Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Films

some quick answers---i post all in lower case because i am lazy and a bad typist. my basketball skills have eroded even as my understanding of the game has increased. i think if this movie does well, that will make it possible to do more x files films and those in turn would definitely swing back into the whole mythology area. it's just that this first time out after a long break, we didn't want to alienate, no pun intended, any folks who might feel they had to study up in order to understand what's going on in the movie. i think you get the wisdom of that. more later.



Anonymous said...

Awww, you know I was just kidding right? Sorry if I offended. I hope that we can continue to watch Mulder and Scully grow as people through new films as well. If anyone can pull that off it's the two of you. She is such an amazing actress!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for creating this blog.

I have a question as to how you view your character and The X-Files series at this point in your life. For many actors, having an iconic role - William Shatner as Kirk, Christopher Reeve as Superman, Stallone as Rocky - can be both a blessing and a curse. It boosts a career but also results in people forever associating you with a particular part. At this stage in your career, do you feel that being "Mulder" has been more of a positive or a negative? And why so?

Sophie said...

ahh, nice to hearfrom you again!

and i am so happy to see the date of the movie release come closer! i am sooo looking forward to seing it!
and the last two days i even came across a few commercials for the film on german tv - that was really great! :)
looks like the movie is finally starting to get the attention it deserves... ;)

all the best!
greets from marburg, germany


Sophie said...

by the way - what's going on with the delayed publishing of the post? technical problems...?
... weird...

Claudia said...

How do you intend to spend your time after the X-Files comes out, David - - surely you will have a moment or two to rest on your laurels and take a deep breath, Disney World, perhaps? *wink* Or do you have another project lined up?

Kudos from a hot & hazy Cape Cod

grantbond said...

this makes sense. especially if you are seeking film financing. i would hesitate to underestimate the power of what you created and the fan base that follows. i believe you could have picked up right where you left off and not missed a beat.

Claudia said...

PS - typing all in lowercase also saves time. If I were not so anal I think I would write like that myself. It is nice, btw, to see you out here interacting with your fans. I think a HUGE part of your charm, especially for a relatively new fan like myself of the X-Files, (and yourself), is your down to earthiness. You are accessible to your public with out being condescending.

Rock on.

theresa said...

read any good books lately? any music help you get back into the role?

Kirstie said...

I just got back from a trip to Europe and was very excited to see that you did, in fact, create a blog like you mentioned at the LA Film Festival. Thank you very much for doing so! I look forward to reading this as I eagerly wait for July 25th.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Well we are all excited for the premiers!
Both in LA and London, are you?
What do you expect from the fans then?
Do you believe that we are out there,
you should because we are going to take these
premiers by storm. It's going to be fantastic.
Well, unless you don't like storms...
Anyway, SO Xcited, but its time for work so im off. Hope you work on those basketball moves, I mean that has always been the most interesting part about you... LOL jk.
San Diego, CA

X said...

First, you're a brave man, Mr. Duchovny. I admire your fortitude.

I know the general idea is to continue TXF franchise in feature films if XF2 performs well. Do you know if Carter already has a direction he wants to move in for XF3? Or is it more of a wait-and-see-what-happens kind of thing?


Phoenix said...

Hello David,
I am very happy seeing your initiative to contact with the fans. I should admit I was quite nervous and I thought many times before writing this message (please, forgive me for my english's mistakes, ok!).
As several other here, I would like to thank you for the present that it was Fox Mulder's beautiful construction and I hope this movie could be the second of a long series of films!

I have a doubt and I don't know if you could answer it: why the bloopers were never included in the box sets? It is fantastic to see you and Gillian in such entertaining and spontaneous moments.

That's it! A great hug to you!
Oh, can you say hello for my brazilian friends (yes, I am from Brazil!)? We are all mad with the proximity of X Files-I want to believe: Yayá, Josi, Star, Iandra, Lu, Vivis, Cleide, Tessa, Tassia, Joyce, Rafaelly, Layane and the other ones that I forgot...


DutchDD said...

Thanks Double D!

Nicole, Holland

yara said...






AND,AS ALWAYS,I'D LIKE TO SAY HI TO MY FRIENDS FROM "AXB":Josi,Star,Lu,Nay, Iandra, Tessa, Tássia, Cleide,Ju,Ariana,Adriana,Kaline,Brunita,Isabela,Djanira,Dani,Joyce,and all the people I forgot, sorry...


Anonymous said...

hi david..
you still havent answered my question.. here we go again..

i want to know when are you comming to Brazil??.. you never came here and i know you have many fans out here.. im sure we all will be very pleased with your presence.. plus even if you dont come here to promote a movie or something.. come for vacation whatever.. it would be nice to have you here..
so come! =D

now.. you still also havent answered if theres any tongue involved on the kiss.. cmmooooon wont hurt say anything.. like just post yes. on a blank space and i will know what youre talking about.. haha i need some clue..

the idea that the bald man from lost saw mulder and scully.. you know making william.. it scared you or weirded you out?

i heard that you and Gillian had refused to do some sex scene that Chris had put on the script.. why? whyyyyyyyy?

do you think theres any tv show that came real close of what xfiles were? and do you watch tv shows at all?

now im gonna ramble some odd questions..
what do you have for breakfast?
is there any caracther on movie or television that you would like to have made?
is there any chance of you directing movies anytime soon?
what are your favorit pair of socks?
is there any kind of art that you would like to have it on your wall?
what was the most important or the most emotional prize you won?
do you have any good salad recepty?
whats your favorit drink?
do you like to play poker?

well i guess for now thats all...
i hope you read all my questions.. even if you dont answer them thats fine if at least i maked you laugh at some point..
i wish you all the best..

XoXo Layani Prado
From Brazil...
hi to my fellow friends.. Kaline Star Nay Yaya Djanira Tessa Josi also melissa and more people from xfiles chat that im forgetting..

Anonymous said...

Hey, DD!

Are you planning to continue posting here after the movie opens?

I remember that with your HOD blog there was a problem with discussing the details of the movie because many people had not yet seen it and there was a concern about spoiling the movie for them.

I'm hoping that you do post after the movie opens, at least for a little while, so that we can discuss details of the film.

Since IWTB will be opening in a more conventional way than HOD did, hopefully most people will have seen it after the opening weekend so that you will be able to answer any questions we might have. ;0)

Thanks again for taking the time to do this,

Phoenix said...

Oh my God, my friend Yara who send the message above reminded me two important things!

Here in Brazil, we have a fanclub called "Arquivo X Brasil" (X Files Brasil), and all the members are crazy for the series and consequently for you and Gillian! That's why we asked so much for you to say hello; the group would love and would feel closer to you!

So, You are more than guest to come to Brazil in its next vacations or in any moment you desire! We are waiting for you!


From Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

luv2luvduchovny said...

Always good to see you online.
Quick question that may have already appeared somewhere around here...thoughts/feelings about a possible third movie and it including the Doggett and Reyes characters?

xfsista said...

Here's a question that many fans have been wondering about:

How is Blue?

Chris H. said...


Thanks again for the answers.
What's it like being in (somewhat) direct contact with your fanbase through blogs and such?
I know it was often said that the X-Files grew up as the internet did ...

Rachelle said...

Dear David,

Thanks for your update! It's great to hear from you again.

I can understand that there won't be any mythology in the movie, it would be hard to understand for the non-philes. It keeps the philes speculating though, among others about the SuperSoldiers supposedly hunting Mulder and Scully or wether William is going to make an appearance. I don't mind you not giving out answer, heehee, it's actually fun to speculate over the pictures we've been given (with the whole beard thing, Scully never showing her hand -maybe to hide a ring-, the decoration of Mulder's house which could have been done by a woman -Scully?-, etc). I know, I'm weird and obsessed ;)

But seriously, although I'm dying to get some answers, being kept in the dark like this also makes it more exciting. I can't wait to see you back on the big screen!

Anyway, I hope you are doing well. and I'll spare you a question for now ;)

Take care,
The Netherlands

toast said...

Hi David,

I have a couple of quick questions.

First will you please stick around and blog for a while after the film's release so we can ask you some better informed questions based on our experience of seeing the movie?

Second, why do you guys pidgin hole William as mythology? He's not myth, he's the character's son and doesn't stop being their son just because the story being told is a MOTW rather than myth.

Marie said...

Hi David,
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience with us.
It's great to see the story from your point of you.
Thank you also for making Mulder such a great character.

Cleide said...

Hi David!
It'll be so nice to have more and more movies... so we can met Mulder and Scully very often.
Here in Brazil, the fas of the show are inviting friends to go with us to watch "I want to believe", our goal is that everybody take at least one more person.
I land my season boxes for all friends that didn't watch the show yet, and I hope a lot of people go with me july 25th. Around here, we are counting day by day until the premiere in all foruns and chats.
Good luck and sucess for all of us!!!!!!!!!
Lots and lots of kisses!
Cleide - Brazil

Songbird said...

Hi Dave

YOU? lazy?? Never! LOL! That's what happens when we get older. We loose our ability to perform the skills we had when we were younger. I must admit it would be great to continue the mythology in a further movie. I presume from the 'super soldiers' bit onwards? Before all that the mytharc was a completely different genre. I think it lost itself a bit along the way! Yeah, I like the way Chris C is coming at it from a new angle (well in some ways) so that non-fans can enjoy it as well. Hope so too. It would be cool to have M&S fighting the supernatural till they get too old. Or maybe not? They could wack the monster with their walking sticks or run over it with their wheelchairs! Hey! I love your puns...keep 'em up!

Oh and by the way if you do see her, tell Alycia she's terrific and thanks for the help through emails! :-)

Love, Penny xx

Amanda Robbins said...

Question: if the decision is made to make more films, what kind of gap do you think we are looking at between installments?

As far as this film's direction- I think it was one of the best decisions you could have made to make this a more "approachable" film and not do something within the mythology. It may add to the fanbase, which is always good!

That being said- as a loyal fan of the show I would of course like to see how the story ends. I'm a fan of post-apocalyptic, survivalist fiction myself so I'm hoping to see something on colonization in the upcoming films.

Please keep up the good work, sir!

ol_86 said...

Hi David.
Just want to give my thanks for you creating this blog. This means sooo much to all us fans and we really appreciate this.
Unfortunately I will not be seeing the movie at the same time as the rest of the X-philes since I am vacationing and therefore missing the premiere here in Denmark. You better believe that I am hating myself for booking the holiday the same day as the premiere!!
Anyway, enough blabbering. Can't wait to see the new movie.
Take care.


riosas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
riosas said...

hi david! I started to watch txf thanks to the late night reruns on tnt. and when i got my tivo...well you can guess which one was the first season pass i programmed ;-) also, as all x-philes out there, i am extremely excited about this movie! i'm sure is going to be a great one.

anyway, one of my favorite episodes is "the field where i died", i think it had a very powerful message and i'm sure it made a lot of people wonder about the possibility of past lives. so i've always wondered, what are your thoughts on the possibility of past lives.

thank you for the blog!
xoxo from puerto rico!

Laura said...

Thank you David for responding again. You have commented several times that this movie is very scary. As a none actor I must ask, do you as an actor ever actually feel the scariness of the movie?

Thank you

Liss said...

Just wanted to let you know - I was at the cinema with two friends, we saw the XF2 trailer, and one asked me if she could borrow my season one DVDs. After finishing them, she declared herself - and I quote - "obsessed", and is now buying the DVDs as she goes along. And there's no way she can be the only one. It's great to watch this film bring in new fans like this.

18 days!

Júlia said...

I'm really a fan of you David, I've seen you in all your movies and even at sex and the city ( so good !) and I think you can do any play you want to do. We, the ones who enjoys x-files, will always say: Hei, that's Fox! But we will always complete: He is so different in this. Californication is great, what a sense of being bad and lovely at same time. best wishes.

Antonella said... excited about the "more later"

thanks David for keeping in touch.

i too type only in lower case...well sometimes the Caps will pop up and that is ok too. i am not going to discriminate.

can you tell us anything about season 2 of californication? are hank and karen together now?

i am still wondering why Fox hates to be called Fox but that shall perhaps remain and x-files.

i also found it interesting what others have brought up about willian. if mulder has spent so much time and energy looking for his sister, how could he so easily be ok with william being given up for adoption.

would be cool to hear what you think about those subjects.

i gotta go back to being nervous for my audition now.

much love,


Songbird said...

Hi again

Firstly for Antonella, my Myspace friend. Best of luck with this audition babe!
Just came back to ask you if you've been watching episodes of XF, to get an overall feel for the character again, personality wise I mean? I was watching Dr Who (LOVE IT!) and then the bts special. One of the previous assistants of the doc said she made herself watch old episodes before she returned to the show briefly, to get a feel for her character.

Take Care,

Penny xx

Viviane said...

Hi David!

I have a suggestion for the XF3's location: Brasil!
No Hawaii. Here in Brasil there are many interesting folk narratives. We also have werewolf! And better of all, here there are sunny days!No more cold days for Mulder and Scully. :)

Please say Hi to the people from Brasil!
Kisses for you and my friends:Yayá, Star, Iandra, Nay, Cleide,Lu,Tassia,Tessia,Ariana,Kaline,Bruna,Djanira,Josi and all people from Arquivo X BRasil.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that the movie will be a success :) *crossing the fingers*

Iandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iandra said...

Hi, David!

Please say Hi to Brasil!


Iandra, Nay, Vivis, Yayá, Josi, Star, Layani, Tassia, Tessa, Lu, Kaline, Cleide, Ariana, Djanira e Jade

Anonymous said...

Hello again, nice to have you back online. I was just wondering when you will post again - and here you are!

I was a lil shocked when you said that you don't think YOU and GILLIAN won't come together again for another project, just now and maybe and hopefully later for XF3!
I mean I don' get it, I can't understand it. You both are professional actors. It's your job, you know!
I just can't believe that you both will never ever do something again beside THE X FILES.
If you're afraid that Cali is too hot :D for us fans :D so just write your own stuff and make it good by yourself.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm a fan of you and Gillian. I would love it too see more of you two on the big screen.
If not it would be just a big waste of talent and time!

Oh, and isn'it it just lovely that Gillian is pregnant again? How was it on set with a preggy Gillian? How/when have you found it out?

I should go now! And sorry for my english!

Greetings from Germany, Berlin
CU in LONDON (why not in Berlin, *sniffsniffsniff*)

hilarious lil

Phoenix said...

Hi, David!

As you can see we are in an important campaing: DD, please say Hi to Brasil! :)


Love and kisses for you and my friends from Arquivo X Brasil (X files Brazil): Iandra,Vivis, Yayá, Josi, Star, Layani, Tassia, Tessa, Lu, Kaline, Cleide, Ariana, Djanira,Jade, Joyce, Isabela and Rafaelly.

Josilene said...

Hi again David!

I think that is so lovely that you are lazy to type... Well, I understand you 'cause I'm lazy to write, I prefer type... So, If you want some help, here am I. ;-)

Look, you said in a magazine that will be a lot of gillian' and David' skin. That's true or you was just kidding with us? :D

Just one more thing: Gillian said that she'll love make a funny XF movie like BAD BLOOD. What do you think about this?

Well, I just want to say thank you again. Its very exciting write something for you (even if you can't read everything).

Hey... again... Say a little "hi" for us in Brasil? All of us will be very happy for this...

We're just waiting. Me and my friends: Lu, Yayá (Yara), Star, Cleide, Adriana, Kaline, Nay, Layani, Tassia, Tessa, Iandra and everyone I'm forgetting now.



clarksmuse said...

So nice to see you're online and blogging again! I can't wait to see the movie. Television hasn't been the same for me since the X-Files went off the air. I've been a phile since episode one, and I just have to say that seeing another movie makes me so giddy. Here's hoping this'll be a success!

Cheers from
Katie, North Carolina

Sylvia said...

Hi David.

I would like to thank you for creating this blog. The fans really appreciate it and are looking forward to hear more from you. I can't express how excited I am about the upcoming X-Files film. I wish you the best and take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi David...

Thank you for taking the time for creating this is great to read your answers.

I hope that you continue to blog here after the movies release to answer any questions we all may have about it.

Wishing you and Gillian continued success with all that you do...

and...btw...don't worry about those bball skills.....they will return :)

Melbourne, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hey David!!

I loved this post! Thank you!!
So it's possible for us to see the XF3!! I'm so happy with this idea!
Is it possible for you guys to make a funny movie, or put some funny scenes during XF3?!

Please!! Say "HI" for all of your fans from Brasil!

Love your work!!

Kisses... and take care!

Hi to my friens from "Arquivo X Brasil" (X Files Brasil): Josi, Yayá, Iandra, Lay, Djanira, Cleide, Tassia, Lu, Vivis, Star, Nay, Ariana and all the other ones that I can't remember now!

Kaline - Brasil.

Djanira said...

Hello, David!
Please, say Hi! to Brasil!

ladybug581 said...

Hi David!

I've been a fan of the X-Files from Day 1. My friend and I would sit on the phone for the entire hour and only talk during commercials...and there's certain episodes that bring back some funny memories of the two of us doing that.

I figured since everyone else is asking questions, I would ask 2 of my own.

1. While filming the movie, did you all play any practical jokes on each other? It seems only natural that something like that would happen since you all seem to get along so well.

2. If you were not an actor, what profession would have interested you? I'm a teacher and for some reason every year my students ask me the same question about if I wasn't a teacher, what would I be? Just thought it was interesting.

Keep being you! You rock! Take care!

New Jersey

Yayá Reyes said...















And also for my friends: Iandra,Vivis,Ju, Josi, Star, Layani, Tassia, Tessa, Lu, Kaline, Cleide, Ariana, Djanira,Adriana,Jade, Joyce, Isabela and Rafaelly.
If I forgot someone,please,sorry!!!


isabela. said...

Dear David,

Hope all is well. I don't have any questions at the moment, but I am so glad I finally have the opportunity to say a few words to you.

I've been your fan since I first laid my eyes on the X-Files; it was 1994 and I was only eight years old. That show changed my life. I am now a filmmaker and the X-Files definitely helped me choose this carreer (which is very difficult to pursue in my country, but it's still worth it). Long before I even knew who Eisenstein was, the X-Files helped me develop a passion for incredibly well-written plots, great acting, brilliant character construction and breathtaking productions.

Fourteen years later, I am still a huge fan of the X-Files and of yours. Your brilliant work as the sarcastic Hank Moody makes me look forward to watch what Californication will bring next, and to see your next accomplishment as an artist.

Sorry to have written something as lenghty as the Bible, but I could not have put almost a decade and a half of respect and admiration in less words. I am glad that through this weblog I can finally let you know how much I admire you.

-- Needless to say that, for months already, I have been counting the days until I watch the new film! --

Take care!

Warm regards,

Isabela A.
(Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)

Tassia Gazé said...

Hi again David,
Please, can you say HELLO to brazilian fans ? We are so excited to watch this movie, I can't stop thinking about X Files. My friends can not stand it anymore! I'm sure this movie will be a huge sucess, and i'm going to the theaters at least 10 times.
Tassia, Yaya, Josi, Starbuck, Lu, Nay, Iandra, Cleide and everybody that i can't remeber right now.

Lu said...
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Lu said...

Heeey, Daviiid!!!!!
More brasilian people!
BRASIL takin place in your blog!!
Amazing, we're everywhere O.o!
This time it's just a "Hi", and YES,I confirm the Campaign Yara told you, hahahaahaha...
Kisses for the girls you're almost keeping their names in your mind: Josi, Star, Yayá, Nay, Lay, Tessa, Tassia, Ariana, Djan, Cleide, Kaline....etc :D

"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's."

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to settle a bet and your opinion counts 50x. Shouldn't Rajan Rondo be the most valuable player in the NBA?

Gal said...

David Duchovny,
I can't help myself to fell weird about writing a comment in your blog. But... I am also grateful for that. When I was a teen and watched THE X FILES (what made me a major nerd at school,) I fantasiezed writing to you. Now, It is happening!
OK, let's stop this nonsense about my nerd's days. ;-)
I don't want to ask anything. I just want to say "thank you" for THE X FILES, HOUSE OF D and for writing this blog.
I'm from Brasil. And yes, we love THE X FILES, Gillian and you here!

Spasibo and kisses,


Brandon Burrup said...

Hey David, thanks so much for taking the time to post some blogs on here and connect with us crazed fans. I have my own blog that no one reads and know that even with my boring life its hard to find time to post sometimes so I'm glad that you are putting forth the effort.

I was wondering what your latest writer/director ambitions are of late. I understand that with Californication going you've probably had a lot of time taken away, but I really liked "House of D" and all the X-Files episodes you wrote/directed were some of my favorites. I look forward to seeing more of DD behind the scenes as well as on the screen.

Kirsten said...

Ah, even with the last movie you did well in not alienating those who hadn't seen the show before! My dad had never really sat down and watched the show, and when I dragged him to Fight the Future on opening night, he said he didn't really have trouble following along. So here's hoping this one comes across very well to fans old and new!

lucy77 said...

Hi David
thank you very much for taking the time of keeping this blog.

I'm very excited about the movie and I'm trying not to read or see anything on the web that could ruin the expectation (exept for your blog of course). It'll be very difficult, though, because in my country the movie will be released only on september the 5th, so my waiting will be very looong!!! but the waiting it's part of the "game" too: it made the show over the years and it will make the movie now, even more welcome (but how much I envy all the people who will see the movie in July or August you can't know!)
thank you again for the blog
greetings from Italy
P.S. if will be posted more than one comment, please forgive me, I'm not very good in this kind of things.

kira88 said...

I don't think you're lazy at all! and you're doing the blog just fine.

please keep this blog going after the film comes out. :) by the way, are you in a guest line-up in conan o'brien's show (since your new movie'll come out)? because i would love to hear your funny stories again.

many thanks and good luck with your career!

Bea Mangahas
Davao City, Philippines

Lu said...

David, I saw a question some messages above, and I want to ask too..
How is Blue?

annie said...

Hi David!
I’m really glad you took the time to create this blog, and thanks for keeping in touch.
I can see that the Brazilian fans are taking over your blog with their campaign (:
I’m actually Portuguese, and I’d like to show my support to my fellow Brazilians, so ‘please say hi to Brazil’ but don’t forget my little country, Portugal :)

Best wishes for you and your family,

Clarisse McClellan said...

Hey David,

It's wonderful of you to take time from your busy life to do this blog for the fans, thank you. And a second big thank you for being the lone voice of optimism during the last few years when it seemed like folly to hope that a second movie would ever be made. Are you relieved that for a period of time (probably very short,heh) you will be able to do an interview about a project without someone asking "What about the X-Files movie'?"

One other thing I'm curious about: It's obvious from the trailers and released stills that the movie takes place in the winter. So I'm wondering if all the delays from the lawsuit and writer's strike that led to the movie being moved into production quickly in the dead of winter in Vancouver was a random happy coincidence (or maybe you consider it a twist of fate since you had to work outside so much?) that worked with the story or was the story adjusted to take place in winter because of the timing? Was it foresight on Chris Carter's part to have no trust in Vancouver weather and place the story in the winter no matter what?

That's all I've got except to say congratulations on the well-deserved success of Californication. It's hard to find the words to say just how much I enjoy that show.

Take care,

Clarisse Mcclellan

heidi said...

Hi there,
I´ll keep it short, 3 questions:

1 - What work do you have lined up for the near future, besides Cali?
(I would love to see you play something really dark - some coldblooded, corrupted character!)

2 - With your upcoming move to the East Coast, will you be acting less and focussing more on writing from now on?

3 - the new XF movie, you obviously can´t discuss the plot, but could you share some behind-the-scenes stories? I love that stuff!

Best wishes,
Heidi, Denmark

M@riela said...

Hi David!

To support the whole plot of the movie privately has done that the interest to see her increases ' day after day.

I am sure that you realized an excellent work and we as fans have dedicated ourselves to do promotion in order to be able to see in a future a new cinematographic delivery.

Thank you for our questioning ones answer.

With love.
Mariela (Ecuador)

lingghezhi said...

you have been the spirit and imagination of so much of my younger days.

wow, is all i can say.

welcome back,
and thank you for so much.


from out there.

Yayá Reyes said...

Annie,from Portugal...Thanks for help the brazilian fans...Thanks!










Yayá Reyes
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Tassia said...

PLEASE SAY "HI" TO THE BRAZILIAN FANS!!! by Yayá - Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Hi David, please can you say HELLO to Brasil??????
We love you!
Tassia - Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

Josilene said...

Hi again, David! ;)

Look, my friend above asked for Blue. We are a little curious about what happened with it, cause We don't see it for a long time...

I love dogs and cats. And Blue is so cute! ;)

Ah, Don,t forget: SAY HI TO BRASIL? :D

Thank you, Annie for your support to us, your language sisters.

As ever: Kisses to my X-crazy-brasilians-friends Lu, Yayá (more than crazy), Kaline, Star (2shy for write), Iandra, Vivi, Layani, Adriana, Tassia, Jade and the others I forgot now.



Kristina said...


Big fan, just wondering if you will continue to film your series Californication in LA, if indeed the reports of you moving to NYC are true..

love your acting..
thanks for all your Mulder work


Anonymous said...

Is this really you, David Duchovny, blogging here?


I've always loved your work and am really hyped for the new movie. Not with the fact that they changed your German voice actor...

May the Cigarette-Smoking Man bless you!

LaffLady said...

Thank you David for your response! I agree that having a stand-alone story is going to be easier for people to get back into. Going back and having to catch up on the details for the mythology story would be a lot to process for a 2-hour movie. I hope that XF2 is a HUGE success at the box office so that the story will be able to continue. I loved the series and I really admire you for all of your hard work and dedication to making this project a success.

Thanks again for keeping in touch with your fans.

Aretha said...



Aretha Bittencourt
Brazil / AM

les said...

Damn, I miss this show. At this point, I think I could watch you two sit on a park bench in utter silence for 90 minutes and still say the movie kicked ass.

Rocky Horror Mulder said...

Um...Okay, 2 things.
...Actually, I'm not entirely sure how to do this. Okay, first off, the lower case? Not cool. You...Buddy, come on. You're my hero. You're a smart guy. Come on.

Second, do you see a problem with MORE X-Files movies? I don't want to see Scully and Mulder grow old. It's a TV show/movie...there IS time when it just needs to die. You keep it going's going to become a joke. Ever heard of Jaws 2, 3, 4 AND Jaws 3-D? Amazing, life-changing movie...and now it's a joke.

Gabriela said...

Well even is not homework im watching the episodes, well never stop doing a good way of make the waitnig a litlle more easier and get away from spoilers...

I really hope there be a 3 X-File movie on our future, will be grat to see Mulder and Scully on big screen again. We can't get ride of you guys..


Tara said...

Ah doesn't matter if you post in all lower case Its you and we get to learn a bit more about you and your thoughts on this blog so take no notice of those who need perfect grammar. Carry on David. Its all good Nailed it!!

I like the mytharc but hope they leave out D&R . I don't want to see them in another movie or anywhere near the x files. Many feel the same. Law of averages says that if there's a 3rd movie then it should be somewhere warmer next time,. Hawaii would be good... or Tunisia. Thats a nice location. I have been there.

JF said...

More Films indeed, I hope that a few more can be done. The X-Files team & crew still have a lot of creative energy to share.

Thanks, jf.

XFblueanna said...

You should totally do more X-Files movies :) fans are waiting :)

Morgaine said...

The best stories tell themselves without apology. Rediscovering the original mystery is part of the excitement of pilgrimage. We all expect others to have been there before us. We expect the original culture to be gone; you can't remove the references to it without also removing the reason for a new generation to make the journey.

People are saying the days of the cult film or series are over, that the new technologies have made them obsolete. These people do not understand the nature of a cult or the power of tradition. These fascinations will never cease until human nature fundamentally changes. They cannot be replaced by merchandise or gimmicks; only market analysts (and those who worship them) could ever think they might be.