Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nailed It

you guys asked for a set story or two. here's one---it was very cold. here's another---there was a commercial playing on tv at the time for a mexican fast food chain---a mouth practicing saying "gordita" i believe, perfecting its accent, and at the end, having perfected this accent, says in a high pitched voice---"nailed it". for some reason i loved that commercial, it tickled me. so after just about every take, especially one where my performance was lousy or something had gone desperately wrong, i would pipe in a loud falsetto---"nailed it!" to my delight, next xzibit started screeching nailed it after he screwed up and then amanda peet became a convert to the idiocy. so soon after every take, especially the bad ones, there was a chorus of "nailed it"'s. i believe, though i can't confirm it, chris carter was overheard to say "nailed it" on a couple occasions. so after the lights come up, after this movie is over, i would like to hear some nailed its from the fans. cause believe me, we did. we nailed it.



Sophie said...

i am sure you nailed it! hilarious! :D
thanks for the insight of a on-the-set-story... would be fun if you would include these kind of bloopers to the dvd!
c'mon - you know we love 'em!

will you continue to blog when the movie started in cinemas?
we would love to discuss and talk about it - after we too, finally know what it is all about!

take care!

Chris H. said...

Great stuff David!

Reminds me of a friend who yelled "Awesome!" every single time a certain Blackjack dealer beat us in Vegas.

Of course, she beat us nearly every hand ...

When she has cleaned us out, I stood up, shook her hand and said "Thank you, for not only taking my money, but crushing my spirit."

Seriously, the "Awesome" had me in stitches ... much like the "Nailed It" probably did on set!


Anonymous said...

That story made me laugh so hard. Thank you for sharing. And there's no doubt in my mind that it's going to become the catch phrase of the summer...because that's just how we x-philes are.


radiosilents said...

Too funny! I will yell it out at the drive-in when I see the new movie. ;)

I loved the first story, too. It was cold. Har.

xo Amy in Niagara Falls

Cleide said...

It was very funny... I'd love to see it!!!!
You can count on us, to spread this crazy joke!
Kisses from Brazil!

Minas Gerais - Brazil

LaffLady said...

What a funny story. ..you nailed it huh? Hmmm. Well if you did then I will say "nailed it" after I see the film..but I think I need an audio first. Can you post an audio of yourself saying that in the high pitched voice??(kidding) OH-- OH I JUST SAW A COMMERCIAL on TV ..not for Taco Bell but for XF2! YAY. gotta go. Liking the stories. Do share more. Thanks!

Rachelle said...

Dear David,

That story made my day, thanks for the good laugh!

And no doubt you nailed it!

Take care,


Sinkwriter said...

This post tickled me. "Nailed it!" Hee.

Especially love that first story. I found that it was wrought with symbolism and thematic material, and really speaks to me on a cellular level: "It was very cold." Yes, absolutely. Very deep. Brilliant.



Okay, okay. Tell me something seriously now, David. What do you love most about acting? What challenges you most?

Rana A. said...

Thanks David for that awesome set story! You bet we'll be saying "nailed it" after the movie. I also hope to see those bloopers on the movie DVD... hopefully with some swearing. ;)

Take care and the countdown is getting closer to showtime!

Rana A.
Las Vegas/heart in HI

Sinkwriter said...

P.S. If you say 'nailed it!' because you blew a line or messed something up royally, and you want us to say 'nailed it!' at the end of viewing the film, does that mean us saying 'nailed it' means we think the movie sucked?


Kidding, kidding. I know what you were saying. Just wanted to mess with your logic. *GRIN*

Morgan said...

Wow, excellent stuff here, David. You can be pretty damn sure that there will be a chorus of "nailed it"'s after I see this film. ;)

lechenklein said...


Thank you for blogging, David.

Very funny. "Nailed It" cool.

Lea Sofie =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh David!! That story had me in stitches :D!! Thanks once again for sharing.

Take care :).

Claudia said...

* chuckles * I will have to remember that tonight when hubby and I go to bed. *winks*

How long does it take you generally, David, to memorize a scene. I have this vision of all of you walking around for months with script in hand mumbling to yourself...

Anonymous said...

hi david..
you still havent answered my question.. here we go again.. so you can nail it answering my questions ;D

i want to know when are you comming to Brazil??.. you never came here and i know you have many fans out here.. im sure we all will be very pleased with your presence.. plus even if you dont come here to promote a movie or something.. come for vacation whatever.. it would be nice to have you here..
so come! =D

now.. you still also havent answered if theres any tongue involved on the kiss.. cmmooooon wont hurt say anything.. like just post yes. on a blank space and i will know what youre talking about.. haha i need some clue..

the idea that the bald man from lost saw mulder and scully.. you know making william.. it scared you or weirded you out?

i heard that you and Gillian had refused to do some sex scene that Chris had put on the script.. why? whyyyyyyyy?

do you think theres any tv show that came real close of what xfiles were? and do you watch tv shows at all?

now im gonna ramble some odd questions..
what do you have for breakfast?
is there any caracther on movie or television that you would like to have made?
is there any chance of you directing movies anytime soon?
what are your favorit pair of socks?
is there any kind of art that you would like to have it on your wall?
what was the most important or the most emotional prize you won?
do you have any good salad recepty?
whats your favorit drink?
do you like to play poker?

well i guess for now thats all...
i hope you read all my questions.. even if you dont answer them thats fine if at least i maked you laugh at some point..
i wish you all the best..

XoXo Layani Prado
From Brazil...
hi to my fellow friends.. Kaline Star Nay Yaya Djanira Tessa Josi also melissa and more people from xfiles chat that im forgetting..

Rat said...

Lol, that was great! I'll probably mess up and yell "Gordita!" at the end though, cuz thats just how I roll...

Penny said...

You definitely have more fun at work than I do!

Here's a question (or at least I will get to one eventually): Believe me, I love Mulder & Scully more than anyone really should, but I wonder if you (all of you) have had to do anything to refocus the movie to make it more in keeping with the times? After 9/11, and more to the point, after The Sopranos and The Wire and midstream that wonderful show called Californication [wink, wink], viewing tastes seem harder-edged, more demanding of realism and more suspicious of human motivation. M & S seem so innocent in comparison. Putting aside aliens and shapeshifters as subject matter, I wonder if the collective psyche still resonates with that emotional restraint and earnest purpose I associate with the x-files. I hope so. I think that's part of what keeps me thinking about this show after all these years. But an added edginess couldn't hurt.

Best wishes. I can't tell you how much pleasure I've gooten from this series and I'm so excited to see more files!

Fred said...


I am from the portuguese blog and site about x-files and you are great!!

Thank you for all!

God bless you!

Antonella said...

hahahaha. good stuff.
this was my fav blog. thanks David! keep those great behind the scene stories coming. i love this :)

nailed it!

and i believe you may have now started an army of schreeching 'nailed it' users.


aesthette said...

Duchovny, you are awesome.

Also, I feel like maybe it was a Dairy Queen commercial. And I couldn't stand it. But I do admit to yelling BAMMMMMMM!!!! for months after an inspiring Pop Tarts commercial.

xloverin said...

Hi David!
Thanks for sharing the story, I imagined it and my mother just came in with the question: why are you laughing? :-D
Be sure that in case I wouldn't be speechless after the movie, the whole cinema would hear me screaming: you nailed it! :-D
Best wishes,
Dana, Slovakia

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

At least you weren't saying, "It's my money, and I NEED IT NOW!" which is the stupid commercial that seems to get overplayed in my area.

Thanks for sharing your tale of how you corrupted the cast and crew! ;0)

In a few days I'm leaving for my vacation and I probably won't have computer access while I'm gone, so, um...

[b]Please don't say anything funny 'til I get back! :0)[/b]

Thanks for all you've done,

Lauren said...


I have been a huge fan of the show for years - I own every season plus the first movie! I actually recently got my boyfriend into it, and he is already up to season 9! What I am wondering is whether or not Mulder and Scully's baby William wil be mentioned in the movie. He was, after all, a huge part of seasons 8 and 9. Also, will we get an update on Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes? I know it's a stand alone film, however, us die hard fans are hoping there are some mentions of major plot points and characters from the series.

Thanks for making another movie - my X-Files friends and I are all very excited!

~ Lauren
Queens, New York

luv2luvduchovny said...

Loved the story! I can just see thousands of philes being thrown out of movie theaters across the globe for yelling "NAILED IT!" even before the end of the movie. ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Martina said...

C'mon, give us some Big Yin stories - I'm sure he must have done your head in, because he never dries up.

Northern Ireland

Laura said...

Thanks David. I love the behind the scenes stories and look forward to more :)


Heidi Rat said...

I dunno, the last time I screamed out a phrase containing the word "NAILED" in a dark, crowded theater, my night got unpleasantly interesting.

Chriswife said...

Come see it in New York, and we'll be sure to let you hear 'nailed it' at the end. ;)

lynn said...

Hi David. First, thank you for your work on the X-files. You and Gillian brought the characters to life. I found the X-files very late. I had never seen an episode and then one day in early January 2000 I watched “Fight the Future” on cable. I was hooked just from the movie and then spent the next six months watching all the episodes I could find and the internet sites to catch up. My question is this. In your opinion do you think the new film is as good as “Fight the Future” and can it hook new fans as the first film did for myself. Thanks and I can't wait to see the new movie.

mcase1013 said...

I can not wait to see this movie. I am sure you guys "nailed it". How could you not after 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to talk yo us and the entry made me smile.
I also have to say my brother and I love Hank Moody. :D

Ellen said...

I bet you nailed it. Anything you do, you do well. I can't wait to see it.

mulder said...

Hey David,

Was the TXF "Nailed It" chorus part of the gag reel?

If not, could you please exercise your vast influence on behalf of the fans for its inclusion as part of the DVD extras?

Thanks in advance,

Lynn from Gotham

Tiffany Chantel said...

Oh my god hahaha, I'm cracking up! That is hilarious. When it comes to telling a funny story, you "nailed it." No, seriously! ;)

Tiffany Robinson
San Francisco, CA

Penny Lope said...

that's a funny story! you got your 'nailed it' - we fans love to have fun with stuff like that - hmmm....maybe a name tag or some other silly emblem like our House of D 'friend of blog' buttons - i still have a whole sheet of those!

Songbird said...

Hi David

That was a riveting set story...
about it being very cold! LOL! So let me get this right. You want us to yell 'nailed it' at the screen all over the world when the credits come up? Which, according to your second story, means...you mainly screwed up? Considering you were all acting in below freezing temperatures I'd have thought you'd be allowed to make SOME mistakes. Probably all suffered from brain freeze now and then? LOL! Love the way this saying you started became infectious. Though I'm sure when WE yell this advert's phrase out we'll mean YOU guys 'positively' nailed it! Oh I can just see Philes in unison yelling this out now. And everyone else in the cinemas thinking we've all gone completely bonkers! Hell yes! Let's do it!!!

I agree about the Bloopers some have mentioned. I so LOVE them, and it would be great if the DVD could have some on there? Let those fine folks at FOX know we fans want these THIS time around, otherwise we'll come and kick their arses...gently!

Penny xx

JESSICA said...


i am such a fan!! can't wait to see the movie. i wanted to ask, as im sure others have, when the LA premiere will be and where. i know you guys had it at the mann bruin for the first movie and it would be great if it were in westwood again since i live here =)
either way im excited for the movie and can't wait to see how you've all "nailed it" =)

just wanted to say what a talented guy you are . .and hilarious!! =)


Rebecca said...

I'm just going to take that as the good "Nailed it!" for the movie and not the, "Boy, did we suck!" variety. :)

Anonymous said...


Your blogs make great reading. Thank you so much for taking time of your hectic schedule to connect with us fans.

I have been a fan of the show from the time they aired the pilot episode and my favorites are the season finales of 2,3,4 and 6. I still watch them on DVD almost every other weekend. :-D

Thanks again for sharing some of your experiences and i look forward to another X-Files movie in the future.

Raghu - Madras, India


Hi Dave,
That's a good story, reminds me of a commercial WaMu had running in '04, a guy comes into work late and he says, "Sorry I'm late, I just had a job interview. NAILED IT!" Same falsetto and everything. I'm sure there will be a plethora of "Nailed It"'s out there when the movie comes out--your ears will burn as if someone is talking about you!.. I am sorry to hear about those b-ball skillz.

I know this isn't x-files related but I thought you might be able to tell the wonderful Mrs. McElhone that she and her family are in our thoughts and prayers. thanks.

Hillary Titley said...

If you liked the "Gordita" commercial, you should check out the one where the sumo wrestlers wash the subaru!

*I can't believe the blog name "The Duchovny Files" was not already taken!

aja said...

dear david -

do you actually read all of these comments word for word?

you shouldn't have told the story about "nailed it" - that is going to be my catchphrase now for at least a month. did gillian also get in on the "nailed it" fun?

i have a random question: did mitch ever talk about the university of texas at austin? i read on imdb that he went there and i was delighted because *I* go there! hook'em horns!!

by the way, you're my birthday twin. august 7th! :)

- aja

A.J. Smith said...

we know you guys nailed it, and we don't have to even see to see it to know you did. even so, hearing your confident affirmation is making my head spin. thanks sooo much for doing this film and blog for us. we've always been proud of the work you and the crew have done all of these years. it's been worth the wait, and so much more.

gcaldera127 said...

Haha, well you can rest assured that at the end of the midnight premier there will be a chorus of 'nailed it!'s from us! The first story was amazing as well, haha!

Chariot13 said...

There's a dirty joke in there somewhere that I'm not even going to try and extract. ;)

All I know is that I can't wait to watch you nail it over and over on the big screen in a few weeks. (Oop wait, might have found it.)

Seriously though, glad to hear how much fun you had making this movie. And I second the person who said you should try to get that on the DVD. :)

Keep writing! We love it!

Nayara said...

Hi David, here I am, again!
I confess: to post messages in this blog is becomig an addict...

Do you know what we dream about it, don't you? Ok, let me refresh your memory: please, say Hi to Brazil!! :)

As one of my crazy friends said, that's no matter if you just put a PS: Hi. We will understand and love it, ok!

Kisses to you, your family and my delirious friends: Lu, Star, Yay� Iandra, Josi, Joyce,Vivis, isabela, lay, Ju, tassia, tessa, cleide...

Bahia - Brasil

jdducker said...

Hi David
Loved your latest post. I will be willing to say nailed it. I can't wait for the 25th to get here. I have been spreading the word to everyone I can. I think I have shown the trailer to all the people I work with. I will be at the theatre first thing Friday morning. I work mid shift that night. But I can guarantee you that I will be there.

It sounds like both Xzibit and Amanda were alot of fun to work with. How was it to work with Billy?

Take care

Lu said...

Hey, David...
Ok, I'll remember the "nailed it" thing when the movie is over...
whatever it means, I'll say it :D
Brasilian kisses!!!!!
See you!

CoolBrittania said...

I can't tell you how great it is to hear these straight from the set insights about the movie... "It was cold." Wow. ;)

But seriously, I have no doubt that you guys nailed it, and I'm eagerly counting down the days until I can see the proof. (Two weeks and counting!) You can be assured there will be a resounding "Nailed it!" coming from my theater - can't wait!

Best of luck!


bj said...

I can do that. LOL.

Nayara said...

Mentioning "Silent of the lambs", as Mulder did in The Truth - Quid pro quo Clarice....I say you things you say to me things...What is that means? Yes! We will say nailed it, but only if you say those little three amazing words: Hi to Brazil!

So, We have an agreement? :)

Nay (Crossing the fingers...)

As always...kisses to you DD and that crazy group: Arquivo X Brasil!

P.S: I like to say hello and to thank the portuguese fan that supported our campaing : DD say Hi to Brazil!! Arquivo X Brasil say Hi to you dear friend! Visit us on orkut!

Anonymous said...
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frostbite panda said...

I will totally cry 'Nailed it!' after the thoroughly enjoying new X Files. In honor of you and Gillian and Chris and everyone else, don't you worry David.

Allie / Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Hi David!!

Funny story! Just loved it!!
I'm sure that you nailed it!
Relax... after the movie everybody will listen a beautiful "NAILED IT" chorus!
You can count on me for that!
Thanks for the post!
Love your work!!
Good luck with everything... and take care!


Ps.: Could you, please, say HI to your fans from Brasil?

Hello to my crazy friends from Arquivo X Brasil!

Just like Nay said before: I'd like to say thanks to the portuguese fan that supported our campaing : DD say Hi to Brasil! Thank you!

Kaline - Brasil.

McKenna said...

I have faith that you all did indeed 'nail it'. I will be in stitches now if I hear a chorus of 'nailed its' right after the credits for the movie--someone will have to carry me out.

Great stories from the set! I think you pretty much said it all with the cold really. :) I'm looking forward to hearing more of your answers to our questions. :)


maybe_theres_hope said...

the conviction at the end of your post made me shiver with excitement -- thank you.

Valentine said...

Hi David!

Thank you so much for doing this for us.

I just have one question for you.

I know that during the series you ad-libbed some of Mulder's humor. Since the movie was being filmed during the writer's strike and you are a member of that union, were you in any way prevented from improvising? I've wondered about this because I always looked forward to Mulder's humor. It's part of what makes him so special.

Take care and thanks again.

X said...

Never underestimate your words of power, Mr DD.

Every since Bad Blood, I could never swing the phrase "Oh shi..." (note: without the T) off my head.

Oh, nailed it.... the Duchovny's Syndrome has just resurfaced, like an alien virus!!

Geez thanks G-man!! Welcome to infect us with more stories!! Yee-ha!!


Rox said...

I am disappointed. :(
I just found out that in Argentina the film would be released in August 14th instead of July 24th, as it were announced at first.
It seems to me that it is not just.
It seems to me that I will have to shut down the computer, the TV and the radio.
It seems to me that I will not buy either newspapers or magazines, because I don’t want to find out something about the film.
I am in agreement with Chris, I want it be a surprise… but it will not be easy now.
I hope I will not give in to the temptation… of the information.
I hope I will not have to say: Nailed it! :D

I like this stuff about the set, keep it on!
Rox, from Buenos Aires.

kira88 said...

hahaha... that's some funny stuff! i'd sure say it after i watch the movie! NAILED IT! XD

i've been saying "sure.fine.whatever." a lot after scully said it in "syzygy". i just love that line! :)

rx_queen said...

Hi David =) My favorite story was the first one, definitely blow me away lol, and I'm sure the whole XF team nailed it on the movie ;) What about Chris Carter and the snow? do you have any theories?, maybe in the next movie we'll see Mulder & Scully doing snowboarding hahaha.

Take care,
Monterrey - México

Melanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melanie said...

Hello, I just wanted to say I am a fan, and I would like to simply thank you for taking time out and making this film for us.

Also, there is something I think you should check out. It is the most impressive work I've ever seen. Again, I'm a fan. There are many of you and two of your wife Tea that I think you would find amazing. There is contact info too :) Please take a look. Here is a link to your stuff...
and here is a link to the main site.

Please look. She is wonderful. You wont be disappointed. Thank you again for continuing to think of us fans. Your awesome :)


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! My friend just linked me - and I am so glad I found it! It's getting me so excited for the movie, and I didn't think I could be any more excited than I am now. Great set stories, it sounds like the kind of thing the mega dorkuses will shout once the movie is over in the theatres. After we're all done sobbing of course. It shall be a journey. More posts, David, please!

- E.C.

XYIYI said...


Nicola said...

I'm loving the "nailed it" story. And now I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from, at the very least, saying it under my breath once I see the movie.

I still appreciate you doing this!
Nicola, Michigan

albeman said...

Hi David. Thats woderful that you are triting to us. And I have a question ot of your topic. Hope it doesnt matter. Is the truth that you will be in london premiere of the TXF2 on 30 th July? Thank you for your answer and winshing only the best. Hope we will meet at The Leicester square.

trista said...

I loved the show and first movie and I am sure that the 2nd movie with be great and I know it will do well and I cant wait to see it! The chemistry between you and gillian is pretty amazing what do you think is the key to that chemistry? One of the best on tv/film.

DutchDD said...

Oh my, this is funny!!! "Nailed it"...hey Haven members...this is something we can scream at the London Premiere! So DD, if you hear us scream this, please come on over!

Very funny!

Love, Nicole

foxtrot said...

Hey David,
thanks for sharing this story with us - and thanks for the chance to "stay in touch" with you. It really means a lot to us fans.
And here's my question:
I heard that ur at Kimmel's show at July 30th. Well, that's the date of the London Premiere. So won't u be in London??
Wish u a great rest of the week :-)

Songbird said...

Hi Dave,

This is off topic, but just wanted to share this with you and infact anyone else on here who's interested?

I was listening to this weeks podcast from Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness on Myspace. This one was all about the Myan calendar and end of the world apocalypse, time travel possibilities and the quantum world. It was just AWSOME!

Here's the address for those who haven't checked it out yet...


Penny xx

amrice said...

Ei David!
I love reading your posts, it always makes me laugh.You can count on us x-philes, After the movie I'll scream "nailed it" in high pitch.

Take Care

After you guys nailed it with the X-Files: I Want To Believe,are you guys going to pursue your Hawaii plan?
One question about CC, How badly and madly in love is Chris Carter with snow?

RubyFolie said...

Haha! I'm sure you NAILED IT! ;o)

Timmy said...

I'm pretty sure you 'naied it' David !!! Houw I'd had loved to be there to see that by myself !
Don't you have viz of that by any chance !??
Yeah, we never know, and some one one day said : 'maybe there's hope' !

Keep on bloging, we really do love that !

Take care

- Timmy from France

Yuri said...


Thanks so much for blogging again. I LOVE your post in lower case.

I am Japanese.There are so many your big fans on the earth.

What do you feel that the movie is released all over the world?

sorry, my bad English.

Please keep blogging after this project.


Anonymous said...

Got it covered, boss. You can count on a couple of 'nailed it's from England.

Great stories. The first one moved me beyond belief!

LaffLady said...

HI David - After consulting a few other fans we decided we really DO want to hear your falestto "nailed it" voice. If you have time we would love to hear an audio post of it. That way we know how it sounds to make sure we are doing it right. ha ha..

jordan1013 said...

Hey David,

I know which commercial you speak of! I am from Canada, the commercial is actually for Dairy Queen, the mouth is saying tortilla in a mexican accent to promote their new spicy chicken wrap or something like that. Very funny, I can just imagine everyone on the set screaming out "nailed it" in a fake mexican accent, LOL. awesome!

Just want to say I can not wait for the movie, and for the new season of Californication! That show is great, I don't think anyone else in the world could play Hank Moody.

DeeDee said...

The second story was very funny to read David. Thanks for sharing!

I wonder if Gillian and Billy didn't join the "nailed it" thing...

Antonella said...

this also reminds me that a couple of years ago when i thought my awesomness was worthy of a catch phrase... i would say " SHPLAKABAAM!" i even had a lil hand gesture that went with the saying. it was a choice i made.
needless to say, it did not catch on. people begged me to stop actually. and prevailed. but it had a good run.

Caileigh said...

"Nailed it" is hilarious. I cannot wait to confuse the layman movie-goers when my best friend and I shout that as the credits roll. It's one eccentric way to find out who the REAL fans are in the theatre, that's for sure. ;-) It reminds me of what my friends and I do when we receive a horrific tip at the bar we work at. We hold up the credit card slip to each other in all of it's 2% glory and shout, "JEALOUS!?"

Also, just a quick question for you. There is a rumour that you are going to be on "The Tonight Show" on July 15th. A friend who works at Kimmel confirmed you are pre-taping a segment there on that date. My friends and I have obviously decided for the sure thing and are using that "in" to see Kimmel, however a lot of fans are conflicted as to where they should try for stand-by tickets. Any chance you could confirm whether or not you'll be chatting with Jay Leno on the 15th, as well?

Thank you for your time!! Keep on bloggin' ...

Lady Di said...

AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA, too cute. I think everyone finds a line to use at some point that simplifies that which is not simple. Mine was "yessssssssssssss" and, it still is.

Yesssssssss....... even then.

SMILES and have a fabulous day.

PS - how many new Bloggers do you think you've added to this great creation since yours arrived online? Gazillions!! :P

Josilene said...

Hi David!

Won't be so hard to say the "nailed it"... I remember a lot of words that I continue saying after hear something in XFiles...

Something like: - SURE, FINE, WHATEVER... :D

Well, I am brasilian but me and my six years old niece always say "SHUT UP" in english cause I remember Scully saying it at the end of Syzygy.

And... After we saw the movie trailers, we're always saying "STOP!" and now "DON'T GIVE UP!".

After this, we will say "NAILED IT" too... ;-)

Look, I don't want you to be annoyed, so I don't remember you to say HI to Brasil... Well, if you want it you can say "Oi" or "Olá" in portuguese! :-)

Ah, Kisses to Nay, Nayara, Lu, Star, Yayá, Kaline, Nay, Layani, Cleide, Iandra, Adriana, Nayara... Ops... I almost forgot Nayara! And the others I forget anyway...

Kisses for you and your family!


heidi said...

Cold, huh? Be careful with weather comments, there are places in Canada where you could get BANNED for that! ;-)

During the shooting of the new XF movie, were you allowed to do a lot of improvisation or add things that weren´t in the script, but which ended up in the finished film anyway?

I would be interested in knowing how much script input you (and GA) were allowed, if any?


Gia said...

This post cracked me up so much that it served as inspiration for a video I made today from interviews I did with fans at the LA Film Festival.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

rachEL said...

people are going to show up at the movie with "Nailed It" t-shirts. It might even become more popular than "Git 'er done!" but that's just my personal opinion.

Billy Crypto said...

What a gas!

Good laugh!

Been a devoted fan for many years David.

I've been classified in an X File for just as many years.

Want to work on a true X File?

I have something from an Extraterrestrial source that may interest you.

Contact me if you would like to work a real life X File.

Oh, and please ask Skully if she is interested to. I wouldn't want to seperate you two.

I'm sure you all "Nailed It!"

Can't wait until the 25th!

Good Luck and I hope to hear from you.

Billy Crypto

Per said...

I chuckled to myself after reading that. Because If I'm sitting in that theater and a multitude of different voices chorus into "nailed it", i'm going to loose it. my world won't be so big anymore lol.

One question, would it be possible for you to find a certain clip of your talented co-star GA, when she did a certain mock try out for American idol?? Maybe make it available for one of her tv appearances, say with David Letterman or Jay Leno. I think that would be the best thing ever. She might even make it on VH1's "the best week ever!!" i'm sure that she "nailed" that audition.

You might have to ask he permission 1st though lol.

Megan said...

Ahaha! I love that commercial! Believe me, when the lights come up in the theater, there will be at least one "Nailed it!" heard in the audience...:)

Yasmineyeung said...


Mystique said...

any news about the premiere? id love to be able to give you a handshake in la! any comic con appearances?

Anonymous said...

Am I going to be able to take my 8 y.o. son to this movie? Is the PG-13 rating for mostly the horror aspect? I've been waiting a long time to see this movie. I'd hate to have to wait for it to appear on cable....

Mylah said...

Thank you for that story David!! Its funny how one phrase can stay with you, and then for everyone around to start saying it too!!!! I'll be screaming nailed it after the film!!! Its coming out 1st August in the UK, so I'll probably see it after everyone else here! But its okay, I'll live!!
Please keep writing in the blog, its brilliant reading it!!!!
Take care, lots of love, Mylah.xxx

Oxygen said...


STORY # 2: Good story & very well told. Funny. I Like behind-the-scenes stuff!
The “Chorus of “Nailed It’s” should be included into TXF: IWTB soundtrack list. By all means(If not after Xzibit’s “dark” composition, at least as a bonus).

This story reminded me about Danny Dyer on the set of Straightheads who infected all the crew with his “bad” words (especially c*** which he used “instead of” the definite article).

“Nailed it!” Is it kinda set expression? Anyway, it’s sticky. Contagious! Tonight I: warmed up the supper – “nailed it” (LOL), served it up to my husband – “nailed it” (LOL), washed up the dishes – “nailed it” (LOL); took a shower – “nailed it”… And it’s not even night yet. It’s sticky. Contagious…

STORY # 1: (“it was very cold.”) Short but informative. Very Sad. Poor things. The Movie should be priceless! We are keeping EVERYTHING in mind: that “it was very cold” there, that “it was a slog” (even my teacher of English doesn’t know what the hell this means. I mean the lexical meaning of the word), that someone is “too old for it”, that someone “sucked for good 48 hours”, and so on and on and on…

Almost cry and then laugh. It’s unhealthy? :)

And… Don’t know who wrote this (found it on my teacher’s of Stylistics of English Language page), but it’s for YOU:

I wish You:
Happiness deep down within.
Serenity with each sunrise.
Success in each facet of your life.
Family beside you.
Close and caring friends.
Health, inside you.
Love that never ends.
Special memories of all the yesterdays.
A bright today with much to be thankful for.
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.
Dreams that do their best to come true.
Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you…

Оксана (Oxana), Russia. WELCOME!!!

annie said...

haha, funny story :)

i'm so excited because of this movie, and i'm pretty sure you guys 'nailed it' :D
keep sharing these funny stories (:


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I just wanted to say I am a fan, and I would like to simply thank you for taking time and making this film for us.

Also, THERS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT. It is the most impressive work I've ever seen. Again, I'm a fan. I contacted her for the use of my displayed avatar here (little photo representing me):D It is my favorite of her work.She doesnt know I am giving you the link, but for you to see her work, it is SOOOOOoooo worth it.

that I think you would find amazing. There is contact info too :) Please take a look. Here is a link to your stuff...
and here is a link to the main site.
PLEASE HAVE A LOOK. She is wonderful. You wont be disappointed. Thank you again for continuing to think of us fans. Your awesome :)

susan said...

nailed it i am sure you did in reality looking forward to seeing the movie along with my husband i am sure we will enjoy it very much have been a fan for a long time since 1993.i bet it was freezing in vancouver but glad the show remained true to its roots by filming there always felt that vancouver retained the scary eery quality of the x-files.just a few more weeks to go...

' F l α v i α . ♣ said...

I wanna know about Willian in this film. What happened with him? Scully never more want know about your son? It surprised me when she gave the child in finishes season and it would more still surprise me at after all these years did not want to have no contact with the son who it in such a way wanted to have. If this new film will not absolutely have nothing speaking on the small Willian, for me it will be with a hole in the history and the feelings of Mulder and Scully.

Kisses, Flávia Ximenes.

danyXfiles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
danyXfiles said...

Hi David....
adored everything what you have written in its blog....^^!!!!
Lack very little it new film to go for the cinema...Nervous?I am!!!
It forgives any error, my English is not very good....^^!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

This is a bit off topic, but I wanted to say that I just read your "best list" in an interview you gave for Men's Health. I was so amazed to see that your "must read" book was Diet For A New America, by Tim Robbins. That is the very book that made me become a vegetarian, too. I couldn't believe that you also were profoundly affected by it. I always felt an odd connection to you and now I know why. We seem to share the same view on at least one thing in life- the just and humane treatment of animals. Thanks for being even more amazing and more of an inspiration. You have even more of my respect now.

I can't wait to see the new movie and I am sure it will be fantastic.


Anonymous said...

So... you put in (roughly)

15ish? hour days
x 6ish? days a week
x 9 months a year
x 8ish years
PLUS the two movies
= roughly 27 THOUSAND hours

pouring your heart and mind into a character. So, the way I see it, it matters not what premiers you attend or who you say hi to on your blog or even IF you continue blogging....you (and the other cast and crew) have already done so much for the fans just by making the series and movies.

I just wanted to tell you that we all appreciate the big chunk of your adulthood spent on being such am amazing custodian for the charater of Fox Mulder.

Lance G. said...

Hey, D. I'm really pulling for the excruciatingly overdue new "X-Files" flick to blow up huge, thereby motivating Fox to greenlight another and kickstart a thriving "X-Files" film franchise.

The opening weekend should be easy as pie considering your studio somehow managed to open "The Happening" to over 30 million in a crowded marketplace despite all of its overwhelmingly negative buzz. I can only hope Fox gets as aggressive with the marketing push for your movie as they did with that film.

But yea, I sincerely hope "I Want To Believe" plays strong and hard through the rest of the summer and I can't fucking wait to catch it as soon as it hits.

Not that I'm getting tired of rewatching the entire series on DVD or anything. It's just that my desire for more Mulder and Scully is just about life-threatening. I grew up watching "The X-Files" religiously and I really don't think I could ever get enough of you guys.

The fact that the word on this film is that it's cast in the mold of the Freak-Of-The-Week standalone adventures makes me giddy, too.

That being said, I have a couple questions pertaining to the upcoming season of "Californication".

1. Is there any chance you guys might spring for the RHCP song as your theme? I know it's obvious and heavy-handed but ever since the show was first announced I expected it would be and it always kinda bugged me that it wasn't every time I'd watch an episode.

2. Is there any chance you guys might introduce a 21-year-old Moody sibling at some point in the future? If so, I know the perfect guy for the job: me. Now, I may have no formal acting experience or training to speak of but I bring boundless enthusiasm and an endless affability to the table. Plus, I'd totally do it for free. Working with you and the rest of the show's cast and crew is more than enough compensation, methinks.

Lu said...

YAY!! Now I know what "Nailed it" means! Hhahahahaahah...
yes, I'm going to say it after the movie ends, but only if I'm not dehydrated of crying so much of emotion!!!!
Kisses, David! Bye bye!
"The fool looks at a finger that points at the sky."

Lance G. said...

Oh, yea. Almost forgot. It's pretty stupid but, I dunno, you might appreciate it.

As soon as I finished watching the first episode of "Californication" last summer, (Of course, I couldn't wait until the premiere and downloaded the leaked pilot the moment it leaked, weeks before.), I adopted a new, inspirational life mantra: "If I'm not Hank Moody by the time I'm 40, I've failed at life."

Being an aspiring writer myself, that just makes that sentiment all the more genuine. I dig the show, man. Can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm definitely going to be yelling, "Nailed it!" everytime I do something right...like today, when I found out I got the job I interviewed for!

Thanks for the new phrase, David! :)

Hurdy gur,

CLB said...

Hi David,

I was wondering what it was like being back in BC for filming (apart from being cold!)?

My husband and I emigrated to Kamloops, BC from England last year and had our first winter here, and yes, I can sympathise with you, it was a long and cold winter!

Really looking forward to the movie, and hope it's very successful so that you do make many more!



Olivia said...

Hey David!

Thanks for blogging as often as you do. It's great to get a peek inside your "beautiful mind" (er, sorry, I couldn't resist!). I have 2 quick questions. First of all, did you have to study up to remind yourself, plot-wise, where you left Mulder six years ago (by watching old episodes, reading old scripts, etc.)? Second, are you and Gillian planning to do any commentary tracks for this movie when it is released on dvd? We X-Philes need that for all perpetuity... seriously.

Songbird said...

Yes, I'd also like to know if there's plans for a commentary (if you even know yourself yet?) I'd really love it though if all four of you could do it. Fox should definately consider this. ;-)

Penny xx

Scott said...

I'll do it! I can't wait to see the film.

When I worked at Fox Animation, they asked all of us to send in ideas for TV and Film and we even held a pitch fest in Phoenix. I had an idea that I suggested, but I don't think it ever went anywhere, because they said anything dealing with the X-Files was totally up to Chris Carter.

Do you think he would consider doing an animated feature that directly linked to the mythology? That would be such a cool project to work on and a completey different type of product for people to enjoy.

What do you think?


Gia said...

To Jody with the 8 year old son:

This film has got a 15 rating in the UK. I won't say why, but there are things that honestly may seriously frighten a young child. It's a film, not a tv programme, remember.

My son is 11 and OBSESSED with the X-Files (and wants to be Mulder!), but I'm glad that he won't be able to see it here (the age restrictions are enforced). I want to see it at least a few times myself before I decide if he can see it. Then it will be at home, with me, on DVD which can be stopped or fast forwarded if need be.

Antonella said...

Dear David,
what happens to you if you leak the movie plot?

because i'll still love you.

MaxDeathLore said...


I love your work!!! I have never really imagined that I could be talking to you, (even if the chances are low, of you reading each and every comment) I am, i guess not a 100% x-files fan, because I still am only on season 8 ( specifically the one with the black oil, right after your "return" from being abducted...)
and I am very eager to see the movie! ^-^!!! I hope I will hear alot of "Nailed it!"s in the theater....or else I am going to be a little embarassed of being the only one to blurt it out!!!

a question....

I dunno if you're allowed to say....( i understand if you can`t) but are you currently working on anything? ( i havent watched californication yet, so i dunno if thats still rolling, but other han that?) a simple yes would suffice, no need for details =).

Take Care,


to the people before me....(maybe its a girl thing) but why the heck would it matter if mulder and skully kissed with tounge or not?
I dont see them doing that...but WHat diffrence does it make?

Also...sex scene... oh well, it not like we are going to go see the movie just to see our fav. actor's bodies naked...i dont get that either, dont metter though, we have diffrent points of views...we all do, right? ;)

Gina Fisher said...

This entry is a perfect example of why I was so excited to see you blogging for this movie. It's a priceless peek for all us philes! Thanks so much for being kind and human enough to take the time to do this for your fans! (because you *know* you are talking to a bunch of crazed addicts, right? lol) I've no doubt you nailed it, but the question is, did Mulder? sorry! had to write that! OK, obviously you can't give us many clues about the Mulder/Scully relationship, but a hint would be just fantastic.

A question: Would you mind following up with a little story or anecdote about something crazy or funny you and Gillian did while working together on a scene? And while you're at it, can you talk her into blogging, too?

Thanks so much!
Gina Fisher, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Nailed it. Good one.
I'm really sad though. I just heard you're coming to London and I don't see how to afford it going there right now. Sigh. I'm really disappointed. Any chance you're coming to Holland too?


ladybug581 said...


Here's a thought that came to me. Your fans are always asking YOU so many questions. Is there anything you want to know about US? It might be interesting to change it up a little bit!


Amber_Mulder44 said...

That's so funny!! I'm so excited about the movie! I'm a huge fan! My whole room is covered with X-Files or of you! I'm not a stalker or anything LOL, just a loyal fan! So like sophie asks, will you continue to blog after everything is said and done???


comwhiz said...


by the way did Blue pass away? 'cos I read the article in Psychologies and...

Siew Ann

anyway keep making more movies ;)

Payne said...

That's a very funny anecdote - thanks for sharing. I just hope you get a share of the T-shirt sales. I am expecting to see lots of people wearing "Nailed it!" T-Shirts this summer.

Moni said...

Hi David,

I'm pretty sure you nailed it! I've just got my Revelations DVD (in Germany it's called "Akte X Essentials") and watched der Wondercon. You wondered, if there is still a huge fanbase for the X-Files. Well, as you see, there is! And still growing and spamming your and Frank's blog :-) I'm looking forward to see this new movie and hoping, that there will be a lot more...

Greetings from Germany,


Emma said...

You'll certainly hear it from me.

Emma xx

ZenMama said...

Wow. After reading a hundred plus comments you are never going to want to say those two words again.
I'm wondering what the general mood/atmosphere on the movie set was, in comparison to shooting the TV show~if you can remember back? :)
Thank you so, so much for communicating with your fans. It makes me want to check out every piece of work you do even more.
We're having a pre-party for the movie and our friends are all eager to see it!
Thanks again,

heidi said...

Hi DD,
I´ll second what Zenmama/Dede just said - I am curious what the mood on the set was. I remember Chris saying about Fight the Future that the slower pace of filming - long breaks inbetween shooting, etc. - threw you and Anderson a bit.

Also, what was it like to be back in Vancouver, were there any places and people from way back you recnnected with?

Can you talk about the mood of the movie? And, is it on the paranormal side or more of a realistic, "could-have-happened-in-real-life" drama - perhaps inspired by news stories or science?

I was watching some of the first XF eps recently and it struck me how innocent they seemed, and how much M and S actually smiled in them! Kind of flirtatious. With what has gone on in the show, and especially in the real world, since those days, M & S as well as the audience are in a different place nowadays, more cynical, critical, and wary perhaps. Perhaps more inclined to buy into scary realism that paranormal adventures?
Was that a concern of the writers?

flutterchick said...

Did you say that when filming Californication, when you actually did "nailed it" . Hahah , Love you man!

Marlene Stemme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marlene said...

Hi David,

Thanks for writing for us. I really like the comment from someone named Penny about the emotional restraint and earnest purpose of the X-Files compared with some of the cynicism and gritty realism (or whatever she wrote) of other stories, which I don't like. I started watching the X-Files toward the beginning of season 3, and I remember thinking, "Finally! Normal people on tv." I've since learned that most people are not like Mulder and Scully, which makes me appreciate their vulnerability so much more.

Do you think that you and Gillian have appropriated aspects of Mulder and Scully into your own personalities over the years and while filming XF2 together, just as you've probably given the characters parts of yourselves?

I'm not a big yeller in movie theaters, but maybe "Nailed it!" will give me a whole new outlook.

Thanks again.

Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to London after all, yippeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Btw, yelling in Dutch cinema's is 'not done', yelling people will be kicked out for sure. But 'nailed it' at the end might work.


MrsFox Mulder said...

Glad to see that you still care about the fans. Love the "nailed it" story. Awesome to know that Bad Blood is Gillian's favorite episode. It is in my top five. The showing of the video is also an excellent way to teach about Point of View writing. Thanks for continuing the X-Files and I admit to being a hopeless "Shipper" as you could probably discern from my username. Again THANKS.

Songbird said...

I like Ladybug581's suggestion about how you could perhaps turn it around and ask US the questions. That could be fun! ;-)

Penny xx

Joselyn said...

Hey David!!! Im so sure u guys did a great amazing Job!
Fans from Venezuela are in massive expectation!!!!!!!
I`ll be sure to remind the fans to scream "Nailed it" --> La Clavaste!!!!

Hugs from South America


Anonymous said...

Hi David!

Gosh, I'm a lil sad because you said that you don't think you and Gillian will ever do other stuff ... just X-Files. All depends on the successo of XF2 to do XF3.

What if XF2 is your last time together?

I'm going crazy here! I would like to yell with all the philes together NAILED IT, but my inner hope is that it's not truely a fact! GOSH!


Greetings from Berlin
bb your lil Mari

Grace said...

Dear David,
First of all, I´d like to say that I love House of D.It´s a marvelous film. Téa, Anton, Robin Williams, Orlando Jones, Erika Badu,everyone was brilliant. And a big Thank you for the music. The soundtrack is fantastic.

I´ve just finished to watch The TV Set too. It´s a very smart and well done film.

Congratulations for the second season of Californication. I am looking forward to see it.
I am so happy, thrilled, enthusiastic and excited about your career´s choices. Each project is different from another.

I would love to know which book you are reading and if Blue is still alive.

janeBODEGA said...

great little story! thank you for sharing. and thanx for taking your time blogging for us maniacs anyway...

i have a question as well...how did you prepare for being mulder after such a long time? did you ever watch the series or at least some particular episodes to "get in tune again"?

and do you think the long waiting period till the movie finally came to happen is a drawback or a blessing – regarding your acting, the storyline and the audiences expectation?

best wishes from berlin, germany - hope you come over here to promote the movie. in that case - let me know!:)

Songbird said...

Hello David,

I'm going to keep this brief but wanted you to be aware, if you're not already? A very BIG spoiler has apparantly been leaked to a few websites on the Net, which reveals a crucial moment in the movie! I cannot believe someone would do this so close to the release? I'm sorry but some fans obviously have no respect for all the hard work that you, Gillian, Chris, Frank and everyone else involved have done! Saying that, it could also be yet another red herring? If that's the case then...trust no one! Whatever the case I'm still going to go and enjoy IWTB.

And if folk ARE releasing genuine info then can you PLEASE STOP RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US!

Okay, rant over!

Penny xx

Em20 said...

hey love ur blog;
is it true that you're coming to the london premier?
keep on blogging :)

Gabriela said...

Is great to know this kind of stories.

Im sad because I will have to leave the blog after the realized of the movie. Is more than sure that people will aks or write about escenes and i dont wanna find out yet. I Want to get surprised on the cinema even if that means not internet, or tv for almost a month, because in Peru the date have been seatled (is write ok?) to August 21. Can u imagine? But well, i know the effort will worth it. and I hope you post some other stuff before that day :D

One more thing. I try to read all the coments just to know what people aks and let me tell that it makes me admire u more, because you are taking the time to actually read all this so Thank very much for that. It really means a lot.

Kisses from Lima, Perú

P.S: You have some nailed it! assure here


Lindsay said...

Generic blog post:

"Hi David, I love you so much because you are all or a combination of the following: 'a great actor', 'so good looking', 'funny'.

When are you coming to (insert country)?

Here is my life story and you or the x-files has had some profound impact on it...see see?

There was this one time that we met when I creepily stalked you at that public outing...do you remember me?

Tell me something secret about the X-files, because even though you could have been killed over it during filming, I am super important and I deserve to know.

I sometimes confuse you with Mulder, and I want to ask you if you were sad when the aliens took the love of your life...you know, Gillian Anderson (because I also confuse her with Scully).

Good luck with something personal in your life that I really shouldn't know about. "


A Generic fan

rob2012 said...

I loved what this guy said about the blog. LOL

David Duchovny has begun blogging about his X-Files: I Want To Believe experiences. The star will be answering fans questions and sharing stories about the franchise.

Come on - who wants to go online and read what some idiot has to say about movies? …. um I just realized - that’s what I do. Do’h!

Seriously though, it’s a fun blog (fitting in nicely with Duchovny’s dry sense of humor) so I recommend that you check it out here.

Dear David,
I wish I could come close to adequately expressing what you mean to me through words, so , I will just say that: I really admire your humor and intelligence.
Thank you just for being who you are.

Lindsay said...

Thank you for blogging again! That story's the spirit we should all have when we make mistakes at work :). I also read your stuff for The House of D and am in love with Californication. Thank you for making TV and the wide screen “watchable” in this world of reality TV junk. My husband and I do love the X-Files, and we do hope you and the team will dive into the core of X-Files, conspiracy and ET possibilities. Also, have you ever thought of writing a book? It would be great if you would write a fiction book of some kind.

Thanks for everything!!!

Lindsay Lee Larson
Rochester, Minnesota

Stephanie said...

When's the new season of Californication hitting the air?

The people must know!

xqueenbeex said...

Hello David,

Thanks for taking the time out to share and answer questions.

I have a concern though, what exactly is Fox marketing & PR doing with the film?! Publicity seems scarce except for those loyal fans, who are literally counting down every second until the film opens.

What do you think?

Wishing XF2: IWTB a fabulous opening weekend!

Miami, FL

Antonella said...

Dear David,
being that i check this blog more times than i should because my job consists of me being glued to the pc for 8hours... i was wondering if you were aware of the huge spoiler leaks that have recently appeared on fan websites and do you get nervous at all when a movie that you are in opens in theatres ? especially one like IWTB which is something so many fans are looking forward too...do you feel comfortable watching yourself on screen?

just curious and bored by the daily job grind...


Lu said...

just tell me the last "spoilers" that came out aren't true.....
I'm gonna cry...


Anonymous said...

heh. love it. i'll say it in minneapolis for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello David,

First of all, thanks for getting in touch with us fans and your time spend, it’s highly appreciated!

After so many years it was due having a new XF adventure and am looking forward for it big deal!!!

But there’s just an issue; I’m not sure whether you know that the bloke who dubbed your voice for all the episodes and the film - so for many years - wasn’t hired by 20th Century Fox and we - the German fans - will have to live with a new voice. That is very sad, especially for FOX! (Cos as far as I know it was all about money, and am sure FOX can afford it!!). And that we fans have to watch a “lower quality” synchro, because just imagine one of the main characters of your favourite film or TV show has got a new voice all of a sudden, I assume you wouldn’t like that either.

So my question is now,

1) Have you ever thought about the international released versions, i.e. about the synchro and/or even watched a part of an episode in German, French or Italian …? (I did out of curiosity, how it sounds and how it is done there. The strangest (not negative! Interesting) was Japanese. I think I’d find it strange to hear myself with another voice and speaking another language).

2) Do you think you could talk to the FOX authorities, asking them to reconsider?!

It is nothing against the new dubber (!), but we German fans just want “our” German Mulder voice back! No matter which efforts we took (letters, emails, flyers, petition …), we were not successful, heard but ignored, especially by FOX!
I am afraid the new movie could not be as successful as it would be if all was like it used to be ever since the show started. Don’t get me wrong, the movie will be successful, but a little less than it could be ‘cos many fans might not stand the new voice. I will watch the movie in any case, like many others, but every time I’ll hear the German Mulder voice then it won’t be the same no more. A voice also marks a character! And for that Mr. Voelz (original German dubber) did a great job! He was the perfect (German) voice for a great character.
Of course it is too late now changing that, the German synchro is done and all negotiations between Voelz and FOX are over for weeks now. But maybe there is a chance for the DVD release…. At least for that. It would make us very happy and pleased if that would be possible!!!!
CC knows about that synchro subject since he gave a slight statement to a German fan base, but I am not sure what the outcome was, after all. I am not only speaking for us German fans, but even for all countries affected by this problem. And for the German language it also affects Austria and Switzerland, not only Germany. In case some might argue we should watch in original, so English, then please consider not everyone speaks English, much less is able to understand/follow a whole movie (that’s why we do the synchro ;o)).

Anyhow, I’m very excited about the movie and I hope and wish for many more to come, maybe even movies for TV production, could be an option.

I’d also like to thank you (and please also pass that to Gillian and of course Chris and the whole crew) for the great work and for a splendid TV show that accompanied me since I was about 14, I’ve been a fan ever since the first episode was released on German TV!

Thanks for taking the time reading.

Yours sincerely,

Monika, 28

PS: What I always wanted to know, how do you manage your daily life? Like I suppose you can’t just walk down to a supermarket and buy some items or go shopping, right? People would recognize you. You don’t have to tell me your secret plan of course *g*, am just curious because I’d find it disturbing not even being able to eat a pizza without people staring at me or asking for autographs and pictures, or in short - not being able to live a normal life. And did you think about that prior of becoming an actor?

Scully said...

Eheheh that's what I was talking about! I new that you gotta have some very funny storys on the set, some you can share and some I gess better not ;), so tank you for sharring this one with us.
Talking about commercials I now how that can merge into our thoughts and came out every time we associate with something else from day to day. A years ago that was a portuguese commercial about a drink in June, and in that month here is the popular saints festivals, where is typical to eat sardines, so the commercial showed some guys around a fire eating sardines and at some point one of them wanted to say something like " its all the same thing" or if you like your "potato, potato" and he goes in a macaronic english: "sardine on carbon, carbon on sardine" lol. I spent all the summer repeating that, so by the end of summer a friend look at me and said "I'm sick with you saying that all the time". I still say it from time to time but it lost its charm, but the gags and funny momments remain to be remembered, I gess thats the real charm.
Once again tank you for the story, hope you'll tell some more,

Anonymous said...

So smooth and so smart, you've abducted my heart:)

Well, when I was eleven, which is longer than I care to admit. I am way beyond that star crush now, however, I still love you as an actor and I want to say that you are brilliant.

I believe that you really nailed it and that the movie is going to be fabulous. I can't wait 22nd July, when I am going to see it.

So far, I've been running around Prague, loving to see the movie posters. In fact, I jump on the escalators leading to the underground and I am trying to touch it. I think that on this rate, I am going to die the same death as Eugene Tooms.

I believe that the movie is going to be a new beginning, a start of series of movies, and not just a swan song, because you know. You nailed it :D

Best wishes,

Natalie Floeh said...


It's so great to see you blogging and connecting with fans! I look forward to seeing more of your entries. I guess I just wanted to say that The X-Files impacted me in a way that no other television show ever has, and I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work that you (and everyone else) has put into the show over the years.
I am SO THRILLED over this new movie, I honestly had given up hope that it would ever be made. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Can't wait to see Mulder and Scully on the big screen again. You can bet there's an audience out there for them :)

Much love,

St. Louis, Missouri

laura said...

I am glad you take the time to do this for us. Now as an XF fan I am very proud of how good people you XF actors/crew are. Really :-)
Now as a catalan I would like to know what do you "basketball expert" think about Pau Gasol, is he a real top10 player? It is just that I tend to not believe anything the local press says....(trust no one, only DD)

As we say here: "killing two birds with one shot" LOL

Anonymous said...

i'll say it in minneapolis! :)

Anonymous said...

i'll say it in minneapolis!

thanks for the cute story. :)

Katie said...

I have seen your celebrity playlist on itunes, but I was wondering:
Is Landslide really your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?


PS. Do you remember 3 girls with posters made of newpaper outside of Jay Leno? One of the posters said 'Happy Birthday David!' on it.

Hanna said...

yeah, of course you nailed it! we will not forget to say this at the end of the movie, no worries! :) c'mon, watching the trailer one may say, that the movie will be superb. anyhoo, would be great to keep this blog forever. fans are still out there. :)
i guess all of us would like to ask plenty of questions you are not allowed to answer so the truth is coming in 10 days.
will you attentd london premiere?

Tassia Gazé said...

Hi again David
I read some rumours about the plot of the movie and I'm very upset because some fans said that they read the script and the plot wasn't good. To be honest, I don't believe they got the script, but I didn't like the fact they started to talk very bad about the movie, about the plot. They sad it was not scary, not interesting. It was just about Mulder and Scully's love story. Anyway, a lot of fans are worried about this. Please, can you write a message for them?
I trust you and I'm sure the movie will be a huge sucess!
Tassia Holguin
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Anonymous said...

Hey, David!

Asking again...
Is it possible for you guys to make a funny movie, or put some funny scenes during XF3?!

Thanks and take care!

Kaline, Brasil.

bushmeister0 said...

"Nailed it" would be a perfect departing line for a certain unpopular, soon departing politician!

He isn't one of Morris Fletcher's creations is he, put in place to bankrupt us and make us have to go the aliens for a bailout?

dogbertpacman said...

I will repeat your battle cry and my wife will look at me and tell me what a geek I am again - especially if anyone else in the audience here in Cleveland is an X-phile

Songbird said...

Here's hoping you get that Emmy in a few days time? Fingers 'X'ed!

Penny xx

Kondorr said...

Hey David... hope it is really you... and not some ghost writer :P

I am happy to see you back on XF as big M, I really cant wait to see this movie... but I also cant wait for season 2 of californication! Could you write something about that too?
Anything... a premiere date would be nice :)

By the way... thanks for co-creating two of my favorite male characters...
Good luck man!

luv2luvduchovny said...

Frank Spotnitz just became the 1,013 th member of a little community I (and many others here) belong to call xfilesultimate.com.
We'd like to extend an invitation for you to join us as well. You can visit and post without anyone knowing you are there. Visit the site sometime and contact our Webmaster. We'd love to have you as an XFU!

BJ said...

Hi David,
Just saw you on Jay Leno talking about your son playing Legos. I've got a great hint for you. Have him dump his Legos on a big bed sheet and then have him play in the middle. When he is all done, pick up all four corners and capture all those little Lego pieces in one full sweep! A mom speaking from experience.

Courtney said...

It's really nice to see someone as famous as you taking the time to answer questions and interact with the fans :)

I'm so excited for the second movie yet I can't help but wonder a couple of things?

Will loyal fans of the show be dissapointed with the direction the new film is taking?

Rumor of a third film following the mythology of the X-files if this one does well?

Cigarette Smoking man, The Lone Gunmen, and Krycek are all "dead" according to the show...but in show business the saying goes "no one's ever really dead" any imput on that?

wow re-reading that was a dull comment- perhaps im starstruck :)
nailed it

Courtney said...

It's really nice and exciting to see someone as famous as you taking the time to answer questions and interact with the fans :)

I'm so excited for the second movie yet I can't help but wonder a couple of things?

Will loyal fans of the show be dissapointed with the direction the new film is taking?

Rumor of a third film following the mythology of the X-files if this one does well?

Cigarette Smoking man, The Lone Gunmen, and Krycek are all "dead" according to the show...but in show business the saying goes "no one's ever really dead" any imput on that?

wow re-reading that was a lame comment- perhaps im starstruck :)
nailed it

Melissa said...

"nailed it"... I love it!

The movie opens in the country where I am currently residing on July 24th (YAY!)
The downside is I'm not sure how many people in the audience will actually be old time x-philes.
If I get up the nerve I will certainly give a "nailed it" shout out. What's the worst that could happen? Perhaps I'll meet somebody else who has been reading this Blog!

Photohog4 said...

Hello David,

I was excited to learn of the impending release of the film. I remember hearing cameras had begun rolling in the fall of 2007, but I never considered when it would be ready for release. I'm thrilled.

As the big day approaches, several of the new trailers are making their debut and one of them features a character expressing to Scully a need to talk to Fox Mulder. To which Scully replies..."I don't work with Fox Mulder anymore." That's when it struck me. The name Fox Mulder has the oddest ring to it. We're so used to hearing the character referred to as "Mulder", that hearing the full name is a little jarring. I have to admit I chuckled after it was repeated so frequently in such a brief amount of time.

Second...I read the TV Guide article on the film and you made a comment that "....at one point in the movie..you save Scully and put her in your parka." And I thought...that's an awful lot like a scene from the first X-files movie, when you save Scully from the space ship. Were you serious..or being sarcastic? Don't get me wrong..I enjoy seeing Mulder come to Scully's rescue....but I also like to see Scully save Mulder. I guess she's doing that in other ways...intangible ways.

Lastly.....I know I'm getting ahead of myself...but when the film is released on DVD...do you think you'll participate in a commentary? I love to hear the actors' insights on the filmmaking process, the story, their characters and acting choices . I enjoyed Rob Bowman's commentary on the first film.....and I'm betting you and Gillian would have some incredibly funny and perceptive discussions. I think a lot of the fans would enjoy it. Would you consider it?


PS....this ended up being longer and sounding more critical than I intended. Forgive me..it's my first blog.


Tara said...

Ummm Maybe we can make *Nailed it T shirts for the premier hehehe*
Great story. Its amazing the silliness a group of people at work can come up with eh. LOL

JF said...

You X folks have really nailed it, from here to the moon & much further out than that!

Word, JF.

Sqli said...

I laughed out loud.
It reminds me of the days when I would direct plays (well, let's say coordinate, direct is too big of a word for high school) and we'd have wacky moments and catchphrases like that while rehearsing. But it must be a million times more awesome on a real set. And an X-Files set? I'd die to see that. ;)
I am so, so excited for the movie. Thank you.

SandraScully said...


Here's what I'm wearing to the midnight screening here in Brisbane TONIGHT!

Photohog4 said...

Hey...does anyone know how to access Frank's blog. I have a question for him but I'm new to all this and haven't gotten the hang of it yet.



Photohog4 said...


I forgot one last thing. What was it like to work with Xzibit? Have you ever seen his show and if so, were you tempted to have him 'Pimp Your Ride?"

intr!gue said...

Dear David,
That story is funny.

it reminded me that my friend says "Boo-Yah!" every time she screws up. Oh wait...that's me.

Oh well!

ParryNormal said...

I did it! I yelped out a "Nailed it!" when the credits started rolling. I got some pretty strange looks from fellow movie-goers, but a few people got it and added their own "Nailed it!"s. I was the only one who stuck around through the credits and was delighted to find your extra scene. Very cute! I waved to you, did you see me? Ha ha! Anyway, I LOVED it! Fingers and toes crossed for a 3rd film!

Anonymous said...

*screams* NAILED IT!!!!!!

Seriously. The movie rocked.

Now "nail it" again, and make us another good one! :D


Morgaine said...


Young Heejin Cassie said...

I am not sure if you are going to read this or not but I might as well write it down just in case.

About your latest movie, I have to admit it's really different from what I got used to watch but you're right. In there it's been 6 years, there should probably a lot of changes that took place.

It's really different but I love it anyway. You guys really nailed it! I really hope for a Alien XF3 movie. I have a very strong feeling it's going to be great and very successful. Seriously, especially because X-Files has lots of loyal fans and still gaining some. I always like X-Files but if you see me 6 or 8 years ago, I'm not this obsess compared to now but in a good way.

My message is very long already.
I want to say a lot of things but the space is not enough, my words are enough.
By the way, take care and God bless you, and your family.
I wish you with all my heart all the best things in life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!