD. Well I don't mind sitting through them again. :-)

Love, Penny xx

PS: Not into techno music at all. But I like popcorn. So which type...sugar or salted? I like lightly sugared. I'm a sweet tooth. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
lately I've been trying to figure out what the truth is in my own life, and I don't mean that in terms of a mulder-like quest. With the state of the world today and my own desire to figure out who I am and what my place is in this world I find I often can't separate the truth from the bullshit. so I'm trying to figure out what my core beliefs are (and stick to them) so I have something to fall back on when I find I just don't know what to do. my question is--what is your truth?
thank you very much, can't wait for the movie!
happy days,

M@riela said...

Sexy Pileggi??
I was charmed with the interview with Leno, it has been brilliant to meet to interact so naturally and simply, to know of your family, is grand knows a bit more of someone whom you admire, bony you. It might not choose between X files's episodes, it is the really good, different very sad, different simply relaxing some; as Bad Blood!!!
If I want to believe was a success and they were giving to them the opportunity to do another movie; what point would you like to treat?

Mariela (Ecuador)

Aretha said...

Oh my...
X-Files i want to believe... is REALY comming...

a few of my favorites stars are on it... of course u are one of the most important of then,

Well... aren't u excited?
after all these years, what is David Duchovny thinking about doing this all over again?

i believe that u've answered those questions a lot these days ah?

Well i don't know what else to say
i'm feeling too nostalgic to do any good commentS here!

I'm sooooooo happy...

Brazilian kisses and crasy Screams to you David!

PS:Soooooooo happy....(bringing up my crasy-yeller-fan-Size!!! Again!!)

Aretha said...

Ok, Recovered of my intense madnes Excer momment...

About Pillegi's head...
hahaha, man i would Kisse that baldy head!!!

could you do that for me neXt time u see him?

it would be hilarious...


Melissa said...

So, now it's tomorrow... Has your list of personal inspirations changed yet? ;)
I have a theory about favorite music. It seems that the average person's passion for music becomes, well, passionate almost to the level of obsessive between the ages of 10-20. Whatever music was current during those impressionable years tends to become that person's favorite musical period... for life.
I dare you to test my theory. Just wait until West and Miller are a bit older.

Gal said...

I'm going to watch BATMAN tomorrow. But, I keep dreaming about July 25th. I'm re-watching all 9 THE X FILES's years!
I can´t wait for I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Kisses and namarië!

Lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allison said...

Hi David,

I'm really enjoying your blog! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how excited I am for the new movie! While I didn't watch the show while it was on air, I don't think there wasn't a man, woman, or child unaware of the x-files in the 90's. That said I did see the first film, at a drive in no less, with my family when I was 8. I felt so grown up, it was probably the first scary movie I saw on the big screen. So, I rediscovered the x-files this year and now I'm hooked.

I do have one question. Forgive me if you have already been asked this. How did you become involved with the writing process on the show? Was it something that just came naturally, that you would do this? I am going to major in English literature this fall and would love some words of wisdom. My ultimate dream is to become a screenwriter, working or otherwise lol. Hell, I'll fetch coffee for years if I have to.

Do you still enjoy writing or is directing more of your passion? Ok, so that was more one question.

Hope all is well,
New York

A.J. Smith said...

yeah, steely dan... good pic. and technotrance? wow, never would have guessed that one- but another good pick as well. who/what got u into that?? :)

Amanda said...

Hi David!

Just wanted to say how completely and utterly AWESOME it is that you have this blog. It's so cool that fans these days can connect with their favorite celebs in such a way that our parents or even older siblings never could.

Anyway, I feel like all XF2 questions have been exhausted, so here's one for you: Would your rather be have the ability to fly or breathe under water?

Amanda from Honolulu

P.S. I read that you guys joked on set that the next movie should be made in Hawaii, and I wholeheartedly agree! =D

Antonella said...

i won't be able to attend to the london premiere :( even if i won tickets. turns out living in Canada has it's downside too --when you're not rich. but i did give my tickets to a songbird and fellow XFU. so i guess they will be put to good use...the tickets that is.

and...i don't know why i just shared this with you and eveyrone on here.

thank you again for all that you do for the fans. we love you and appreciate it. well here is a question-- what does blogging bring to you? why do you do it? is it simply to connect with your fans or are there other reasons as well?

thanks again,

p.s. i'm giving a shout out to brazil..just cause.

Heather said...

What's the worst piece of advice you've ever received?

Anonymous said...

I agree about Patrick Stewart, just don't tell Mitch. Ah, Jack Black, Giovananni Ribisi and Shia LeBeouf. I remember those episodes well.

Take care David!

Always your fan,


Folie said...

Hello David,
I DVRd the VH1 Honors The Who and am watching it now. Wow. The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam kicked ass. Seattle represent! I know Grohl isn't really a Seattle guy but he's permanently adopted.

Yeah! I Want to Believe commercial.

Did you stay for the show? Did you get to watch all of it? Were you hella nervous? Being famous would rule sometimes. Not enough to make me want it though. LOL

I think we are all equally amazed by the technotrance comment. In a nice way. :-)

To this day anytime I hear the word "swamp" I am physically compelled to say the Sherriff Hartwell line about the EPA and Wetlands ... with the accent! It's like some sort of twisted compulsion. I love that ep. Although, I do love Folie a Deux.
When the siding salesman whispers for Mulder to turn around and look, then barely visible through the dark dark screen you see that the villian is really a huge bug! Mulder's face is so perfect.

Okay, that's my question.

How on earth did you manage to give those reaction shots like that?

It's acting! <<-- John Lovitz voice

Seriously though. Sometimes I would laugh out loud with joy at the subtle perfect awe on Mulder's face. *sigh*

[/end fangirl rant]

Peace Out ~ Folieadeux

Danielle said...

It's a bit of a strange question, but I've always wondered:
What was it like beating up Gillian Anderson during the filming of Colony?

bushmeister0 said...

Hey David,

I really appriciate, as do all of us commenting here, I'm sure, the rare opportunity to communicate with you like this.

The "your questions answered" approach you took in your last post is really a nice touch, but might become a bit unmanagable as the comments increase over time.

I'm just thinking, in my humble opinion (which I have for everything), you'd be better off in the long run just writing about whatever you feel like writing about.

I've always thought you were as good, if not better, a writer as you are an actor.

If you could, though, could you answer this one question.

I want to go back to "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" for a sec . . .

In it, at one point, Boyle's character relents for a minute, to Mulder's incesssent inquiraries about how he'll die, to imply auto erotic exficiation would be a terrible way to die. (The look on your face at that point is precious, btw).

We all know about Mulder's porn problem and his extreme frustrations in EVERYTHING -- the kissus interuptus with Scully bee sting in Fight The Future must have been a major buzz kill, and Morris Fletcher's discovery (as "Mulder") of his porn collection where his bedroom should be ("This guy hasn't been laid in 10 years"); so who do you think all these Mulder/Duchovny obsessed (many of them perhaps "2 Shy") girls posting here are really into?

You as the character; or you the flesh and blood, real, MARRIED, person who just happens to make his living as an actor?

And which do you think they'd have a better chance of "getting lucky" with?

Dina said...

Dear David!
My name is Dina, I’m from Belarus. It’s a small country in Europe. I have admired your talent for many years and as for me I think you are the greatest actor of our time. I have even begun to learn English to be able to watch your films in original (Sorry for possible mistakes, my native language is Russian).
Almost all actors have their secrets how they remember long cues. And how do you learn your monologues? I would also like to know, if you have seen bloopers from “The X-files”. I think, it’s the funniest thing I have ever seen.
All the best.
Yours sincerely Dina.


Thanks for this wonderful site and for possibility to associate with you and to read really your thoughts without journalist’s interpretation.

Songbird said...

You know David...

I think I understand what some of the press failed to - about you relating X Files to God? Just like people of this faith, we worship, not a figure head as such, but a coming together in a community of like-minded individuals. In this case due to the concept Chris Carter created...sharing with artistic, open-minded, innovative people ( who some of society tend to look down upon as being too idealistic.)

As with all communities you have to take the bad with the good. But overall it's been positive. I have been quite touched by some very kind folk I have met through being a part of this XF universe. Be it professionals in the film industry, celebs or fans - whatever? It's all just labels in the end!

Just recently one young lady touched my heart with her kindness. Her name in here is Antonella from Montreal. She won tickets to the London premiere but sadly discovered she could not go. She is pretty broken up about it, yet thought of me in the UK and is passing them on, so I can enjoy the experience. In turn I'm giving one to another XFU member (Carl) I met who lives a few hours away from me, and who offered to be my travelling companion months ago.

David, I know Antonella admires you very much. So if you could possibly acknowledge her on this Blog, I know it would help cheer her up.

I also liked what you said about marriage in a few articles. I also believe once the 'thrill' of romance passes then you can really discover if you and your partner are meant to be? Yes, I think a lot of it is luck...but I believe it's also fate. That two souls are meant to connect for whatever reason? Like you I also feel very lucky! My husband Pete and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary tomorrow!

Take Care,

Penny xx

PS: That abstract mind of yours? -Priceless! :-)

Antonella said...

you know i have been reading some comments on here and i have to agree. your acting as Fox Mulder couldn't of been more perfect. the subtle looks you created were sometimes so amazing it is beyond words. how you managed to let us know, see and feel all that Mulder was thinking is indescribable--the expressions and reactions shots are incredible in some episode moments. sometimes just with your eyes we were able to feel all that Mulder was going will always amaze me.

batman who? Mulder is my all time favorite hero (or anti-hero). trully such an indepth character that i will never stop loving.

so thanks for that. hank moody is cool and all but he is no Fox Mulder. :)

Songbird said...

PS: I've just read some of the posts and found Antonella's message to you regarding the tickets. She's a real angel. Bless her!

Penny xx

Songbird said...

Okay and now she's added another at practically the same time as me! LOL!

Pen xx

isabela. said...

hey, david.

i am so glad that you keep posting! it means a lot to your fans. :)

a question i have always wondered about: do YOU believe in aliens yourself? not necessarily in a government conspiracy, but i wonder if you have ever experienced seeing an UFO or something similar.

take care, and i can't wait to watch the new film! luckily, i got tickets to watch it on the 21st, at a fox premiere here in rio de janeiro.

all the best,


ps: 'the post-modern prometheus', 'small potatoes' and 'bad blood' are some of my favourite x-files episodes too. i also love 'jose chung's from outer space'. those funny episodes kick ass!

Songbird said...

Sorry you were pipped at the flamin' post for the 'E' award. :-( Hey you got the GG! To be honest I've never watched '30 Rock'. :-)

Penny xx

HEYNOW said...

Are you scheduled to be on the Howard Stern show anytime soon? I love the questions he gets you to answer.

jdaviddark said...

You're right about everything being political.

Thanks for all the good work.


hi DD im angel in brazil.i dont speak inglish,but i love your work!!!kiss

Tara said...

Patrick Stewart huh? Lol Thats hilarious. Are you referring to the photo online of him with pre-raphelite hair and a dodgy loincloth as that is the only pic i have seen of him bald? He is a great guy and i have met him a few times.

I was lucky enough to see A Christmas Carol a few years ago.

You mean other guest stars yelled at you? Want to expand on that? Loved Lily Tomlin in All of me. Great hilarious movie.

I don't like sunflower seeds or popcorn. Tend to get stuck in my throat.

That sucks you didn't get the nomination. I absolutely hate Ricky Gervais. He is terribly unfunny and just cheesy. Very fond of himself too. Can't stand celebs like that.

Love all those episodes but then I love most of them that you were in up to season 8.(only the season 8 and 9 ones you were in)

Personal favorites are Endgame /Colony, Anasazi trilodgy. Sixth extintion trilolgy, Demons, Paper Hearts, Grotesque. Dreamland 1& 2. Just so good. Bad blood was just perfect. The comedy and the timeing , great acting etc... a riot. Was *shaft* your idea?

Coming for the premier with a large group of friends and looking forward to it.

BTW Got the Cali box set for my birthday last week. The extra features are excellent. Do love the commentary you Tom and the other guy did. very funny.

Cindy said...

you mention john berryman, so tell me that you love robert lowell too?

Hanna said...

by Gorecki, do you mean Henryk Gorecki, the Polish composer? he was actually born in my city :) thanx for appreciating his music!

Courtney said...

So I was on youtube looking to see what people came up with for the New X-files movie, and of course I ran into one of the many "Mulder & Scully are meant to be together" videos. this one especially, cracked me up...picture this: Madonna's True Blue playing in the background to several pictures of different couples with Scully and Mulder's head pasted was truely oustanding and I couldn't help but laugh and share...anyway I did have a question out of all this believe it or not- I was just wondering if the rumors were true that you and Gillian Anderson couldn't stand eachother? Thanks :)!

jen said...

david, first, thanks so much for doing this! and thanks for doin the new movie, i cannot wait for next week.

question-- people on the internet have speculated that Mulder and Scully consumated their relationship after your episode "The Unnatural". they figure Mulder and Scully would be all hot and bothered from batting practice. what are your thoughts on their relationship timeline? Was there ever a point where it was discussed, okay, they're boning now, how would they act differently?

or were you both always playing it as unresolved sexual tension until "All Things"?

Anonymous said...

hey d:

have you read anything by G.I. Gurdjieff?

saludos argentinos!

Flash said...

sun flower seeds lol I never understood peoples obsession with it, I feel like a rabbit when I rarely try them..
so are you and Gillian planning to appear in any photo shoot together? that it is not photoshopped? or any late night show?
thanks for keeping us informed!

Folie said...

I don't think David means Lily Tomlin yelled at him. I think he's cleverly referring to the movie "I Heart Huckabees". The director of that movie was mean (to put it lightly) to Lily Tomlin and she yelled at him. The clip of her yelling at him got leaked onto the internet (shocked!) and it was a bit of a bruhaha.

The same director was also in a fight with George Clooney on the set of another movie because he (director) was being mean to the crew.

Of course, the only person who knows for sure is the lovely and talented Tea' Leoni 'cause she worked with him on "Flirting w/ Disaster." ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER.

On a side note, when Lily Tomlin's character calls Mulder "a masher" it totally cracks me up.

Hope that helps!

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said...

How do you go from Steely Dan, (and mostly funk and disco) to technotrance? :) Have to say it's very eclectic of you. Aren't they the ones that did that Stairway To Heaven remix?

Oh, and speaking of all global issues being political-- This has been bothering me for awhile. I just have one question, but I promise it's completely rehtorical. You've said a few times that the gov. isn't smart enough to keep large secrets because of all the political idiots who get caught for stupid things. But based on what I've seen, blackmail and back-stabbers seem run rampant through those halls- and sometimes people get screwed over when they screw up agendas or policies. Anyways, my rehtorical question is: Are you familiar with the research Dean Hagland has been doing? Not that he's an expert, but he sure has been in contact and doing his research with quite a large number of them. It's all there- if you're willing to look.

DutchDD said...

I do have to mention this...Guess I will be at the London premiere. A great person gave away two tickets for the London Premiere. I'll be there!


Tara said...

Sorry David.....

Hi Nicole. See you there!!!

Love people with eclectic musical tastes. I have many varied musical tastes as well. Heavy Rock to Hosan Ramsey... gregorian chant. One of my favorite groups is Enigma , also Dead can dance (Bruce Harwood is a fan) Rap never floated my boat but like it in Linkin park songs.

I go with my son to rock concerts and we seem to like the same music for the most.

Tara said...

BTW David next time you play on youtube, you might enjoy this. Its hilarious and very well done.

Yuri said...

The last country of the world

Japan is the last country of the world.Because XF: IWTB will be released on November 7 in Japan.

It is toooo late!!!
I can't wait!!

Could you please continue blogging till November?I LOVE read your words.

Please keep blogging after the project.


ladybug581 said...

I saw that Gillian has an auction on Ebay and she is auctioning a lot of her own personal X-Files memorobilia. I was wondering if there is anything from the show/set/etc. that you decided to keep.


Em said...

John Berryman... interesting fellow, very funny/tragic. Speaking of, I'd love to pick your brain over my favorite philosophical subject: 'creativity in relation to madness'... but for now I'll stick with one that can be answered succinctly (as I'm sure you have quite a busy press tour to ramble through in the coming days).

Do you have a favorite visual artist, or do you prefer to keep imagery in a literary context only?

~ E

(Dream Song #118 is an interesting read, by the way)

~Vonnie~ said...

Hi David,

God love you if you actually try to read all these comments!! There's hundreds, I nearly feel guilty leaving one in case you do try to get through them all... however I'm too much a fan to be able to pass up the oppertuinity to say hello :)

A couple of short questions that I'm sure you've been asked a million times before. What's been your favourite role that you've ever been in? Do you have a dream role that you'd love to have?? And if you could make one book into a movie what would it be?

On a more selfish note, any chance anyone from the show will be making it over to Dublin for the opening of the movie or will the focus all be on London?

Thanks a million for talking the time to read this,

ines.koch said...

thank you for answering our questions. I just saw a German special on TV. The show looked great, you looked great and so did the rest of the crew! :D
I'm getting a little nervous now that the first critiques pop up in the internet and they don't seem too positive. But you said: "We nailed it!" and I believe you and so I'm looking forward to a great movie that will rock my socks off.

Hey Dave, is it really true that you and Téa are going to move to NY with the kids? How come? I mean you're shooting Californication in L.A. and I don't see a real advantage for your family moving there now. So I kinda guessed that these sayings were only rumours?

However, thanks again for blogging. This is just too great!
Ines from Germany


Hey Dave,

During the shows run, did you and other cast & crew members ever sing or recite lines from Spinal Tap to Michael McKean?!?

Colleen said...

I remember you saying that in the six years since the show ended, you haven't had much contact with Gillian. Do you think the two of you will keep in touch after the experience of making this movie together?

Lily Grace said...

I miss your blogging!!! *mwah*

>>patrick stewart was the first internet sex symbol with hair but pileggi always thought it was him.


>>the post-modern prometheus, small potatoes, and bad blood.


Kat said...

New Zealand fan here - slightly sad that I don't get the film at the same time as others (and that was announced! they said the 24th! now the 31st. Not your fault, of course), but I'll be going along as many times as possible. I'm sure the fans will be rallying together and getting lots of box office numbers going.

I can't wait for new Californication, and I think it's awesome that you've got a blog for us to blab all over.

Ever been down here to NZ?

Suzzy said...

Hi David

I am happy to read that X-Files is now part of the Smithsonian collection and has become part of the American pop culture history. How do you feel that your character Fox Mulder now has a permanent place in entertainment history and will never be forgotten?

I hope to see the XFiles exhibit one day and have wonderful memories of it.

Thanks for blogging and good luck with the movie.




Em Jay Kay said...

Hi David -

I live in Philadelphia area, and every morning on the way to work, I listen to WMMR - 93.3 The Preston and Steve show... They have a segment called "The Bizarre Files" that they do every morning - with "The X-Files" music... and about a month ago I recommended to them to start promoting the crap out of the new movie - and well, I don't know if they had intended to all along of if my suggestion had anything to do with it, but last week they won a contest where you had to get the 5 words of the secret sentence to win a trip to L.A. to go to the premiere! I didn't win (boo), and just FYI, the secret phrase was "An Alien Touched My Hiney-Hole". Anyway, I just asked them if you or Gillian were going to be on/call into the show - and they said that you were supposed to maybe call in this week? But they weren't sure. It would definitely make MY day if YOU and even GILLIAN too could call into the show!!! I am seeing the movie Thursday night - the midnight showing - and I have convinced 5 friends/family members to see it with me! I made everyone prepare for the new movie by watching all the episodes - and boy, were they a dedicated bunch! We're all super excited and would LOVE if you called into the show! it's WMMR 93.3, preston and steve in the morning. You can email anyone over at the show at the following email addresses, and they always get right back to you:,,,,,

I hope to hear you on my way to work one morning this week!! The best of luck with the movie and your family and everything!

Marla Kleiner

Kemariah said...

Dear David,

since I was 9 I wished to share a moment with you. I can't find words for how much I've always admired you. Thank you so much for dedicating your precious time to us, I can't wait to meet you in person!!!

Seeyou in London,

Kemariah said...

Dear David,

since I was 9 I wished to share a moment with you. I can't find words how I've always admired you! Thank you for dedicating your precious time to us, I can't wait to meet you in person!!!

Seeyou in London!!


Kid Feed Mommy said...

Hi, David,

What does it feel like for an actor to have "good chemistry" with another actor. Everyone raves about how you and Gillian have such great on-screen chemistry. Do you actually feel that's true yourself? Is there really "magic" that happens with her as opposed to an actor with whom you do not have natural chemistry? This chemistry idea is interesting and mysterious to me and I'd like to hear your insights.

Thanks, and good luck with the movie opening this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

La Palma, CA

taDeuDz said...

Hi david
Really looking forward to seeing the movie when it's released in the UK next week.
It's interesting reading your blog.
Can't wait for season 2 of Californication to air over here either!
Take care
Ally x

foxtrot said...

Hi David,

I just want to know if ur going to stay to watch the movie in London at the premiere or will it be just like "walking over the red carpet and then out through the backdoor"?


X said...

heynow said: "Do you know where the name Steely Dan comes from?"

HA! I'd love to see him answer that one, as would everybody who knows the answer to that question. I'm thinking he does.

Paper Dolls Don't Gasp! said...

Hi David!
So awesome that you take time to read all these cool comments! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love Bad Blood too! First time I've ever seen Luke Wilson! I love that last line of that episode..."Everything is true except for the buck teeth."
Got a few questions for you. Hopefully you can answer them.
1. What are your favorite tv shows?
2. Which new tv shows are you anticipating to see?
3. Who do you want to see win at the Emmy's? Best show?? Supporting actor in a drama??
Have a great week! God Bless you and your family always!
Love Gloria

Tara said...

I love the scenes in small potatoes where Eddie/Mulder is pantomiming being Mulder and pulling those funny faces and later on when he is trying to hide his burgeoning woody under one of Scully's cusions hehehhehehehe

(bet she trashed that afterwards LOl)

A.J. Smith said...


in light of hearing some bozo reporter claim the movie was too hard to follow and not scary, i am even more ready to see it than ever just so we can all go and rip this guy a new one and tell him he's full of, well you know. why is there always one person who tries to be a dick during reviews.

and by the way, im getting such a kick out of seeing you and gillian doing interviews together again. I like the post-xfile side of both of you much more. taking a long break from that kind of insanity seems to make things the way they should have been all along.

Anonymous said...

Hi David.
Thank you for taking the time & trouble to keep in touch with your is great when used this way, isn't it? :)
You and Gillian look pretty well-preserved in the trailers...My hubby & I are re-watching the X-Files on cable and dvd to refresh our memories before the movie opens here in Singapore on Thur..can't wait!
Love to Tea and kids too!

Songbird said...

So, you told Radio Times you love Dr Who? I mentioned it on your Blog not knowing this at the time. LOL! You'd have fun trying to get into a Darlek! Okay that just came across in a totally unintentional perverted way! LMAO! How about a Cyberman? As I said I love the show and it really would be great to see you as a villain one day. Up against David Tennant eh? Too much testosterone for one gal to handle there! LOL!

Penny xx

Songbird said...

Okay, thought of a DW monster you could play. How about an Ood? Man's body...with a squid head! Or there's a Hath creature which is a man with a fish head (not a rotten one though!);-)

Penny xx

Tara said...

DAVID, Good luck with LA premier. We are looking forward to the LONDON one.

Anonymous said...

You know what is weird? I just stepped outside and a car was parked right in front of my house. On the car was written "Mulder, if you need help immediately". Now how weird is that??? LOLOL. (ok, it was a garage and they mean help with your car, but still...)

Antonella said...

hi david,
i just wanted to say that i know it must be a pain to have to sit through a press junket but all the interviews that have surfaced lately and all the lil spoilers that have been said in them have been great to watch and have me all pumped up and excited for friday(my x-files movie night!)

i also wanted to say you both look great --gillian is stunning and glowing and beautiful and i wish her all the best with her pregnancy and you are well... you're mulder! looking still very "smuldering" (sorry i went there)

hope u have a great time at the premieres and i just wanted to say thanks for making this movie and bringing back such a great character.

hope you'll keep blogging as well.

it's almost time and i had to share my burst of excitment!


tjmilla said...

Steely Dan rocks. When I was little, I thought the chorus to "Reelin' in the Years" was "Reelin in the Eeeeeees".

Anyway, the only comment I would like to make about the X-files is congrats on some great work, David. There were occasional episodes where I shook my head and said "what the @#!$", but mostly, it was entertaining stuff. It got me through one and half months of being bed-ridden at the hospital for sick children in Toronto (and subsequent shorter visits) while I was a teenager. Sure it was escapism, but in moderation, I think it's reasonable. Well, it was either that or the Sound of Music. Or Kids in the Hall (I did actually alternate between your show and KITH, because damn, that show is both funny and Canadian).

I have no questions about the movie because, well, I figure I'll just see it. But if you have time, riddle me this: if you were any one of the four Beatles (alive or dead) which member would you be and why? Just curious. Don't pick Paul because my mom can't stand him and she won't watch your movie.

All the best,
Tracy Miller, Fredericton

P.S. Thought I would plug my favourite hometown band. I'm a Vetchaholic. They play every year here at the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival -- the best damn Jazz and Blues festival there is:

mulder said...

Hi David,

If you get this far down into the comments, congratulations. It's not easy for the fans to slog through all of them.

I enjoyed your comment about the YouTube video and thought you might like to bookend your "I Want to Believe" experience with this X-Files send-up.

Hope you enjoy it.

Lynn from Gotham

niniane said...

I have seen the movie yesterday and I must say I`m not dissapointed even a bit!:-))) I liked it a lot, and both you and Gillian were great - your Mulder and Scully really are different, more mature, older, but also wiser, with somewhat different set of priorities, which I find logical and expected for them. And the movie is, as you yourself sad in the interviews, creepy. Maybe the creepiest part is the fact that things dealed with in the movie are disturbing, even if they can happen anywhere... It did give me chills.
Special plus for Mulder&Scully relationship - you and Gillian did a great job there!:-)

Dragonfly Dreaming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dragonfly Dreaming said...

(Helps if you catch the typos BEFORE hitting post)

David - you are slacking on your blogging my dear...6 days without a new post, one might almost be forced to call you a tease. ;)

Looking forward to seeing the movie in two days. I literally get gooseflesh when I see the trailer or any ads on T.V...

You just keep getting better, you know that?

Now update your blog before the whining commences!

A new(ish) but loyal fan,

PS - to the NY Philer gals, I know you will be celebrating the movie in in grand fan fashion, as always, ::is consumed with jealousy:: I will be thinking of you, imagining the shit eating grins on your face and shouting 'nailed it' if only in spirit right along with you!


Anonymous said...

Someone forgot to enter Gillian in this race. She would have been a shoe in for first place. Hardy har har. One of the funnier scenes in the series was Gillian and Tea practicing running in the background while you and Garry discussed your personal habits. The first time I watched I couldn't pay attention to what you guys were saying becasue I was laughing too hard at the ladies!

Sophie said...

OMG David!

I am counting down the seconds - only about 18.000 seconds - then I will be sitting in the midnight premiere of IWTB in my local theatre here in Marburg, Germany... Gee! I am sooo looking forward to it!

As a preparation I watched all of the episodes again - finished yesterday - just in time... ;) Tell ya' it took me about 2 months to go through them all! But it was definitely worth it... :D

Take care! And have fun at the premiere! ;)

Greetings from Marburg, Germany!

Amber_Mulder44 said...

Hi David,
I have a question for ya! Are you still a big New York Knicks fan?

lostmulder108 said...

Dear David,
I just recently became hooked on your show, the x-files. Thank you for always making me laugh and giving me the opportunity to challenge conventional thinking. I am very excited for your new film; congradulations!! Thank you once again for being a great actor and fictious person I can really relate to!
P.S. I loved you in "Quagmire", "Detour", and "Bad Blood" You are amazing!!

Natalia Bonavia said...

Hi, David...
I have a question: now that you are blogging, do you feel the same way as your characacter from Californication? (I mean, do you hate it?) Are you getting use to it? It remind you of Moody? how much are like him?... are you more comfortable playing Mulder or Hank?
Take care,
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Kormy said...


Loved you in "Twin Peaks" and appreciate your versatility in whatever you do.

Whatever this new fim does at the box office, will you all do a follow-up to the series involving the aliens.

You sacrificed much to keep the series going and we'd love to see a continuation of the mythology.

Thanks for your interest in your fanbase. We apppreciate you!

Christine said...


First of all good luck with the XF movie. It has been highly anticipated.

What is your thoughts in playing a character like Hank Moody. He is very self destructive at times, and it is a character that you really feel bad for at times, other times you just want to slap him.

Hank Moody is today's Henry Miller.
Henry Miller would have loved "Californication" and he also would have loved Hank Moody's values. I wonder if the creater named Hank Moody for Henry Miller, HM! I never thought of that until now.

Anyway congrats on that show, it is one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time. Well written and directed. Thank god for it, as we had enough of reality TV.


marie said...

Dear David

I loved the movie it was great I went an seen it like 5 times it was great I dont really have a question for you beacause i cant think of one right now but the X Files I Want To Believe was great You Gillian Chris and Frank did a really great job making the movie I watch that show every day call me obsessed but I cant help it I love the X Files Is there going to be a third X Files movie? I hope so I even got people that have never watched the show go and see the movie your fans wre not disapointed well at least I was'nt My birthday is on friday the first of august I am a leo too and your the same age as my dad but anyway that was like an early birthday prestent for me and my mom because we share the same birthday so thanks again for the movie and great job!


Kat said...

Hello, David!

My name is Kate. I live in Russia in Saint-Petersburg. I love the x-files and new film! What do you think about it? I mean, do you like this? I heared a different means and that is why I want to ask you. Answer please.

With much love,

Samantha said...

Dear Mr. Duchovny,

I'm curious to know if the film, that I just recently saw, turned out the way you felt it should. As the man, the myth, you play do you feel that the film did both Mulder and Skully justice? I was under the assumption that the film as supposed to instead be of the supernatural, sort of dive into Mulder's deepth more so, then the series seemed to be more envolved with Skully's internal crisis...but then again, it seems the same before as it is always seems to go back to Samantha, but it wasn' perception anyway. Sorry to be so long winded..I was just wonderin if it turned out the way you thought should have? I enjoyed it nevertheless, As I do with all of your projects...I really like Californication, its shows the dark side and reminds me of my family haha

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read an idiot's understanding, have a great day and good luck in the future.
much luvs,

kellylynn719 said...


I loved the movie! The series references put a smile on my face :)

Anyway, I was wondering... what was your favorite scene to film?


PS Californication is sexy and brilliant... just like you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just came across your blog...I didn't know you had one!

I saw the movie, it was EXCELLENT - and our little X-Files group on Myspace ( - if you ever came to check us out, we'd all keel over and DIE!) WILL be writing to Fox on a regular basis trying to get a third one! Come on now - they're leaving us out of the loop, the alien invasion is supposed to happen in 2012 and there isn't going to be a movie about it? Come ON!

I love all the favorite episodes you posted too, especially Bad Potatoes - it was great acting on your part, you really captured Eddie Van Blundht's looks and body language well.

Anyway, hope to see more from you soon, even if it isn't another X-Files movie (although I hope it is!)


Drumline Momma-Llama-Ding-Dong said...

I was watching "Sleepless" at 1 am on sci-fi the other night, and i kept thinking, 'i know that dude.' i scared the whockydo out of my husband when i yelled, "That's Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite."

Thought I'd share. It gave me a bit of a chuckle.

over8ted said...

I knew Small Potatoes had to be a favorite with you. It looked like you were having so much fun with the other character. BTW I loved the new X-Files movie, I don't care what anyone else says about it, it was great. Good Job!

Skarlet said...

I have another question. Why doesn't David post anymore? Wish he were back on the blog.
I saw him in December in "The Break of Noon" Did anyone else of you saw the play?

Samantha said...

he's probably too busy with his own life....goes through the samething everyone else does...marital the such. I'm not knocking him, I've had a crush on him since I was well lets see I was 5 when the x files came out so I'm not saying since I was 5 but I'd give myself 8 years old..while it was still going on. I got made fun of because of it through middle school and high school cause thats all I would talk about was that television show. And going back and watching the films he did before this show..Yeah He's a very attractive and good actor..and I used to be obsessive but as I get older and he does too! LOL He's just a person..just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

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Skarlet said...

than's for the link, nik.